Kentucky Inmate Search

Kentucky Inmate Search

Records of Kentucky inmate search are a combination of personal and official information of the person detained in county jails or prisons. The United States (US) law permits some or all records of inmates to be made accessible according to the requestor’s authority. Personal information such as name, birth date, sex, and nationality will be made available. Aside from that inmate records such as arrest charges, bail bond amounts, mugshots, parole status, criminal prosecution status, and other criminal records may be accessible upon request.

How do I find an inmate in Kentucky?

There are several ways individuals can locate an inmate in the state of Kentucky. Firstly, individuals can utilize the search inmate tool provided on the Kentucky Department of Corrections (KDOC) official website to search public records of the incarcerated offenders. The public may use the full name of an inmate to run the search and help filter the results.

Besides that, victims or concerned citizens may use the Kentucky automated Victim Identification and Notification (VINE) system. This feature allows users to get live updates on the custody status of an inmate and will get notifications directly to their phone. The VINE system is backed by data from multiple sources such as juvenile detention centers, prisons, and county jails for greater accuracy.

On top of that, individuals can also utilize the Sex Offender Registry to check if someone is a sexual offender. This feature is great to help the public identify a sexual offender and be cautious for the sake of their safety.

Where are Kentucky inmates housed?

The Kentucky Department of Correction houses adult state inmates between 12 correctional facilities that consist of prisons with all security levels – minimum, minimum/medium, medium, medium/maximum, and maximum/supermax. The map of the facilities is available on the KDOC website. The KDOC also provides Recovery Centers and Reentry Services Center to help inmates integrate back into society after their serving time.

In addition to the correctional facility, the KDOC has a Division of Local Facilities that deals with county jails, and other local authorities with respect to county and regional city jail operations. The employees of Local Facilities acts as the regulatory agencies that perform biannual jail inspection to ensure it is in compliance with the Kentucky Jail Standards.

Most inmates with a serving time less than a year or committed misdemeanor offenses will be detained in county jails. The state of Kentucky has 120 counties, and almost each one of the counties will have their own jails run by the sheriff’s office. Among the county’s detention center, there are a few that are known for a large number of inmate populations. This includes Jefferson County Jail, Fayette County Jail, Kenton County Jail, Boone County Jail, Warren County Jail, Christian County Jail, and many more. The current top three county jails with the highest inmate populations are:

Jefferson County Jail

The county jail for Jefferson county is called the Louisville Metro Police Jail. This county jail is located in Louisville, Kentucky, and has a maximum capacity of 1,353. This jail is a medium security jail that houses both male and female inmates is supervised by Sheriff Col. John Aubrey. Most of the time, the jail would overpopulate and could reach up to an average of 1,500 inmates per day. To locate an inmate in this detention center, an individual can use the inmate lookup tool inmate lookup too

Fayette County Jail

The Fayette County Jail is known as Fayette County Community Corrections and supervised by Director, Lisa Farmer, and the Assistant Director, Harold Byrne. This jail facility has a lot of community programs integrated, such as counseling services, educational and life skills programs, community service programs, and more. Having a maximum capacity of 1,300 inmates, this jail houses inmates in all security levels, from minimum to maximum.

Christian County Jail

The Christian County Jail, in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, is a county-level detention center. Kentucky is one of the states that does not use county sheriffs to operate the county jails but has chosen jailers to run the jails instead. Rehabilitation, not just retribution, is the aim of the Christian County Jail. They do this by offering a number of various specialized training services for inmates, resources for self-help, and even clinical advice so that inmates can reduce their own risk of recidivism. Currently, the daily average inmate population is around 650 people, with a maximum capacity of 520 inmates.

How do you contact an inmate in Kentucky?

Interested individuals can send mail to an inmate by using the US postal service. All incoming mail must include a complete return address on the envelope. All inmates can also send outgoing emails to friends and families, given that they follow the guidelines prepared by the Kentucky Department of Corrections.

In case of an emergency, friends and family may contact the shift supervisors on duty at the line 606-337-7065. After the emergency has been confirmed, the inmate will be able to call family using collect calls.

How to contact the Kentucky Department of Corrections?

The Kentucky Department of Corrections can be contacted through the following:

Kentucky Department of Corrections address:

Department of Corrections

Health Services Building

275 East Main Street

P.O. Box 2400

Frankfort, KY 40602-2400

Kentucky Department of Corrections numbers:

Phone: 502-564-4726

Fax: 502-564-5037

How do you find out the release date of an inmate in Kentucky?

The release date of an inmate can be found on the inmate record searched using the inmate locator feature on the Kentucky Department of Corrections. Individuals can also use VINE to get the latest update on an inmate’s custody status 24/7.

Can I send a care package to an inmate in Kentucky?

Prisoner in Kentucky facilities can receive care packages, as long as it is from an approved third-party vendor Access Securepak. Some county jails have contracts with other third-party vendors near them, therefore, it is advisable that individuals inquire about the inmate’s facility before purchasing from other vendors. More information about sending care packages to Kentucky inmate is available on the Kentucky DOC webpage.

What can you send inmates in Kentucky prisons?

Send mail to inmates in Kentucky

An outside individual can send mail to inmates given that they provide a complete return address on the envelope. All emails will be opened, inspected, and read by prison staff to uphold safety reasons. Both sender and inmates must comply with the guidelines provided by each state prison to ensure mails will not be rejected. The format of the inmate’s address is as follow:

Inmate Name, ID Number

Facility Name

P.O. Box or Street Address

City, State, Zip Code

Send photos to inmates in Kentucky

Offenders are allowed to receive photos from family as long as it does not exceed the size 4”×6”. Photo sent should be non-instant and non-Polaroid, as well as should not contain any sexually explicit content, illegal activities pictures, or hand gestures.

Send the book to inmates in Kentucky

Kentucky prison inmates can receive books and publications such as newspapers, magazines, etc. directly from a publisher. Family members can put orders on publishers like and send inmates the publications. Books cannot be hardbound or spiral, nor is it allowed to contain any sexual or violent implications. If an individual is unsure whether a specific book is acceptable to be sent, it is best to contact the inmate’s facility to get a confirmation.

Send money to inmates in Kentucky

Each inmate will have their own commissary account where friends and family can deposit funds into. This commissary account works similarly to a bank account and enables the offender to purchase additional items from the commissary. Before sending money to an inmate, individuals need to make sure they know the inmate’s name, offender number, and housing facility. This information will be required during the transaction process. There are several ways an individual can deposit fund into an inmate account:


An individual can go to any MoneyGram locations and deposit the money using this service. Proceed with sending money to Kentucky prisoners, the individual needs to use the received code is 1232. There will be a walk-in flat rate of $3.95 for each deposit. This fee can be paid by cash or using a debit or credit card.


JPAY offers an online service to deposit money into an inmate’s account. This service will cost a certain fee charged depending on the amount you are sending.


Deposit funds to an inmate’s account by using phone calls are also made available by JPAY by calling the JPAY line at 1-8000-574-5729. There will be a fee charged depending on how much money is sent.

How do I apply for Visitation of an inmate in Kentucky?

Applying for visitation of an inmate in Kentucky state prison requires an individual to be listed on the incarcerated person’s visiting list. Firstly, individuals need to submit a complete inmate application form that provides information about both the visitor and the prisoner. To ensure that the information contained is correct, most applicants are screened with a background check. An incorrect or incomplete application form will result in a rejection of visitation.

The result of the application will be informed directly to the inmate. It is then their responsibility to inform interested visitors regarding the results.

What are the Visitation rules?

Kentucky Department of Correction has prepared an Inmate Visits policies and procedures for visitors who have been approved of visits. Visitors are responsible to read the policies thoroughly to ensure that the visitation goes smoothly. If any individual is caught violating any of the given rules, they will be penalized accordingly and might have their visitation privilege revoked.