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Tulare County Inmate Search, California

Tulare County Inmate Search, California

If you are interested in Tulare County inmates’ criminal and arrest records, this Tulare County inmate search, California will definitely help you. So, if you want to gain more accurate and detailed information about this topic, keep reading this article!

Tulare County is situated in the south part of Fresno in the State of California. Visalia is the county seat of Tulare County. Based on the 2020 census, the population of Tulare County CA was more than 473000 people. It is worth mentioning that the county includes the Visalia-Porterville, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The safety grade of Tulare County CA is D+ grade. It means that the county is a little bit more dangerous than other US counties on average. The percentile for safety in Tulare County is 30th, meaning that only 30% of the county is dangerous. Whereas, the other 70% of the county is considered to be safer and with a low crime rate.

During a standard year, Tulare County’s crime rate is about 43,5 per 1000 people. For the residents, the west part of the county is the safest one. So, it is logical that the chance of becoming a crime victim in the west part of the county is less than in the southwest part. Statistics show that the chance of becoming a victim in the southwest part is as high as 1 in thirteen (13). While the chance is lower in the west part of the county; here it is as low as 1 in twenty-nine (29).

Based on the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) crime statistics in Tulare County, the property crime rate is higher than the violent crime rate. So, the violent crime rate is 26,8 in the county, while it is 22,7 for the average US county. However, property crime is more widespread in Tulare County CA. The rate of property crime was estimated at 45,8, in the case when it is 35,4 on US average.

Public Records

California State keeps its residents informed about all the criminal and arrest records. The state’s law considers that everyone has the right to know the people who may cause danger. So, the history of an inmate or arrested person, his/her criminal data, and other records are public records in Tulare County.

You may find all of the above-mentioned points on the webpage of the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office. By searching in the Tulare County inmate roster you will find detailed information on the county’s inmates. Besides, the Tulare County Detention Facility will provide some information on current inmates of the county.

How to find inmate records for Tulare County in California State?

As we have already mentioned, all the information on Tulare County inmates is provided on the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office webpage. The Office is responsible for all the arrest records and criminal data. Here also you may find a 48-hour Release link, which will provide a piece of information on the people who have been released during the past 48 hours.

For applying to the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, CA, you have two ways: in-person and online. If it is convenient for you, you may visit the office with this address provided:

Tulare County Sheriff’s Office, CA
833 S. Akers St.
Visalia, California 93277

The office works from Monday to Friday, except for Holidays. It is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. There is also a phone number that you may use for further questions. Here is the phone number of the Sheriff’s office: (559) 802-9400. And, if you want to send an email to the office, here is an email: [email protected].

Visitation rules in Tulare County of California State

The Tulare County Jail has suspended in-person visits because of many concerns of Covid-19. Now the visitors have an opportunity to visit their inmates online and virtually get in touch with them. For the visitation, friends or family members must register in advance. After that, they must pay the fee of $15 for the cost of the Internet. The visits may take not more than 30 minutes.

The virtual visitors should schedule their meeting almost 24 hours in advance, but not more than one week. The Correctional Staff of the county will periodically check the video visit and follow the appropriate process of the call. Each inmate has the right of accepting no more than two video visits during a week.

Before the visit, the visitors must show some documents for presenting their identity and other details. These documents must have valid expiration dates and current ID photos. So, here are the required documents:

  1. U.S. Identification card
  2. U.S. Driver’s License
  3. U.S. Passport
  4. U.S. Active Military ID
  5. U.S. Government-issued ID card
  6. U.S. Resident card

The visits will be recorded by the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office. So, there are some rules that must not be violated. The visitors must appear on the camera with appropriate clothing; without any provocative or tight dresses. They must not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Any weird symbols, colors, or gestures will be considered a violation of the rules. There will be no cell phones, cameras, and other electronic devices during the virtual visit.

Mailing an inmate in Tulare County, CA

People who want to send mails, packages, or letters to an inmate must write the inmate’s first and last name. The inmate’s ID number must be also written on the package. All the packages must be sent to the following address:

36714 Road 112
Visalia, CA 93291

Sending money to an inmate in Tulare County, CA

One of the most common ways of sending money to inmates in Tulare County is by Here, it is important to mention the inmate’s name and select it as a receiver. After that, you can already transfer the amount of money you wish.

Tulare County also accepts money paid by using JPay, Access Corrections, USPS, or TouchPay Money Orders. These orders are being processed on business days from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (except for Weekends and Holidays).

There is also a possibility of sending money to inmates by mail, in person, or electronically. For further information, contact the Tulare County Sheriff’s Office.