Arizona Inmate Search

Arizona Inmate Search

If you’re looking to find an inmate in the state of Arizona, then you should definitely do a state of Arizona Inmate Search. You can go to the Arizona Department of Corrections website and conduct a search there. From sex offenders up to prisoners on death row, you’ll find all the inmate records here, as long as that offender is prisoned in Arizona. You can also know the different juvenile corrections facilities that Arizona has and commissary details, the state corrections officers, and the warden that manages them.

How Do I Find An Inmate In Arizona?

Aside from doing a DOC Arizona inmate search, you can also search each correctional facility if you know where the inmate is specifically incarcerated. You’ll also get details about the prison officials that run it, inmate visitation rules if it’s an Arizona state prison or a county jail, and other details about the prisoner and the facility.

Where Are Arizona Inmates Housed?

Every criminal caught is either sent to a federal prison or sent to a county jail facility depending on the seriousness of the crime they have committed. State prisoners are sorted into different facilities depending on the crime, and the availability of the prisons. The prison’s corrections officials can also transfer an offender to different facilities if needed.

  1. Pima County Jail – it services the entirety of Pima County and in the metropolitan area of Tucson. It has the 7th largest sheriff’s department in the United States. Pima County 3 facilities, one is the Ajo District Jail, the next is the Minimum Security Facility and the last is the Adult Detention Center. You’ll need to reach out to them if you plan to do a Pima prison inmate search.
  2. Yavapai County Jail – operating since 1864, this correctional facility has 2 ways of searching for inmates. You can use their website or call them directly. You can visit inmates either online or in person, whichever it is that you prefer. If sending money, make sure that the inmate already has a JPay account set up for them since the facility doesn’t accept checks or money orders.
  3. Perryville Prison (Arizona State Prison Complex – Perryville) – has an inmate capacity of 4.382, divided into 8 housing units and 2 in special use units. Inmates here are classified between 1-5, with 5 being assessed as the highest risk. Currently, COVID 19 vaccinations are being given to every corrections officer in 1B protective services and 1A correctional officer frontline healthcare group. Widespread PCR testing is being done on inmates to prevent the spread of COVID-19 within the facility.

How Do You Contact An Inmate In Arizona?

Prisoners that are incarcerated in Arizona jails are given access to telephones but can only do outgoing calls since all incoming inmate calls are restricted. Inmates can just either do collect calls or prepaid calls. If you wish to receive calls from a friend or loved one who’s currently detained in an Arizona prison, you must first submit the Application to Visit form. If you would only select the option for just phone privileges, there’s no need for you to pay the $25 background check fee.

Inmates can also receive letters, or cards that don’t have any electronics in them or photos. All incoming mail and outgoing mail are going to undergo inspections.

How To Contact The Arizona Department of Corrections?

To contact the Arizona Department State of Corrections, you can reach them by mail at this address: 1601 W Jefferson, Phoenix AZ, 85007. You can also call them at 602-542-5497.

How Do You Find Out The Release Date Of An Inmate In Arizona?

There’s a couple of things that you should know before doing an Arizona inmate release search. To know the release date of any jail inmate, you’ll need to know the name, you should also know the Arizona jail that the inmate is located. You also have to know the Prisoner ID number. You can use the website to get the release date of an inmate. Another option is by calling the DOC or the county jail to get the details of when that person is going to be released. For any changes to an inmate’s release date, can also help you get notifications for any specific changes to an inmate’s release date.

Can I send A Care Package To An Inmate In Arizona?

Well aside from sending letters to inmates, facilities would encourage people to send care packages to detainees, to make them feel at home. But remember that there’s a lot of restrictions on what you can send to an inmate. Every facility for every state has its own set of restrictions when it comes to sending care packages. The Arizona Department of Corrections only has one vendor that you can use to send packages to inmates, and that’s Securepak.

First, you need to know what are the things that you can send to the inmate, and once you have the approved list of items, you can sign in or create your Securepak account, then put the inmate’s information, click “Find”, then choose the package that you’d like to give your incarcerated friend or family member.

What Can You Send Inmates In Arizona Prisons?

You can send personal letters, photos, drawings, postcards and greeting cards, newspaper clippings, and paperback books. You won’t be able to send cash, perfumed letters, drugs, razors, weapons, cigarettes, hardcover books, and pictures containing nudity or explicit content.

Some facilities would allow entertainment packages such as mp3 players, handheld video games, or even radios. Consult with the facility to see if it’s allowed. It’s also important to know the deadline on when you can send the care packages since each facility will have a deadline on when packages can be sent. It usually takes around 10 days for the inmate to receive the care package, but it could also take up to 21 days.

Remember that if the package that you’re going to send contains any contraband, the designated jail facility will have the authorization to destroy, return, or confiscate the care package. There’s also a chance that the inmate that was supposed to receive it can be forbidden to receive any care packages in the foreseeable future.

How Do I Apply For Visitation For An Inmate In Arizona?

There are 2 ways to apply for visitation to an inmate. For any potential visitors or those that are only looking to receive calls from the inmate, you can submit an online application. Here are some things to remember.

If the inmate is in the intake process at Alhambra or the intake process in Perryville, please don’t submit an application. The applicable fee needs to be paid within 30 days, anything outside the 30-day timeframe will result in the application being rejected. If it has been rejected, you’ll need to wait for another 180 days before you can reapply.

If you’d prefer to do the application other than by doing it online, you can do the printed application process. You just need to print out the application form, print it out then submit it to the Unit Visitation Office where the prisoner is being detained. Here are a few things to always remember.

If the inmate is in the intake process in Alhambra or Perryville, refrain from sending an application. All mailed forms must be in an envelope reading: “Attention Visitation Officer – Background Check Fee” when the fee is already enclosed. If not, it must read: “Attention Visitation Officer”. Finally, please don’t send the application to the inmate, it needs to be sent directly to the UVO otherwise it will be rejected.

For both forms, always remember that the information must be accurate. Since you’re attesting to the truthfulness of the application, a background check will be conducted on every individual looking to apply for visitation or phone privileges.

Every adult visitor will have to pay a one-time fee of $25.00 for the background check. If it’s just phone calls without visitation, then there’s no need to pay for the background check fee since it won’t be conducted. All documents will be processed within 60 days. The inmate will be notified of the outcome if the request has been approved or denied. It’s going to be the inmate’s responsibility to inform their friend or relatives on what was the result of their application.

What Are The Visitation Rules?

Here are some of the dress codes for visiting inmates.

  1. Shoes and clothes must always be worn.
  2. Shorts will need to be at knee length or longer when standing, and slits mustn’t be more than 3 inches above the knee.
  3. Any tight clothing meant to accentuate the body is not allowed.
  4. Hair extensions aren’t allowed.
  5. Any clothing that has profanity, any sexual meaning, or even double meaning pictures or words are prohibited.

For more information regarding this, you can access the policy of the Arizona DOC on visitations here.