IRcsheriff Inmate Booking, Florida

IRcsheriff Inmate Booking, Florida

To reveal the felonious background information of an individual, you can use available offender locator tools. In our article, we will go deep inside the details of IRcsheriff Inmate booking mechanisms. However, firstly, let’s discuss the lawbreaking statistics of the region.

The province is situated in the US state of Texas. That portion of the state is known as Treasure Coast. The administrative center is in Vero Beach. The population is 138028 (according to State and County Quick Facts, 2014). It is considered as 7th richest region of Florida.

This district has an A- grade for overall crimes. This means that the crime rate here is considerably lower than in other US provinces. The south parts are much safer than the eastern portion of the region. For the south, the possibility to become a crime victim is 1 in 70, but in the east, the possibility is 1 in 20.

The number of current prisoners is 524.

IRcsheriff Inmate Search, FL

In Florida, internee bookings are available to the public. Sealed or expunged records are accessible only to special agencies. An arresting history provides a lot of information on a person: including physical features, fingerprints, mugshots, first and last name, booking and release dates, location, etc. Find data about criminals, by using IRcsheriff Inmate booking tools. Generally, there are two options.

1. Firstly, always get info on current convicts by getting in touch with the Jail.


Indian River County Jail,

4055, 41st Avenue,

Vero Beach, FL 32960.

Tell: 772-569-6700


2. Secondly, the IRcsheriff detainee roster is also accessible on the web. To receive info regarding a convict you should visit Sheriff’s website. The website provides detailed arrest records and the number of current jailbirds. Only the last 10 days of public records are available for online downloading.

If you have the name of the defendant and victim/witness, case number, incarceration date, it is easy to receive the needed info.

Make copies of the needed documents for a fixed fee ($24 for each criminal check).

Contacting offenders

There are two ways of communicating with convicts. You may either call or send mail.

Contacting by phone

Prisoners have an approved list of family members and friends. They are to make direct and collect calls.

Contacting by mail

When mailing a convict, you have to take into account that only letters, postcards, photos (not polaroid), and/or money may be reached to a jailbird. Only paper may be given to a prisoner. Anything, that is risky for the security of the facility will be returned to a correspondent.

On the envelope write the following:

Title and ID of the Prisoner,

4055, 41st Avenue,

Vero Beach, FL 32960.

NOTE: Also include the correspondent’s first and last name. Otherwise, the letter will not reach an addressee.

Sending Money to Offenders

You have 4 ways to direct money to a detainee:

1. Firstly, personally drop the cash at the Penitentiary. There is a self-service kiosk in the lobby.
2. Secondly, deposit funds online. The facility uses JPay online service that processes deposits to the captive. Do the registration on the website and pay a small fee.
3. Thirdly, deposit over the mobile.
4. Finally, send it by mail. Order money via the US post office.

Visitation Rules

If you want to meet a detainee, first of all, you should schedule your visit via ringing the Detention Facility at 772-569-6700, 772-978-6334.

When paying your visit have a valid ID or driving license with you.

The visitation hours are Weekdays 07:30 am to 09:00 pm, Weekends 07:30 am to 02:30 pm.