Indiana Inmate Search

Indiana Inmate Search

Indiana prisoner records include persons imprisoned in prisons and jails in the State of Indiana personal and organizational details. Most detainee documents are publicly accessible and people can search for them online and request copies from various law enforcement agencies. Indiana inmate search records will provide the individual with prison records or jail records such as name, gender, date of birth, bail bond sum, mugshot, parole status, arrest charges, and more depending on the requestor.

How do I find an inmate in Indiana?

Individual who is looking for an inmate incarcerated in Indiana prisons may utilize the Indiana Department of Correction (IDOC) Offender Locator feature on their website. This tool helps individuals to search for an inmate either by providing the prisoner’s name or by providing the prisoner’s IDOC number.

Indiana inmate search in county jails can be done by looking up for an inmate using the inmate search tool on the county’s website, or by directly contacting the facility housing the inmate.

Where are Indiana inmates housed?

State of Indiana prisoners is housed in correctional facilities overseen by the Indiana Department of Correction spread throughout the state. These facilities consist of adult prisons, juvenile correctional facilities, and work release centers. The following are links to a map of the facilities under the jurisdiction of IDOC, as well as contact information and addresses.

Adult Correctional Facilities

Juvenile Correctional Facilities

Work Release Centers

An inmate that is not housed in state prison is mostly detained within county jail or federal prison. The inmates housed in county jails are mostly offenders with a sentence of less than one year or arrested for misdemeanor charges. The inmates in Indiana county jail are not managed by the Indiana Department of Corrections, instead fall under the supervision of the Sheriff’s Office of respective counties. Among the 92 county jails, some of them are most known for incarcerating a large amount of jail population, such as:

Marion County Jail

Marion County has 3 county jail facilities which are all run by the Sheriff’s Office. All three jails are supervised by Sheriff Kerry J. Forestal with the help of 800 jail staff. The average daily inmate population of all three facilities is around 2,500 inmates, with an overall maximum capacity of almost 3,000 inmates.

Elkhart County Jail

Elkhart County Correctional Complex (ECCC) is a county jail located south of Elkhart city in Indiana. Currently, the facility houses an average daily population of 800 inmates, with a maximum capacity of 1,000 people. This county jail is managed by Elkhart Sheriff’s Office, led by Sheriff Jeff Siegel.

Vanderburgh County Jail

The Vanderburgh County Jail under the management of the Vanderburgh Sheriff’s Office currently has an average daily inmate population of 680 people. The Sheriff responsible for supervising this county jail is Sheriff Dave Wedding.

How do you contact an inmate in Indiana?

People outside of the correctional facilities can contact an inmate through the mail. Inmates can also reply to these emails, given that they purchase their stamps, envelopes, and stationary from the prison’s commissary. Individuals who are interested to send letters to an inmate are required to follow the Offender Correspondence Policy prepared by the IDOC. All incoming and outgoing mails (except confidential mail) will be opened, inspected, and read by facility staff for safety reasons.

Individuals must include the full name and the DOC number of an inmate on the envelope. The following is the address format for all letter sent to an inmate:

Offender name, DOC Number

Facility name

Street Address or P.O. Box

City, State ZIP Code

On the other hand, inmates are allowed to make outgoing calls to individuals outside of prison using collect calls and prepaid collect calls via third party services. This service is a one-way call, where inmates are prohibited from receiving calls.

DOC Indiana inmates use phone service provider GTL, therefore individuals can set up an account online or via phone call at 1-800-483-8314.

How to contact the Indiana Department of Correction?

The contact information of the Indiana Department of Correction is as follow:

Indiana Department of Correction phone number: 317-232-5723

Indiana Department of Correction address:

302 West Washington

Street Room E-334

Indianapolis, IN 46204

On the Department of Correction website, they also provide contact information for the person in charge of the facilities.

How do you find out the release date of an inmate in Indiana?

Indiana Department of Corrections provide victims and concerned citizen a manual and automated victim notification through Indiana VINE system or SAVIN. This feature will allow individuals to receive real-time information about the custody status of offenders throughout the state at all times. Interested individuals can register online or contacting the call center at 1-866-891-0330.

For county jails, individuals can use the inmate locator or inmate roster provided by the county’s website to check for the release date. If any of the information is unavailable online, they are welcome to directly contact the correctional facility to request an inmate record.

Can I send a care package to an inmate in Indiana?

Care packages sent to inmates are only allowed through approved third-party vendors such as Access Securepak and Indiana DOC Enhanced Commissary Ordering. These vendors will require individuals to provide the offender number and facility name.

Certain counties will have contracts with other vendors, so if an individual is interested, they can directly contact the Indiana jail administration offices to inquire about the detail.

What can you send inmates in Indiana prisons?

Send mail to inmates in Indiana

Indiana Prisoners are allowed to receive and send emails to everyone, with an exception of other inmates. Incoming mails will be open, inspected, and read by facility staff in charge to uphold safety reasons. Letters and envelopes should not contain stickers, colored papers, and other decorations. Individuals are required to read and comply with the Offender Correspondence Policy provided by the Department of Corrections.

Send pictures to inmates in Indiana

Individuals are allowed to send photos to inmates given that the pictures do are not sexual or violent of nature. Photos sent should be non-instant and non-Polaroid for security reasons, and should not exceed 4” ×6” in size. Pictures that do not comply with the guidelines will be discarded without further notice.

Send money to inmates in Indiana

There are two ways to send money to an inmate in Indiana prison.

Firstly, individuals may send money through postal money only by using the service provider GTL (formerly known as Jpay). Further information, addresses, and directions can be found on the IDOC website.

Secondly, individuals can send money to inmates via online money transfer. This method serves to be the fastest way for inmates to receive their money. The sender needs to set up a free account on and follow the instruction given to proceed with the money transfer.

How do I apply for Visitation of an inmate in Indiana?

In order to apply for visitation, an individual must be listed on the inmate’s visitors list. It will be the inmate’s responsibility to list any individual on their visitor list before they request a visitation application from the facility administration. The application will be sent to the interested visitors to be completed and submitted directly to the inmate’s facility.

The status of the application will be informed to the inmate, and it will be their responsibility to forward the result to the individual. The facility will not check or answer any question regarding visitation status made by phone calls.

Indiana Department of Correction also provides the visitor with the option of video visitation through the GTL service. Using this service will require users to register for an account either online or the GTL VisMobile Android App. After registration, the individual will need to sign in to a video visit according to the appointed schedule time. All video visits will be under the monitoring of facility staff members for safety reasons. Video visitation charges by GTL are $3.30 per 10 minutes and $8.25 per 25 minutes.

Take note that visitation application procedures by IDOC will differ with county jails, therefore interested individuals will need to reach out to the inmate’s facility to inquire about the steps of applying visitation to their jail.

What are the Visitation rules?

Indiana Department of Corrections has provided Visitation Policy as well as Visitation Guidelines on their website for those who are interested. It will be the visitor’s full responsibility to read through and comply with them accordingly.

It is also the visitor’s responsibility to check the visiting hours and direction of the inmate’s facility prior to visitation. Visiting individuals will need to call the facility before coming to visit, to confirm visitation on top of inquiring for any visitation updates. The contact information of each facility can be found here.

On the other hand, although visitation rules may not apply to county jails, individuals are welcome to read the policies and guidelines provided to give an idea of what preparation needs to be done. Nevertheless, the best option is to check the county Sheriff’s Office website for further explanation of their rules and regulations.