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Dallas County Inmate Search, Iowa

Dallas County Inmate Search, Iowa

Do you think it is difficult to find out who is in prison? In fact, things have changed with the advent of technologies. Now there are options to view inmate information online. And Dallas county inmate search, Iowa is also an option.

Dallas county and jail

Dallas county is situated in Iowa. It is the seventh most populated county in the state. It is named after George Dallas who has been one of the vice presidents of the US. Dallas County Sheriff’s Correctional Facility is in the city of Adel. It houses a maximum of forty prisoners.

Statistics on crimes in Dallas County, Iowa

During the last 10 years, Dallas county crimes statistics has registered nearly 7100 crimes. Of those, 5 hundred were violent ones. In general, crimes occur about every six hours in the county. If your house does not have a security system, the likelihood is high that it may be robbed. However, compared to Jackson county, Oregon, the violent crime rate in Dallas County, Iowa, is slightly lower. Similarly, the property crime rate is two times higher (41.8) in Jackson county than it is in Dallas, IA (20.6).

Dallas county inmate search

There are three ways you can search info on inmates: via phone, in person, or online. First, you can call the Center to look up arrests. Second, you can visit the facility in person and get Dallas County criminal records.

Third, you can do a Dallas county inmate inquiry. The interested persons can search by name, subject number, or booking number. You can also filter by booking date or in custody. After you find the person you can check the following info about them: mugshot, gender, race, address, physical description data, booking history, charges, charge description, bond number, type, and amount, offense date, court date, etc. Alternatively, criminal activities of persons and lists of prisoners are visible also on other online platforms.

Dallas county jail policies

Contacting an inmate via mail
You can contact an inmate via mail. However, there are certain rules you need to follow. For example, you cannot send unauthorized items. Also, cash or personal checks are not accepted through the mail. But you can send letters, cards or books. The jail staff opens and inspects the mail and prohibits contraband. Besides, those who have been in Dallas county jail within the last six months can’t mail or visit present inmates.

Contacting an inmate via phone

Detainees have access to the telephone during the whole week from 9 am to 9 pm. Those interested to contact a prisoner via phone must set up an account through the Dallas county Iowa website. With that account, you can talk to your loved one. Messages, video, and phone calls are possible. Just remember that you must pay $0.30 per megabyte.

Registering a prepaid account with CIDNET is easy. It requires a full name, email address, and time zone specification. Then you must complete your account info such as phone number, photo, etc. Otherwise, without approving your identity, jail staff will not allow you to contact your inmate. Afterward, you can link with the prisoner and wait until the facility officers approve the link request. Later you can add data and decide how many megabytes you need to buy. After completing all the steps you can communicate with your inmate.

Very importantly, staff will monitor your communication. If you violate prison rules your communication will be terminated.

In-person visitation

Contacting an inmate in person is also possible. But pre-visit scheduling is a must. Here is a list of rules you should know if you want to visit a person in prison.

  1. Each inmate is allowed to have 1 visitor per week. But officers don’t count the video visits.
  2. The visit may last up to 1.30 minutes.
  3. Visitors must show identification documents such as a driver’s license, social security card, or ID.
  4. Visiting hours and days are different for different jails in the county. However, it is possible to visit an inmate only from Monday to Friday.
  5. Friends and family members visiting an inmate must be adults. Those under 18 must present a court order provided by an attorney.
  6. Visitors must wear appropriate dressing. No suggestive clothing is allowed.

Sending money to an inmate

Loved ones can also send money to persons in Dallas county jail. They can send it by phone, online, or at a kiosk that is located in the facility lobby. The kiosk accepts cash, and debit or credit cards. However, there are limits on the amount of money you can deposit at a time.