Garland County Inmate Roster Arkansas

Garland County Inmate Roster Arkansas

If you want to be aware of the nuances of how to find and get in contact with an inmate in Garland County, the Garland County Inmate Roster Arkansas will provide all the information you need.

The latest crime records posted by The Federal bureau of investigation showed statistics within 2019. According to them, 279 offenses and 266 violent crime cases were reported by the Garland County Sheriff’s office.

Property crimes head the top of reported crime incidents. 1407 incidents and 1407 offenses were reported. 698 larceny incidents and 698 offenses rank second place. Burglary incidents follow larcenies with 562 incidents and 562 offenses. Aggravated assaults (234 incidents and 246 offenses) and Motor Vehicle thefts(147 incidents and offenses) are also popular among Garland residents.

Garland County is located in Arkansas state. The recent demographics state that the county’s population is 96.024. Hot spring is the municipality of the county. Garland county includes the Hot Springs, AR Metropolitan Statistical Area. Hot springs national park is a popular tourism center. The park is under federal protection considered to be national property.

How do I find inmate records for Garland County in Arkansas?

To find any mugshot, criminal record, or inmate-related information, visit the County Sheriff’s Office website. On the home page click on the Detention center section, then navigate to the adult detention center. You will see the inmate roster, and clicking on the active link, the list of all inmates in the county will be provided immediately.

How do I contact an inmate in Garland County in Arkansas?

Garland Adult detention center is the main institution where county inmates are held. The facility opened in 2015 covers168,000 square meter area. It is the largest detention facility within the county area. Garland Adult detention center is also one of the biggest tax payer’s.

To send mail to an inmate, call the Garland County Adult Detention Center and get to know the rules and regulations. Ask the jail staff about your inmate ID and his/her full name. You can sign up for the facility mail service and send mail to any prisoner.

Take note that the detention center thoroughly checks the content of the mail, to make sure they don’t have offensive or violent nature.

You can send your inmate books, journals, newspapers, postcards, and gift boxes.

If your mail contains anything other than the above-mentioned items, it won’t get the addressee

The grown amount of drug turnover forces detention facilities to take preventive measures. That’s why only white color and pre-stamped postcards are available.

So here is the list of items that will not get to the inmate.

Examples of prohibited items include:

Musical birthday cards.

Stamps and stickers.

News attaches.

Paper with any type of blotch.

Modified mail such as lipstick covered or perfumed.

Pastel or handmaid drawings.

Garland County Inmate Roster Arkansas. How do I email an inmate?

To email an inmate in Garland detention center, you can use the jail mail application. It has already had an agreement with GTL ConnectNetwork, so you can send and receive messages on your app. The inmates can receive your message on their tablets. Take note that the content of the message is also viewed by the jail staff.

The staff can also print it out and hand it to the inmate.

It’s worth mentioning that the online message service is not free. You can pay by your phone, online, by US mail. You can also pay at the kiosk within the facility area.

How do I visit inmates?

Before visiting your inmate you should open an account by video visitation vending machine.

IN-place visits should be organized 24 before the visit by the vending machine.

In-place visits are available from Thursday to Sunday. The beginning of visits is in the afternoon and ends at 8:40 p.m. One visit lasts 40 minutes.

Take note that the facility rules allow two visitors simultaneously. They should arrive 15 minutes before the visit.

Two visits during a week are available for the prisoners.

It’s worth mentioning that smoking in jail territory is banned.

Infants under 18 must visit with their parents, a legal caregiver, or other family members.

The necessary papers the visitors should have while attending the detention center include.

State issued ID

Military ID

Green Card

Driver’s license

School ID(for infants)

How do I send money to an inmate?

Friends and family members can send money to their inmates in different ways.

They can send money online, using phone applications, or making a deposit using a credit or debit card.

BY mail. Those who have no credit or debit card can mail the money checks to their safe deposit box.

The detention center has a kiosk machine you can send money through.

Take note that there is a monthly limit on the money you can send your inmate. The standard amount is between $300 to $400 per month.