Delaware Inmate Search

Delaware Inmate Search

The records of Delaware inmate search are accessible to the public for people who are interested in information about inmates incarcerated in Delaware prison, jails, or correctional facilities. Official information, documentation, and data on inmate held in correctional facilities retained by the state, counties, or all other jurisdictions are included in the Delaware inmate record. The public record of an incarcerated inmate may include details such as date of birth, physical descriptions, charges, conviction, criminal record, housing residence of the inmate, and more.

How do I find an inmate in Delaware?

The Department of Corrections of Delaware does not explicitly provide an online inmate locator tool. Even so, the Delaware DOC prepares the user with a link to an external site called VINELink that will provide information regarding the Delaware inmate lookup within the state prison. This feature is the online version of Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) which provides information on the incarceration of an inmate in the State of Delaware.

This platform allows crime victims, concerned citizens or friends and family of an inmate to access timely and reliable information 24 hours a day about criminal proceedings and the detention status of criminals. VINELink users can register to be notified via phone, email, text messages (SMS), or TTY device when an offender’s custody status changes.

Where are Delaware inmates housed?

A centralized correctional system is implemented by Delaware, with all correctional facilities and institutions coming under the State’s jurisdiction. Within the correctional facilities, the DOC of Delaware oversees about 4,500 – 5,000 prisoners and about 13,000 probationers within the community.

Delaware operates a five-level monitoring structure for criminals within the unified systems, which are:

  1. Level V – Inmate is under 24-hour incarceration and held in a prison or jail
  2. Level IV – Inmate under electronic monitoring or home detention, work release center, residential addiction treatment, or in a Violation Probation Center
  3. Level III – Intensive Probation Supervision
  4. Level II – Standard Probation
  5. Level I – Administrative Supervision

The Department is divided into several branches, including the Bureau of Prison that is responsible for overseeing and running the state’s four correctional facilities which are:

Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution (BWCI)

The only women’s prison in the state of Delaware was established on December 29, 1991. At a minimum, medium, and maximum security levels, the prison holds all pre-trial and convicted adult females. The following links show the location of the institution in Google Maps, as well as the directions for the new entrance to BWCI.  The physical address of BWCI is as follow:

Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution
660 Baylor Boulevard
New Castle, DE 19720

Howard R. Young Correctional Institution (HRYCI)

The HRYCI, also known as Gander Hill Prison, is a Level 5 facility housing around 1,500 inmates. The majority of the prisoners in Delaware are presently identified and processed by this facility. The prison itself holds both long-term obligations and pre-trial inmates who are either awaiting sentencing or have yet received bail. The address of the Howard R. Young Correctional Institution is as follow:

Howard R. Young Correctional Institution
1301 E. 12th Street
Wilmington, DE 19801

James T. Vaughn Correctional Centre (JTVCC)

The JTVCC, located near Smyrna, Delaware, is a Level 5 correctional facility holding minimum, medium, and maximum security prisoners. On top of housing approximately 2,500 inmates, JTVCC is also the main facility for housing the pre-trial (detainee) population of Kent County. This prison has the distinction of holding prisoners sentenced to death by the state as well as carrying out the execution at the JTVCC. The address of the James T. Vaughn Correctional Centre is as follow:

James T. Vaughn Correctional Center
1181 Paddock Road
Smyrna, DE 19977

Sussex Correctional Institution (SCI)

Located in Georgetown, Delaware, the Sussex Correctional Institution houses different levels of incarceration, leveling from minimum security level to maximum security level. The SCI houses an all-male inmate population at a capacity of 1,200 inmates. Sussex Correctional Institution address is at:

Sussex Correctional Institution
23203 Dupont Blvd
Georgetown, DE 19947

State of Delaware County Jail

Out of 3 counties in Delaware, only 2 counties have its own county jail, which is the Kent County Jail and New Castle County Jail. Meanwhile, Sussex County consists of the Delaware county correctional facility called Sussex Correctional Institution and Sussex Community Corrections Center.

Kent County Jail

The Kent County Jail is a small jail facility that houses state inmates mostly with a detention time less than a year. Friends and family of a jail inmate can use the contact number of this facility to locate whether the inmate is being held in Kent County Jail or not. The address and phone number of Kent County Jail are as follow:

555 Bay Road
Dover, DE, 19901
Phone number: 302-736-2161

New Castle County Jail

This county jail is located in the city of Wilmington, Delaware under the supervision of the County Sheriff’s Office, overseen by County Sheriff Scott T. Phillips. The county jail has a medium security level and currently houses both male and female inmates. An individual can contact the facility directly to inquire about inmates housed in this county jail. The address and contact number of New Castle County Jail are:

Louis L. Redding County Building
800 N. French St.
Fifth Floor
Wilmington, DE 19801
Phone number: 302-395-8450 or 302-255-0043
Fax number: 302-395-8460

How do you contact an inmate in Delaware?

Individuals are only allowed to contact Delaware inmate through the mail which is limited to letters, cards, written correspondence, and non-Polaroid pictures, and money orders. The mailing address of Delaware inmate can be obtained on each facility landing page.

Delaware Department of Corrections prohibits individuals outside of the institution to contact the inmate via phone calls at all times. However, inmates are allowed to make outgoing calls provided that they follow the policy established by the prisons they are located at. Individuals are allowed to help inmate set-up a prepaid phone account by contacting them at the phone number 1-866-230-7761 or online.

How to contact the Delaware Department of Corrections?

The Delaware DOC can be contacted through their phone number as well as an on-site visit to the department. Vital records of an inmate must be requested directly from the DOC. The following are the phone number and the address for the Delaware Department of Correction:

Delaware Department of Correction Phone Number: 302-739-5601

Delaware Department of Correction Address:
245 McKee Road
Dover, DE 19904

How do you find out the release date of an inmate in Delaware?

The release date of Delaware inmate can be found in the VINE network. This platform enables individuals to collect information on individuals in detention in every correctional facility under the DOC. Interested individuals can utilize the service by going to VINE Website and selecting Delaware as the state of search.

However, to use this function, the interested individual needs to have the name, date of birth, or identification number of the Delaware inmates before searching. Only then will VINE be able to give Delaware inmate search records, including the release date and detainee status.

Can I send a care package to an inmate in Delaware?

Care packages are only allowed from third-party vendors that have approval from the prison or jail administration. The sender is responsible to inquire the institution of the inmate regarding the list of approved vendors as well as rules and regulations.

Friends and family can refer to the DOC Delaware webpage for the contact number and addresses of facilities to request for approved vendors list.

What can you send inmates in Delaware prisons?

Sending mail to an inmate in Delaware

Inmates can receive mail such as card, letter, or pictures that is not Polaroid or instant photo, and should not contain nudity or anything sexual of nature. All mail will be opened by the facility correctional officer for safety reasons.

Sending books and magazines to an inmate in Delaware

Delaware prisons have approved inmates receiving books, magazines, as well as newspapers from third-party vendors such as However, hardcover and spiral-bound books are strictly prohibited, as well as books or magazines that contain pornography, violence, maps, or anything that may endanger the safety and security of the facility.

Sending money to an inmate in Delaware

Delaware inmates are each given a personal commissary account that allows them to purchase items in the commissary such as food, clothes, hygienic items, etc. Friends and family of inmates can send money to an offender by utilizing the United States Postal Money order and sending them via mail or during scheduled visits. All orders should include the following information:

  1. Offender’s full name
  2. Offender’s SBI number
  3. Assigned institution
  4. Name of remitter

Prisons and facilities will not adhere to any personal checks sent to inmates, as well as cash sent via mail. Any other medium besides the postal money order will be rejected completely by the administration.

How do I apply for the Visitation of an inmate in Delaware?

The procedure of visiting an inmate in Delaware differs from one facility to another. The visiting application form should be provided by the inmate to their respective visitor to fill and submit for processing. On top of providing a visitor’s application form, visiting individuals will need to go through the COVID-19 screening test and will be required to complete the consent form and read the visitation ground rules. Before visitors can visit, they need to schedule a visiting appointment with the respective institution detaining the inmate.

To get the application form, the inmate needs to request the form from their respective facility and give them to the visiting individuals. Visitors are required to fill the complete form and send any necessary documents (if required by the facility) to the correctional institution of the inmate.

Further information about procedures for visiting an inmate in Delaware for each correctional facility can be read on the Department’s website.

What are the visitation rules?

Each correctional facility in Delaware has its own sets of rules and regulations for visitors. Therefore, it is the visitor’s full responsibility to read through and fully comply with the visitation rules stated. Any questions regarding the visitation rules should be directly inquired to the administration of the correctional facility inmates are housed in.

Generally, visitors who have been approved for visitation must schedule a visiting appointment with a particular facility. Upon arrival, visiting individuals will be requested with valid photo identification such as state or federal government-issued identification cards, etc. The number of visitors allowed to visit a prisoner at a time may differ in each facility.

Visitation rules and procedures, and visiting hours for each facility are accessible at this link.