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Harrison County Inmate Search, Mississippi

Harrison County Inmate Search, Mississippi

In the digital age finding information is much easier than choosing good clothes. The scope of developed technologies is increasing rapidly so accelerating your searching process. If you want to find out information about an inmate in Harrison County, MS, and go into details about his/ her background, do a Harrison County Inmate search. It will provide you with in-depth information about criminal data, arrest records, and offenses of an inmate.

Mississippi’s one of the popular counties is Harrison County. Being the second-largest county by its area, it has a population of 204,502 people. Like many other counties, Harrison County is not an exception with its crime offenses. The crime rate in Harrison County, MS is high compared to the average of the US. If you desire to know which part of the county is the safest to live in, you can go to the north. East part is less safe, as there are lots of retail areas, where crimes occur more frequently. According to the FBI report in 2017, property crime accounts for 547 arrests for larceny thefts, 117 arrests for motor vehicle thefts, and 237 arrests for burglaries.

How to find inmate records for Harrison county in Mississippi?

Finding an inmate record can take you just a few seconds. If you want to know whether an inmate is in jail or not you can do a Harrison County inmate search. It is an online platform, where you need to type the first and the last name of an inmate and have all the information about his/ him at your fingertips. As a result of your search, you are likely to see arrest records, mugshots, crime data, and offenses of an inmate. If you don’t find the relevant information you can visit Harrison County Sheriff’s office to obtain more details concerning his/her criminal background.

How to contact an inmate in Harrison County MS?

Sending a mail

You can send a mail to the Harrison County Detention Center via the U.S. Postal Service. Before sending a mail you need to take into consideration that your mail is reviewed by correction officers before giving it to the inmates.

Sending a text message

If you want to contact an inmate, but not through the mail, you may choose the text messaging option. You can send not only messages but also images to the inmate. HCSO staff should approve your message, otherwise, it will not be sent to the inmate.


To call an inmate you need to visit Harrison County Detention Center website and register in the system of National Crime Information Center (NCIC). After registering you should do the following steps:

  1. Select the State
  2. Select the name of the County
  3. Select the inmate you want to call
  4. Enter phone number

Sending money

You may deposit money to an inmate at the kiosk located in the Detention Center. Make payment both by cash and credit cards. One of the convenient ways to send money online is using Harrison Premier Services. You are required to provide the following details:

  1. Type the name of the State and facility
  2. Record the deposit date
  3. Type the inmate’s name and ID
  4. Type the amount of money you are going to send

Visitation rules for Harrison county inmates in Mississippi?

Before visiting an inmate be aware of the fixed visiting regulations and minimize the percentage of doing something unaccepted. The main rules are mentioned below;
1. Schedule your visit about a week before you arrive at the jail.
2. Visit no more than one time a week. Try to arrive an hour early, otherwise, you will lose the chance of meeting an inmate during the other days of the week.
3. Don’t carry things that are not accepted by the Harrison County Jail. Among them are weapons, drugs, money, purses, alcohol, etc.
4. Don’t forget about your ID, as it is the fundamental part of verifying your visit.
5. Follow the dressing code of the jail and avoid using inappropriate language.