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Adams County Inmate Search Colorado

Adams County Inmate Search Colorado

Currently, there are many ways of finding criminal background information. Each US state and county has different tools to search and access the criminal records of its residents. This Adams County inmate search Colorado guide will give all instructions about inmate record searches.

Adams County is located in Colorado State. The administrative center of the county is Brighton. According to the latest demographics, the population of the county is about 441.603. The county name derives from the name of Alva Adams. She was the governor of Colorado for several periods. Adams county neighbors the bulk of Denver International airport and is involved in the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The statistics about arrest numbers in Adams county date back to 2017. FBI does not provide annual crime statistics above 2017 for Adams County, Colorado. According to data given by the Colorado branch of the FBI, the county had 10.046 arrests from 2004 to 2017. In comparison with its neighboring counties, Adams is a way more dangerous place to live. That’s because the 2017 arrests that exceeded 500 cases were because of ferocity charges. In 2017 Arrest percentage per 100000 population is 691.31.

According to the statistics, theft is the most common arrest in the county. 1548 cases per year. Stealing motorcycles is the second popular type of arrest-897 cases. The number of residents arrested for burglary is 411.

How do I find inmate records for Adams County in Colorado?

You can find the inmate roster of Adams county by visiting Sheriff’s office website. By clicking on the division section in the middle of the webpage, you will see several options. Choose jail division and click on the button Online Inmate Search. You will find Adams county inmate records after entering the complete names on the search field.

The inmates are kept at The Adams County Detention Facility. It is the main prison located at 150 N 19th Ave, Brighton, Colorado. 1600 inmates stay at the prison waiting for the trial or doing a term.

The jail gives an opportunity for work release. Still, it is possible if the court brings an appropriate verdict. Note that work release supposes significant payment. It’s worth mentioning that you should submit the application before the verdict is made. Proof of occupation is obligatory. Still, you can apply for the work release while sitting in jail, it’s up to your decision.

How do I contact an inmate in Adams County in Colorado

You can mail the inmate t their name and ID. Note to mention The Address of the detention facility.

Prison saff thoroughly check the content of mails to escape from contraband items. If such are found, they will be withdrawn.

To send a parcel, first call the prison staff to agree on it with them. After getting the approval you can send the parcel.

Note that phone calls at Adam county jail are not available. Still, inmates have the right to make callouts.

Note that all phone calls are audiotaped, so make sure not to say anything you might be accused of.

Adams County inmate search Colorado. How can I visit an inmate?

According to law, the prison administration no longer can set up visits. So you need to have a state-issued ID. Appointments are available between 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM. That depends on the camera the inmate stays in. The number of people visiting at one time is limited. To order an appointment yu need to register in advance. This refers to even children. Online registration is also available. Note to make an appointment within 24 hours before the visit.

Days, when people can visit their friends and relatives in Adams County Detention Facility, are generally Thursday, Monday, Wednesday, Tuesday, Saturday, Friday, and Sunday. One visit per week is available.

Adams County Detention Facility allows video calls as well.

How do I send money to an inmate?

There are several ways you can send money to an inmate in the Adams county detention facility.

You can personally go to Adam county Sheriff’s office and transfer money between 7 am to 11 pm.

There are several phone services that suggest money transfer by using your credit or debit cards.

Online transfers using credit or debit cards are also available.

How can I bail out an inmate?

To start a bail procedure, call the jail administration and check up with the details. Take note that you will get your money when the criminal case is over.

You can put money as cash bail, surety bond, and property bond. The facility demands an extra$40 for the booking fee and a $10 bail fee.