Arkansas Inmate Search

Arkansas Inmate Search

The rate of incarceration in the State of Arkansas has considerably increased during the last four decades. The total jail population has increased by 638%, and the total prison population has increased by 289% since 1970.

Currently, the incarceration rate in the State of Arkansas is about 900 prisoners per 100,000 people residing in the state.

Currently, there are about 26,000 residents of the State of Arkansas, who are locked up in different kinds of prison facilities. The State Prisons are holding approximately 18,000 prisoners, and the Local Prison facility is being used to confine about 5,300 inmates. Also, there are 2,300 inmates in the Federal Prison Facilities.

How Do I Find An Inmate Using DOC Arkansas Inmate Search, Or Inmate Lookup Facility, Or Arkansas Inmate Search Prison Wise Web Application, Or Arkansas County Jails Inmate Search

The Corrections Department manages the sentenced inmate record of offenders currently locked up in the Arkansas prison. The Arkansas inmate search record is official data concerning a person who has been incarcerated in the local or the state-run correctional facilities in the state of Arkansas. The prison records are directly available in an online mode. Also, the information about any inmate can be accessed through various privately owned websites. However, such access is subject to restrictions that may be imposed by Arkansas DOC. The inmate search or inmate lookup can be done by using any or all of the following inputs like the ADC number (identification number), Last/First name, Gender/Race, County Details, Photograph, or description of any specific criminal history.

The department also provides a toll-free number (+1 870-267-6200) to the victims to receive information on an inmate’s current location. In the state of Arkansas, any information about the escape, probation, parole, or death of a prisoner in custody can be obtained through visiting the official website of the Arkansas Department of Corrections, here.

The inmate search result consists of sentenced inmate’s information such as Mug Shots, Prisoner’s Name, Current Inmate Id Number, Race, Gender, PE/TE details, Current Facility name, DOB, & Deposit Details.

Where Inmates are Housed in the State of Arkansas

The Arkansas Department of Corrections was established with effect from the year 1968. The Arkansas Department of Corrections is entrusted with the responsibility for operating and managing the prison facility system in the state of Arkansas. The mission statement of the Arkansas Department of Corrections states that its primary responsibility is to ensure public safety and carry out the Court’s mandate. It also strives to provide a humane habitat for the prisoners. The vision statement outlines its commitment towards becoming a cost-effective, secure, and prime correctional facility.

There are more than 19 prison facilities under the supervision of the Arkansas Department of Corrections. The details and contact information on the major facilities are as follows:

  1. Benton Unit State Prison – Benton prison Facility is used for the minimum custody level prisoners and is situated in 6701 US-67, Benton, AR 72015, United States. The Custody level is dependent upon factors like the previous criminal history of the offender or the degree of current sentencing. It is a tobacco-free facility. The Benton Unit Prison Facility can keep up to 325 prisoners at a time. The contact details of the Benton Unit Correctional Facility are +1 501-315-2252 and its website address is here.
  2. Cummins Unit State Prison – The Cummins Prison Facility is used to keep prisoners belonging to the minimum, medium, and maximum security levels. This prison facility is used for both male and female offenders. The Cummins Prison Facility is established over an area spanning up-to 16,600 acres. The Cummins Prison Facility has a capacity to house approximately 1,850 incarcerated offenders at a time. It is situated 28 miles south of Pine Bluff off Highway 65 in Lincoln County. The contact detail of this facility is +1-870-850-8899 and its website address is here.
  3. Maximum Security Unit – The Maximum-Security State Prison Unit is situated in Maximum Security Unit 2501 State Farm Road, Tucker, Arkansas, United States. As the name suggests, it is a maximum-security unit and is used to hold male prisoners (Sentenced Inmates) who are incarcerated for long term sentencing or life-term. This prison facility has an inmates capacity of 532 prisoners at a time. The contact details of this facility are +1 501-842-3800 and its website address is here.
  4. Delta Regional Unit – The Delta Regional Unit Prison Facility is used to hold medium to maximum security inmates and has a capacity to hold up to 600 prisoners. It is situated at 880 E Gaines St, Dermott, AR 71638, United States. The contact detail of the Delta Regional Unit prison facility is +1 870-538-2000 and its website address is here.

In addition to this, there are 30 County Jails and Detention Centers where offenders and prisoners are kept. Some of them are as follows

  1. Craighead County Juvenile Detention Center
  2. Arkansas County AR Jail (Arkansas County Jail)
  3. Ashley County Jail & Sheriff
  4. Baxter County Jail & Detention Center
  5. Benton County AR Jail & Detention Center
  6. Bradley County AR Jail
  7. Desha County Jail
  8. Drew County Detention Facility
  9. Faulkner County Jail & Detention Center
  10. Faulkner County Juvenile Detention Center

Apart from the above-mentioned County jails and detention centers, there are more than 45 other county jails and detention centers including juvenile detention centers. This includes facilities at Miller County, White County, Izard County, Crawford County, Cleburne County, Independence County, etc.

How To Contact Arkansas Department Of Corrections

For general information, one can visit the Arkansas Department Of Corrections at 6814 Princeton Pike, Pine Bluff, AR 71602, or can telephone them on +1 870-267-6999.

How To Perform Arkansas Inmate Search, Mugshot Search, Arrest Records Search, and Criminal Records Search

The criminal and the arrest records of any person is considered to be a public record in the state of Arkansas.

Criminal records of a person include information such as the full name of the offender (including aliases), physical description including a mugshot, offender’s full set of fingerprints, incarceration details (both past and present), previous arrest details along with information concerning outstanding warrants, and other details concerning dispositions & convictions.

Arrest records of an offender include information such as particulars of the alleged crime, name/age/date of birth of the offender, fingerprint details, particulars of the arrest (like date/time/place of arrest, and details of arresting officer).

In the state of Arkansas, criminal records are initiated and managed by the local jurisdictions. These jurisdictional offices or authorities are imposed with an obligation to disseminate such information to the interested members of the public. The Arkansas State Police Department operates as a central repository of criminal records. These inmate records are made available to the general public or the person requesting such information through an Online Criminal Background Check System.

The information through online CBC records can be obtained at $22 per Arkansas state name-based request or for $11 in the case of volunteers. Also, the fee to be paid for accessing the National/FBI fingerprint-based background check is $19.25 per Arkansas state name-based request or $15.25 for volunteers.

Moreover, a background check request in person may be filed through U.S. mail. Any person intending to obtain a background check information concerning a subject, may with the prior written consent of the subject, submit a duly notarized form ASP-122 along with a fee of $25 with the Arkansas State Police Identification Bureau (mailing address is 1 State Police Plaza Drive, Little Rock, AR 72209, United States). The background check facility can be availed by the authorized agencies, generally, and by other private people only with the consent of the subject.

How To Contact An Inmate In The State Of Arkansas

Friends and Family members of an incarcerated offender can contact him or her through mail or over the telephone, or through video. They can avail of video visitation facilities at a rate of $12.99 for 30 minutes. For this the visitor has to contact Securus Customer Service at +1-877-578-3658 for any assistance or one can visit their website here.

How One Can Apply For Visitation Of An Inmate In Arkansas and What Are The Visitation Rules

Friends and Family members of an incarcerated offender can personally visit them in prison. According to DOC guidelines, every visitor visiting during visiting hours must carry valid proof of identification and must complete the visitor application form before entry into the prison.

The visitation rules (including attire and visiting hours) depend upon the inmate’s security level. Class-I inmates are allowed weekly Sunday visits with not more than 5 visits per month. Class-II, III & IV inmates are allowed only two visits per month. A maximum of 4 visitors is allowed during one visit. It also includes children. For details concerning visitation applications and other visitation rules, one may visit this website.

Can I Send Care Packages To An Inmate In The State Of Arkansas

An Inmate on the jail roster is allowed to receive care packages from outsiders only when they do not have any electronics in them. All mail will be opened and inspected by a jailer or detention officers. Inmates are allowed to receive quarterly or monthly packages. The Arkansas Department Of Corrections allows the inmate’s family and friends to send care packages. Before sending such packages, the sender must make sure that the contents of the package are not in violation of the prison rules and procedures in this regard. It may take anywhere from 10 to 21 days for the package to reach the inmate. Packages can only be sent through authorized providers associated with the prison facility where the inmate is housed. No one can send these packages directly.

What Can You Send To A Prisoner Housed In Arkansas Prison

A care package may include items like permissible edibles such as meat, sea-foods, coffee or tea, or items of personal hygiene such as shampoo, toothpaste, deodorants, etc. If the facility guidelines permit, these packages may also include shoes, undergarments, sweatshirts, etc. In addition to the above-discussed care packages, the following items can be sent to any prison by an inmate’s family and friends:

Books and Magazine

All books and magazines must be in new condition. They must be packaged and shipped directly by the book-store, book club, publishers, etc.

CD’s and Tapes

An inmate’s friends and family can send these only if they are educational and/or religious in nature. Also, they must not be available in the prison commissary.

How To Send Money To An Inmate In Arkansas State

Anyone can send money to an inmate using Electronic Transfer or through United States Mail. If one needs to send money through the mail, they have to send it through the United States Postal Money order made payable to the inmate’s name and ID number. The money order deposit slip must be sent to the Arkansas Department of Correction, Trust Fund Centralized Banking, P.O. Box 8908, Pine Bluff, AR 71611. An inmate can receive a deposit of up to $400 per month. Inmates can use this money to purchase food items, hygiene supplies, etc at the prison commissary.

How To Find The Release Date Of An Inmate In The State Of Arkansas

The department also provides a toll-free number to the victims to receive information on the inmate’s expected release date. For this purpose, one can contact at +1 870-267-6200. In the state of Arkansas, information about the release of a prisoner in custody can be obtained by visiting the official website of the Arkansas Department of Corrections, here.