Washington Parish Inmate Roster, Louisiana

Washington Parish Inmate Roster, Louisiana

We all know and adore the state of Washington. However, there are layers to it that some of us may not have unraveled, for example, the County of Parish. The latter is placed in the central east of Washington.

How does the crime rate look in Washington Parish?

According to 2017 records, 766 listed crimes were performed in Washington Parish.
The overpowering number of those crimes were property crimes, 582, to be exact.
Property crimes involve

  1. Burglaries (160 cases)
  2. Larcenies (367 cases)
  3. Motor vehicle thefts (60 cases)

The remaining 184 crimes were violent. None of those were murder incidents.
Violent crimes include

  1. Rapes (15 cases)
  2. Robberies (8 cases)
  3. Aggravated assaults (161 cases)

How does one come across inmate records in Washington Parish in Louisiana?

The Washington Parish Inmate List is kept in the Sheriff’s Office of the Parish. When you visit the office’s website, click on the ‘WPSO Inmate Roster’ section. The latter has two divisions

  1. ‘Current Inmates’
  2. ’48-Hour Release’.

Under the first one, you can see the current Washington Parish inmate list. Although the list is public information, the records are not. Only people who are under DPS&C supervision are allowed to learn that information.

Some spendings come to the picture when one wishes to call an inmate in Washington Parish in Louisiana.

The price is 0.25$ if the call is

  1. Local
  2. IntraLata
  3. IntraState
  4. InterState

If the call is going to come from Canada, the price is 0.75$.

Emails are slightly tricky. Inmates are not likely to sit in front of a computer. Thus, when you want to email them, you again fill out a few requirements. You either utilize JPay or Access Corrections to write your email. Once the recipient gets it in a printed version.
Another nice way to stay in contact with an inmate is mailing. Whether it is a letter or some kind of good that you want to send, the mailing is effective. There are a few steps to complete for it.

  1. Visit the pigeonly.com website.
  2. Indicate whether your inmate is held in a state, federal, or county facility.
  3. Search for the inmates’ first and last names.
  4. Register on the website, this step is entirely free.

Through mailing, you can even send your inmate a certain amount of money. You just have to make sure to enter the correct details on the envelope. Those are the inmate’s name and 10 number.

When, for some reason, you desire to search for prisoners, there are a few websites that you can use.

For example, golookup.com. You simply have to fill in the first and last name of the inmate. Also, the State in which he or she is being held is also a required field.
If you have arrived at the desire for visitation, consider this process. The correctional facility has to accept your visit. But it is not just you that they should approve. They also review the inmates’ allowed visiting hours. With the appropriate dress code and government-issued ID, you are good to go.