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Santa Clara County Inmates, California

Santa Clara County Inmates, California

If you are looking for some information on Santa Clara County inmates, California, you need to read this article. Here we will provide detailed information on Santa Clara County criminal and arrest records, as well as inmates’ history and background data.

Santa Clara County is situated in the State of California of the US. It is in the San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area. According to the 2020 census, the county was the sixth most populous county of California State and had a population of more than 1936000. Its largest city and also the county seat is San Jose.

The County of Santa Clara is less dangerous than other counties of the state. The crime rate here is of B grade, meaning that the county’s crime rate is lower than other counties of the US on average. The percentile for the county’s safety is in the 63rd degree. It means that 37% of the county is safer, while the other 67% is more dangerous.

During a standard year, the crime rate of Santa Clara County is 30,5 per 1000 people. The south part of the county is considered the safest one by the residents. In that part, the crime rate is lower, too. For instance, the chance of becoming a crime victim in the south part of the county is as low as 1 in fifty-five (55). However, we have another number in the case of the northern neighborhoods. Here the crime rate is higher compared to the south part. In the north part of the county, the chance of becoming a victim is as high as 1 in twenty-three (23).

Based on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the violent and property crime rates are lower in Santa Clara County than in other US counties on average. So, the statistics show that the violent crime rate in the county is 13,7, in the case when the US average is 22,7. The property crime rate is also lower than the average US crime rate. It is 29,6 in the county, while the average property crime rate is 35,4 in the US.

Public Records

California State Law gives its residents an opportunity to know the people who have ever been arrested. So, the information on the arrested people or Santa Clara County inmates is public records. The data is collected and kept by the California Police Department.

The required information on Santa Clara County inmates is available on the webpage of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office. In the office, you may find the county inmates’ criminal and arrest records, background, etc. Here is the address of the office:

Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office
ATTN: CPRA Request
55 W Younger Avenue
San Jose, CA 95110

How to find inmate records for Santa Clara County in California State?

Except for the County Sheriff’s Office, also the County’s Department of Correction provides some information on the people who are in the Santa Clara County Jail. By entering the website of the County of Santa Clara, you should fill out the required fields and get the information on the inmate.

There are three main components for requesting some information on the Santa Clara County Jail inmate:

  1. Booking number: When a person is arrested in jail, the Department of Correction assigns him/her a booking number to identify the circumstances for the arrest.
  2. Personal File Number (PFN): This number is given by the Department of Correction to identify an arrested person in the court’s computer system.
  3. Name, date of birth, or booking date

You may find the Personal File Number and Booking number in the court’s file by contacting the Clerk’s Office at the courthouse where the inmate’s case was examined.

Visitation rules in the Santa Clara County Jail of CA State

First of all, all the visitors must gain some knowledge of the jail’s facility rules before visiting. Each inmate may accept two visits (up to 30 minutes each) in a week. Visitors who are 18 years and older, must bring with them a valid ID; including Passport, Driver’s License, Military ID, or Green Card.

The visits must be scheduled beforehand and the visits without prior notice will be canceled. If the visitor is late, the visit will be canceled. Missed and canceled visits that have been already scheduled will be counted as having a visit. The main Jail of Santa Clara County is situated:

150 W. Hedding Street,
San Jose, California 95110

It is better not to wear metallic things while visiting the jail. Otherwise, you have to pass through the metal detector and remove all the items. Electronic devices, cell phones, any audio or video recorder devices are not allowed into the facility. An important note is that the visitors must be sober. They must not use loud and offensive language, words, etc.

There is also a strict dress code while visiting the Santa Clara County Jail. The clothing must be appropriate for visiting. The dresses must not be too short, too open where a part of the chest, back, or shoulders may be seen. The clothes that have pockets will be removed for search. Wearing hats is not permitted.

Anyone who will violate one of these rules will not be permitted to the facility by the Commander or the designee.

Mailing an inmate in Santa Clara County, CA

While mailing an inmate in Santa Clara County, you must mention some details. On the envelope, it is a must to write the inmate’s full name and ID number. You as a sender must mention your full name and also the return address. The address of the county jail must also be mentioned in this way:

Inmate Services,
150 W. Hedding Street,
San Jose, CA 95110

Sending money to an inmate in Santa Clara County, CA

You may use different ways to deposit money into your inmate account. One of these ways is making a deposit in person at the lobby kiosk located at the main jail. You should use your credit or debit card, or transfer it in cash.

Another way is making the deposit online or by telephone. While using the online transfer method, you should mention the inmate’s name and ID number, and also the amount of money you want to transfer. The booking number of the inmate must also be noted. You can make the deposit again by credit or debit cards or in cash. After transferring the money, send the money order or cashier’s check via mail to the jail address.