Todd County Inmate Roster, Minnesota

Todd County Inmate Roster, Minnesota

Minnesota’s one of the counties is Todd County with a population of 25,262 people. The crime rate in Todd is higher by 5.54% in comparison to the national average of the US, thus it is a less safe place to live in compared to Anoka and Benton. Over the past three years, Todd experienced 532 arrests. In 2017, Todd recorded the highest crime rate and accounted for 9 arrests for violent crime, 113 arrests for larceny crime, and 180 arrests for property crime.

How to find an inmate roster in Todd County?

Before passing on the ways of finding an inmate roster, let’s first figure out what kind of details it contains. Inmate roster or so-called inmate record can provide thorough information about inmates and their criminal history. If you endeavor to know whether they are incarcerated, booked in county jails or state prisons, the inmate roster can be the best guide for you. Other details include:

  1. Offender’s name
  2. Birthdate
  3. Registration number
  4. Type of offense
  5. Date of arrest
  6. Location of the facility

To look up inmates, firstly you should visit Todd County Sheriff’s Office where are kept the main public records about them. These records are in the form of documents, which include mugshots and bookings of the inmates. To make the lookup process easier, you should provide information about the date and location of the incident, the name of an inmate, and the case number.

As technologies are developed day by day, they facilitate our life, so allowing us to find something within some seconds. Thus, there are some online tools that are very convenient to use for getting information about inmates. Among them is a Todd County Inmate Search, where you can type the name, surname, and gender of an inmate and gain the information needed.

How to contact an inmate?

You can contact an inmate by mail, email, and phone. These are the main means of communication with an inmate in jail.

1. To contact an inmate by mail: include offender’s name, ID, and facility address. Feel free to send greeting cards, as they are accepted.
2. To contact an inmate by email, create an account in Jpay online system, and send a message with the offender’s ID number.
3. To contact an inmate by phone: call 320-732-6215

You can send money either online through the JailATM service or using the kiosk in the jail lobby.

How to search for an inmate roster in MN?

You can visit to look up the public records and arrest history of an inmate. The details needed for this search are the name and surname and of an inmate. Use the Offender Locator online search tool provided by the Minnesota Department of Corrections to find an inmate at the state level. You need to type the inmate’s name or offender’s ID and see the type of offense, sentence date, and the name of the facility where the inmate is housed.

What are the visiting rules for Todd County inmates in Minnesota?

There are some rules that you should know in advance, before scheduling a visit and avoiding any further problems. The main rules are:

1. Contact the facility 24 hours before scheduling a visiting appointment. Visitation is prohibited on national holidays.
2. Use the “No Wait Inside” online scheduling app to see what time is available to make an appointment.
3. Don’t bring with you such items, which are considered contraband like money, alcohol, drugs, etc.
4. You can schedule only one visit per day, as the visits are limited to one person.
5. Visits take place in a visiting room, where you aren’t allowed to change your seats or touch an object without the agreement of the visiting staff.
6. You can prolong your visitation when you live in a different state calling Todd County Jail & Detention Center
7. Get dressed properly taking into consideration the visiting dress code. Choose conservative clothing which covers your upper body, otherwise, your visit will be refused by the Todd County Jail & Detention Center staff.