Connecticut Inmate Search

Connecticut Inmate Search

The Connecticut Department of Correction (Connecticut DOC) was established in 1958 to run and maintain the State Prison and Jail, Other State Correctional Facilities or Prison System, and Parole Programs.

The State of Connecticut has an incarceration rate of 468 inmates per 100,000 people living in the state. At present, there are more than 9,000 prisoners in State Prisons, more than 200 inmates in Federal Prisons, and more than 100 non-adult offenders in juvenile facilities.

According to the statistics report published by the Correctional Department of Connecticut, sentenced offenders constitute 31% of the total prison inmate population and accused detainees constitute 69% of the prison population (inmate count in jail roster).

At present, 9137 male inmates and 511 female inmates are incarcerated in state prisons and facilities under the Connecticut Department of Correction.

How Do I Find An Inmate Using DOC Connecticut Inmate Search, Or Inmate Lookup Facility, Or Connecticut Inmate Search Prison Wise Web Application, Or Connecticut County Jails Inmate Search Facility

The Connecticut Department of Corrections maintains the inmate records including the criminal record of the prisoners housed under its prison system. These inmate records including the criminal record and arrest records are considered public records in the State of Connecticut.

A portion of the inmate records (excluding police/sheriff’s office report, correctional officer/prison official reports / a portion of jail records) can be accessed by a citizen using the inmate search or inmate lookup web-application maintained by the Department of Correction at here. This web application serves as the State of Connecticut Inmate Search Application, Connecticut Jails Inmate Search Application, Connecticut Inmate Search Mugshots Application, Connecticut State Inmate Search Prison Application, and DOC Connecticut Search Application.

The offender information search can be performed based on CT DOC Inmate Number, Inmate’s Last Name, Inmate’s First Name, and Inmate’s Date of Birth.

The inmate information is disseminated by the Department of Corrections as a measure of public service and in the interest of public safety. According to the department of corrections, it is very crucial to note that if a person is incarcerated does not necessarily mean that they are convicted. There are many under-trail inmates in the prison system.

The inmate search results include the following:

  1. Connecticut Prison Inmates Name
  2. Connecticut Prison Inmates Number
  3. Date of Birth
  4. Last Admission Date
  5. Prison Detail
  6. Status – Sentenced or Un-sentenced
  7. Bail Amount
  8. Controlling Offence or Crime Committed
  9. Date of Sentence
  10. Maximum Sentence
  11. Maximum Release Date
  12. Estimated Release Date
  13. Special Parole End Date
  14. Detainer Details

Parole information including parole eligibility
The Mugshot is not available

Any federal inmate incarcerated at any federal prison can be located using the Federal Inmate Search web-application maintained by the Federal Bureau of Prison. The inmate search can be performed based on inmate number or inmate’s name with race, age, and sex. One can access this web-application.

How To Do A Connecticut Inmate Release Search

The release date of Inmates housed in State Prisons, County Jails, and Federal Prisons can be accessed using the Connecticut DOC Inmate Search Web Application and Bureau of Prison Inmate Search Application in the manner specified in the above paragraph. In addition to this, the Connecticut DOC provides a helpline number to the victims of any crime that provides them with information relating to the release dates of the concerned offenders. A victim can contact the Victim Service Unit or their phone number at 888-869-7057.

Where Inmates are Housed in the State of Connecticut

Quite amazingly, there is no county jail in the State of Connecticut. All offenders within the state are housed at facilities maintained by the Department of Corrections.

The following are the details and contact information of major State Prisons and Correctional facilities work under the supervision of the Department of Corrections

  1. Bridgeport Correctional Center – The Bridgeport Correctional Facility is used to house only the male incarcerated prisoners. It is a high-security Connecticut prison facility and has an inmate capacity of approximately 860 prisoners. This facility was opened in the year 1958 and is situated at 1106 North Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06604, United States. The contact number of this facility is +1 (475) 225-8000 and the website address is here.
  2. Brooklyn Correctional Institution – This Connecticut prison facility is used for male prisoners. It is a level-III, medium-security prison facility situated at 59 Hartford Road, Brooklyn, CT 06234, United States. The Brooklyn correctional Institution has an inmate capacity of 456 prisoners at a time. The contact number of this facility is +1 (860)-779-4500 and the website address is here.
  3. Cheshire State Prison – The Cheshire Correctional Institution Facility is a Level-IV, high-security facility. This facility has an inmate capacity of 1580 prisoners. It has an average daily prisoner population of about 1298 prisoners.  This facility is used to hold only adult male prisoners. It is situated at Cheshire Correctional Institution 900 Highland Avenue, Cheshire, CT 06410, United States. The contact number of this facility is  + 1 (203)-651-6100 and the website address is here.
  4. Enfield State Prison – The Enfield Correctional Facility is situated at 289 Shaker Road, POB 1500, Enfield, CT 06082, United States. This prison facility is Level-III, a medium-security facility used to hold sentenced offenders. The Enfield Correctional Institute can hold 740 prisoners at a time. It is used to house only adult sentenced offenders. The contact number of this facility is (860) 814 4300 and the website address is here.
  5. Corrigan-Radgowski Correctional Center – It is situated at 986 Norwich-New London Turnpike, Uncasville, CT 06382, United States. This facility is both Level-III & IV prison facility. The contact number of this prison facility is +1 860-848-5700 for the Corrigan Building & +1 860-848-5000 for the Radgowski Building, and the website address is here.

In addition to these, there are 27 other prison facilities under the supervision of the Connecticut Department of Corrections (Connecticut DOC). Some of the most important prison facilities are as follows –

  1. Ceci State Prison
  2. Cybulski State Prison
  3. Garner State Prison
  4. Gates State Prison
  5. Greensville State Prison
  6. Northern State Prison (City Jail)
  7. Osborn Connecticut Jail
  8. Radgowski Detention Center

How to Contact an Inmate in the State of Connecticut

Anyone can contact an inmate using the SECURUS Connecticut Prison Phone System. The prisoners can use the SECURUS System to get their Personal Account Number. They can manage their own calling list by adding or deleting contact details. No Inmate has access to incoming calls. They can only place outgoing calls using the SECURUS system. The calling list can have up to 10 contacts.

How Do One Apply For Visitation Of An Inmate In Connecticut & What Are The Visitation Rules

If an inmate wants someone to visit them, they must inform the assigned counselor. The counselor will forward the application form to the prospective visitor. The prospective visitor must sign the same and mail it back. The process can take up to 2 weeks.

The warden can allow courtesy visits where visitors are allowed without undergoing this process described above.

Prison visitors must abide by the following instructions :

  1. They must check whether the visitation is canceled by the agency. One can check the status here.
  1. Confirm the visiting schedule and check whether the inmate has lost the visiting privileges.
  1. You must carry a valid photo ID.

How To Contact Connecticut Department Of Corrections

For general information, one can visit the Connecticut Department Of Corrections at 24 Wolcott Hill Road, Wethersfield, CT 06109, or can telephone them on +1 860-692-7480. Also, one can contact the Public Information Officer via telephone number +1 860-692-7780, or fax number 860-692-7783, or through e-mail id   [email protected]

How To Send Money To An Inmate In Connecticut

One can send money to an inmate in prison using one of the following methods :
  1. By U.S Mail Money Order addressed to Inmate Trust Fund, P.O. Box 290800, Wethersfield, CT 06129-0800. The letter must contain complete and legible remitter information. Also, the letter must have the inmate’s full name and correctional identification number on it.
  2. By JPAY
  3. By Touch Pay at  website
  4. Western Union Electronic Deposits

Can I Send A Package To An Inmate In The State Of Connecticut

The Connecticut Department of Correction does not allow prisoner’s or inmate’s family to send clothing, food, or any other kind of package to an inmate directly. One needs to send money to the inmate and the inmate can purchase the required items from the prison commissary.

The Connecticut Department of Corrections allows the inmate’s family and friends to send care packages. Before sending such packages, the sender must make sure that the contents of the package are not in violation of the prison rules and procedures in this regard. It may take anywhere from 10 to 21 days for the package to reach the inmate. Packages can only be sent through authorized providers associated with the prison facility where the inmate is housed.

What Can You Send To A Prisoner Housed In A Connecticut Prison

A care package may include items like permissible edibles such as meat, sea-foods, coffee or tea, or items of personal hygiene such as shampoo, toothpaste, deodorants, etc. If the facility guidelines permit, these packages may also include shoes, undergarments, sweatshirts, etc.

In addition to the above-discussed care packages, the following items can be sent to any prison by an inmate’s family and friends:

  1. Books and Magazine – All books and magazines must be in new condition. They must be packaged and shipped directly by the book-store, book club, publishers, etc.
  2. CD’s and Tapes – An inmate’s friends and family can send these only if they are educational and/or religious in nature. Also, they must not be available in the prison commissary.

How to Search For Public Records In The State of Connecticut

The following documents are considered as Public Records in the State of Connecticut and these are available online here.

  1. Court Case Status Lookup Services (Court Record Lookup)
  2. License Verification Services
  3. Offenders Inmate Information Locator
  4. Sex Offenders Lookup Services
  5. Business Filings