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Jackson County AL Inmate Roster

Jackson County AL Inmate Roster

Jackson County is located in the northeastern part of the state of Alabama in the United States. This small county with about 55 thousand residents is considered safer than the other counties in the U.S. The recent statistics show that the crime rate in Jackson County, Alabama is about 34.5. Moreover, the state made the criminal records, Jackson County inmate roster, mugshots and arrest records public. This also helped a lot to reduce the crime rate here.

However if we compare Jackson County not at a state level but at the local level, that is in comparison with AL counties it has one of the highest crime rates. In Jacson county anyone has a chance to be a victim of a crime. Compared to its population, one person in 25 is a victim of any type of crime every day.

If we check out the statistics of different years, we can notice that the overall rate of crimes has decreased. For example, if in 2018 the crime rate was 1.4 index higher than the average crime rate in the U.S, in 2020 it has become near to average. We can notice a decrease of about 14%.

Jackson County AL Inmate Roster

Though the inmate roster is open to the public it doesn’t mean you can type the name of a person and get it. The most convenient way is to contact the municipal or state custodian. You can as well use the third-party websites to get the records. In fact, the Jackson County Jail has an online jail roster. Usually, that webpage will give you the information about who is currently in that facility. The Alabama Department of Corrections’ Offender Search service will help you find inmates doing time in state-run institutions in Jackson County. Generally, you will only need to provide the inmate’s correct name and surname in order to be able to check out the Jackson County inmate roster on the website.

You can find more precise and in-detail information about the inmates who have been or currently are in Jackson County AL Whenever a police officer officially arrests an individual, he must document the inmate’s public data. To find an inmate you can use the offender search. This will also guide you how to visit or contact an inmate.

Most of the prisoners are in the Jackson County Jail.

Below you can find its address:

Jackson County Jail, 102 E Laurel Street

If you need to contact the jail by telephone you can use these tel. numbers:

256-574-9320 to contact the court

256-574-1884 to contact the jail

256-574-2610 to contact the county’s sheriff

Inmate Visits in Jackson County AL

If you need to visit an inmate in Jackson County AL you need to have appropriate dressing. You cannot just decide and go to jail. Generally, you will need to contact the jail in advance and make an appointment. On the day you visit the inmate you need to take your ID with you. If the visitor is under 18, the legal guardian or parent must accompany him/her.

The Jackson County AL jail uses a video surveillance system for all inmate visits. You can visit an inmate from every Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. However, nowadays on Friday you can make a visit only from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Every inmate has one free visit every seven days. If you visit an inmate more than once a week you will need to pay extra $7.5. You must contact the county’s jail at least 24 hours before and request a visit.

If you don’t need to see the inmate in person or you just need to give them money you can take the following steps:

  1. First, you can go to the kiosk that is usually in the lobbies and deposit money.
  2. Secondly, if you don’t want to visit the jail you can make a payment online.