How To Perform Florida Prison Inmate Search

How To Perform Florida Prison Inmate Search

According to the information provided by the honorable U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS, 2018), the incarceration rate in the state of Florida is around 8330 people per million. Around 176,000 inmates are in prison in the State of Florida. Out of this, around 53,000 Florida inmates are imprisoned in County Jails, 99,000 inmates are imprisoned at State Prisons, 19,000 Florida inmates are imprisoned at Federal Prison, and 5,000 inmates are imprisoned in the juvenile correctional facility. In addition to this inmate population, around 211,000 people are on probation and nearly 4000 inmates are out on parole (INITIATIVE, 2019).

Florida Prison Inmate Search in Florida State Prison

The Florida Department of Corrections maintains the jail/prison records of felony offenders in the State of Florida who have been jailed for more than one year. The criminal records of inmates are digitized and placed on its website. Under Florida law, the inmate records of a Florida inmate are a public record and they can freely be accessed by any members of the public (FDC, 2020).

The Florida Department of Corrections has created a Corrections Offender Network that facilitates inmate search of a Florida inmate by dividing the entire process into the following categories

  1. Search All Corrections Offender Databases: This facility provided by the Florida Department of Corrections allows an option to perform a comprehensive search across all criminal records database maintained in the State of Florida including arrest records, records of absconding or fugitive offenders, records of inmate escape, inmate release, and supervised population. This facility could be accessed here.  One can search prison records of any inmate through this facility using the last name or first name or DC Number of the inmate. Here, DC number means the six digits long number provided by the department of corrections for the identification of inmates.
  2. Inmate Population Information Search: This facility provided by the Florida Department of Corrections allows an option to perform a targeted offender search to find the inmate record (jail/prisoner/arrest records) of a currently incarcerated inmate. This is provided for the benefit of the community and it can be accessed here.
  3. Inmate Release Information Search: This Florida jail inmate locator facility identifies those inmates who have been released or are scheduled to be released from Florida jails. The facility can be accessed here.
  4. Inmate Escape Information Search: This offender search facility lists the records of those offenders who have escaped from any correctional facility and have not been recaptured by the law enforcement agencies within 15 days from the date of escape. When any Florida inmate escapes, the correctional institution places the information and photographs of the escapee on this web application and update it as and when required. This facility can be accessed here.
  5. Supervised Population Information Search: This Florida jail facility provided by the Florida Department of Corrections gives an option to search particulars of supervised individuals including offenders who are out on probation or parole. The data is updated on a weekly basis. The facility can be accessed here.
  6. Absconder/Fugitive Information Search: This facility provides an option to search details of those individuals who no longer submit themselves for supervision. The facility can be accessed here.

In addition to this, different Florida county jails maintain their inmate records on their websites. The following are some of the prime examples

Orange County Jail Inmate Search

Orange County maintains the county jail’s inmate records on the Orange County Government website that can be accessed. The website contains details about the current inmate population, facility to pay jail bonds, particulars of inmate money accounts, etc.

The county maintains in its database, the records of those people who are currently in jail. The website also provides information about the crimes charges imposed on the inmate, the bond amount, and the mugshot of the inmate. The records are refreshed every 30 minutes. The information about the inmate is removed from the website when they are released from the county jail.

The inmate search is performed based on the last name of the inmate. The web application provides information about the book number, race of the inmate, the gender of the inmate, age, last known location, arrest record, past crimes, details about the charges, bond amount, case status, arresting agencies, photograph, etc.

Moreover, the application provides details about the total inmate population at the Orange County Jail. Do you know how many inmates are in Orange County Jail? As of 15/08/2020, there are 2,318 inmates on the jail roster. Out of this, 220 are female and 2,098 are male. The data are further classified in accordance with the race and ethnicity of the inmates. (Florida, 2020)

Lake County Jail Roster Search

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office maintains the online records of inmates at the Lake County Sheriff’s Adult Corrections Facility (County Jail), sex offenders, arrest records, criminal records, etc. The information can be accessed on their website. Moreover, the web application allows one to search for outstanding warrants. To locate an inmate in the county jail, one has to access its inmate locator application website. (DEPARTMENT, 2020)

Marion County Inmate Search

The Marion County Sheriff’s Department manages the public record of inmates of the county jail. The web application can be accessed here. Further, the Sheriff’s Department manages records of missing persons, sex offenders, stolen property, etc. (OFFICE, 2020)

Jacksonville (Duval County) Inmate Search

The inmate records in Duval County are maintained by the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department and Department of Correction. This facility can be accessed here.

The inmate search can be performed using a combination of last name, first name, or middle name, or using the jail number, or using the JSO ID. The application provides information such as date of arrest, age, gender, race, physical features, charge information, past federal and state criminal records, etc.

In Jacksonville (Duval County), family members, friends, and loved ones can deposit money in the inmate’s account maintained by the department of corrections. The monies can be deposited using online remittance through a secure access website, visa/ master card debit and credit cards, telephone payment, and through KIOSK located in the lobby of the county jail. (DEPARTMENT J. S., 2020)

Clay County Inmate Search

The inmate information along with arrest information is maintained by the Clay County Sheriff’s Department. The information can be accessed here.

The Clay County Sheriff’s Department maintains these records on the basis of the name of the inmate and charges imposed upon such inmates. The records contain details about the crime committed, age, gender, race, bond amount, docket number, case status, expected release dates, mugshot, etc.

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