Alaska Inmate Search

Alaska Inmate Search

The incarceration rate in the State of Alaska has increased significantly in recent years. The incarceration rate in the State of Alaska is 691 prisoners per 100,000 people living in the state. The average incarceration rate in the entire country stands at 698 prisoners per 100,000 people.

The current prison incarceration rate has increased by more than 300% in comparison to 1978. The incarceration rate in the year 1978 was 160 inmates per 100,000 people.

Currently, there are more than 5,000 inmates in the State of Alaska. There are more than 4,000 inmates in the State Prisons, more than 500 inmates in Federal Prisons, and more than 500 inmates in juvenile correction homes, probations, etc.

Due to such a high rate of incarceration, it is important to know about how anyone can make an Alaska prisoner inmate search. The Inmates search is also important to gather information about the prospective release dates of any inmate. Most of the states in the country have their own web applications for the prison’s inmates search and prisons inmates release search.


How Do I Find An Inmate Using DOC Alaska Inmate Search, Or Inmate Lookup Facility, Or Alaska Inmate Search Prison Wise Web Application, Or Alaska County Jails Inmate Search

The Corrections Department manages the inmate records of offenders currently locked up in Alaska prison. The prison records are not available directly in an online mode because of the absence of an Alaska inmates search web application. In Alaska State, the department of corrections runs an Automated Victim Notification System or VINE. People can register themselves on this third party managed website ( and obtain information pertaining to the expected release date, escape, probation, parole, or death of an inmate in custody.

Further, the department also provides a toll-free number to the victims to receive information on inmates including the inmate’s current location and expected release date one can contact at 1-800-247-9763.

In addition to this, the department offers continuous monitoring of sex offenders. One can learn more about this by visiting the Alaska Department of Corrections Sex Offender Monitoring page.

Where are Inmates Housed in the State of Alaska

Alaska Department of Corrections (Alaska DOC) is responsible for running and maintaining jail/prison facilities in the state of Alaska. Its mission and vision statement states that the department is formed to provide secure confinement space for the inmates. Moreover, it strives to run reformative programs within the prisons so that the offenders can be rehabilitated into society.

Currently, there are 13 state prisons under the Alaska Department of Corrections. The details and contact information of some of the important state prison facilities are as follows:

Anchorage Correctional Complex

The Anchorage prison facility is one of the biggest and most equipped Alaska prison facility. The Anchorage prison facility is divided into two wings names the East Facility and the West Facility. The Anchorage Correctional Facility is situated at 1400 E 4th Ave, Anchorage, AK 99501, United States, and it has a total inmate capacity of 850 prisoners at a time. The contact number of the Anchorage Correctional Facility is +1 907-269-4100 and here is their website.

Anvil Mountain Correctional Center

The Anvil Mountain Correctional Facility is a Level-II secured prison facility situated at 1810 Center Creek Road, P.O. Box 730, Nome, Alaska 99762, United States. The Anvil Mountain Prison Facility is used for keeping both the sentenced as well as the un-sentenced inmates. It is a tobacco-free facility. The contact detail of the Anvil Mountain Correctional Center is +1 907-443-2241 and here is the website.

Fairbanks Correctional Center

The Fairbanks Correctional Facility is an all-security level inmate prison system and it has an inmate capacity of 257 prisoners. The Fairbanks Correctional Facility is a closed security establishment. It is situated at 1931 Eagan Ave, Fairbanks, AK 99701, United States. The contact detail of the Fairbanks Correctional Facility is +1 907-458-6700 and here is the website address.

Goose Creek Correctional Center

The Goose Creek Correctional Facility is a Level-II, medium-security prison system situated at 22301 Alsop Rd, Wasilla, AK 99654, United States. It is used for only male inmates. The Goose Creek Correctional Facility has an area of approximately 4635,000 square foot and was commissioned to take inmates from the year 2012. It has an inmate capacity of 1536 prisoners. The contact detail of the Goose Creek Correctional facility is +1 907-864-8100 and here is the website address.

Lemon Creek Correctional Center

The Lemon Creek Prison Facility is used for both male and female prisoners and has a prison population capacity of approximately 220 prisoners. The Lemon Creek Prison Facility is a maximum security facility and is situated at 2000 Lemon Creek Rd, Juneau, AK 99801, United States. The contact detail of the Lemon Creek Prison Facility is +1 907-465-6200 and here is the website address.

In addition to this, there are 20 County Jail and Detention Centers where offenders and prisoners are kept. Some of the important jails are as follows:

  1. Anchorage Alaska City Jail (Corrections Anchorage)
  2. McLaughlin Youth Center (City Jail)
  3. Bristol Bay Borough Detention Facility (City Jail)
  4. Dillingham Correctional Center
  5. Haines Community Jail

How To Contact Alaska Department Of Corrections

For general information, one may contact the Anchorage Central Office at 550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1800, Anchorage, Alaska 99501 (Mailing address is 550 West 7th Avenue, Suite 1800, Anchorage, Alaska 99501-3570) or telephone them on +1-907-334-2381 or fax them on +1-907-269-7390.

Alternatively, one may contact Juneau Central Office at 802 3rd Street, Douglas, Alaska 99824 (mailing address is P.O. Box 112000, Juneau, Alaska 99811-2000), or telephone them on +1-907-465-4652 or fax them on +1-907-465-3390.

How To Perform Alaska Inmate Search, Mugshot Search, Arrest Records Search, and Criminal Records Search

The Criminal Records and Identification Bureau which is a wing of the Alaska Department of Public Safety, State-Wide Services maintains the Criminal Records including the fingerprint identification data of arrestees and offenders. Like most of the states, the criminal records in Alaska State are considered as public records.

In the state of Alaska, the criminal record includes any information on past convictions, information about the current offense committed by the offender, the mugshot, fingerprint, arrest information, description, or any other criminal identification information that can help identify him as the person who is being subjected to criminal arrest or prosecution.

The bureau (Federal Bureau Correctional Officer / Corrections Officer) collects this information from its comprehensive network that encompasses other law enforcement agencies including Alaska Court System (Also the Superior Court) and FBI National Crime Information Center.

Though the criminal records of an offender are considered to be part of public record but the dissemination of such information is subject to strict guidelines. Everyone cannot lay their hands on such information. The Criminal Records and Identification Bureau allow an opportunity to use this information for State and National Background Checks to individuals and employers. The bureau charges a $20 fee for a name-based check and a fee of $35 for a fingerprint-based background check.

There are many private provider online platforms that catalogs, maintains, and updates the criminal records of individuals in the state of Alaska. Many employers and other individuals who are interested in getting the criminal records of any person are availing the services of these private providers. The main reason being the complexity a person faces while requesting such data from the Criminal Records and Identification Bureau.

How to Search Outstanding Arrest Warrants in the Alaska State

The Alaska State Troopers and The Alaska Department of Public Safety publishes a list of active warrants on its website at

This is how they seek public assistance to locate individuals against whom the warrant has been issued. It must be noted that no individual must attempt to apprehend these people by them. They must contact a law enforcement officer and provide them with the necessary information.

Sentenced Electronic Monitoring

This concept was introduced in the state of Alaska as a result of the high incarceration rate. The prison and jail facility did not have enough space to accommodate all the incarcerated offenders. This facility enables an inmate to serve the time at home subject to certain criteria. The offender who is eligible for this mode of sentencing has to apply to any of the five Electronic Monitoring Offices located in Anchorage, Fairbanks, Kenai, Ketchikan, and Sitka. The offender has to pay approximately $10 to $14 per day to avail of this model of the sentencing facility.

How To Contact An Inmate In The State Of Alaska

Friends and Family members of an incarcerated offender can contact him or her through mail or over the telephone, or through video. Calling rates vary from $0.07 per minute to $0.25 per minute. The user also had to pay an additional funding fee to the SECURUS like an automated payment fee of $3 per use, Live Agent Fee of $5.95, etc. One may contact SECURUS Customer Service at +1-800-844-6591 for any assistance, or for setting up a billing account, or one can visit their website.

How One Can Apply For Visitation Of An Inmate In Alaska and What Are The Visitation Rules

According to DOC (Alaska DOC) guidelines, every visitor must carry valid proof of identification and must complete the visitor application form before entry into the prison. Attorneys can visit the inmate at any time within the first twenty-four hours of incarceration. Thereafter, they can visit them at any time between 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. One must note that the Alaska Inmate Visiting Application is not online and one must make it personal. All inmates are allowed up to 10 approved visitors on their list. They are allowed one hour of visitation per week.

How to Send Money to an Inmate Incarcerated in the Alaska State

One can send money to an inmate housed in Alaska prison using United States Post Money Order. The money order should bear the inmate’s number and the inmate’s name. The inmate can use this money to purchase various items at the institutional commissary. An inmate can receive a maximum of $500 per month.

Can I Send Care Packages To An Inmate In The State Of Alaska

The Alaska Department Of Corrections allows the inmate’s family and friends to send care packages. Before sending such packages, the sender must make sure that the contents of the package are not in violation of the prison rules and procedures in this regard. It may take anywhere from 10 to 21 days for the package to reach the inmate. Packages can only be sent through authorized providers associated with the prison facility where the inmate is housed. No one can send these packages directly.

What Can You Send To A Prisoner Housed In Alaska Prison

A care package may include items like permissible edibles such as meat, sea-foods, coffee or tea, or items of personal hygiene such as shampoo, toothpaste, deodorants, etc.