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Hinds County Inmate Search, Mississippi

Hinds County Inmate Search, Mississippi

Hinds County is in the USA, state of Mississippi. It is one of the most populated counties in Mississippi with over 245,285 population. Hinds County is the heart of Mississippi. It is the center of the state’s education, business, and industry.

Crime Statistics of Hinds County

In Hinds County, the crime rate is higher compared to an average county in the US. Generally, 75% of the county is considered safe, while 25% of it is known as dangerous.

In fact, the Southwest part of the county is much safer as compared to the other parts. To become a victim of crime in the southwest part of Hinds County is about 1 in 38. In the southeast part, which is considered the most dangerous in the county, this chance is 1 in 8.

In the county, more dangerous are larger and crowded places like the airport, schools, parks, etc.

According to the FBI the arrest records, only in 2019, were the following:

  1. violent crimes (111)
  2. cases of aggravated assaults (94)
  3. rape cases (6) cases of burglary (150)
  4. motor vehicle thefts (64)
  5. larcenies (169)
  6. property crimes (383)

Totally, in comparison to the previous 2018, there is a 9.9% increase in crimes. However, there is an 18.5% decline in property crimes.

Hinds County criminal records

In Hinds County, not all criminal records are open to the public. Some of them are even strictly restricted. The criminal records are provided by the Hinds County Sheriff’s Office.
Also, juvenile records are not public documents.

Inmate records for Hinds County in Mississippi

It is possible to get Hinds County inmate records by visiting the Inmate Query portal of Hinds County, Mississippi. For the search, though, you will need to access some information:

  1. Inmate name
  2. Date of the arrest
  3. Detention city
  4. Pin number

It is also possible to get information on inmates if you call the provided number – (601) 974-2900. You only need to give the first and second names of the inmate to get the information you are seeking. Besides, for information, you can visit the jail where the criminal is kept.

Do you want to send money to an inmate in Hinds County, MS?

There are two ways to send money to an inmate:

  1. through online services
  2. mailing the deposit to the inmate

To send money to an inmate is easy now due to online services. makes the process quick and simple. There is a small fee, however, that the company charges, but it is, in fact, an insignificant amount.

If you live too far from the prison to bring the money in person, also, you do not have any types of credit cards, you can still use the mailing method. It is safer to send a money order, though, putting the inmate ID in the memo section.

Visitation rules for Hinds County inmates in Mississippi

In Hinds County Raymond Detention Center you can visit the inmate if the inmate and the prison prior approve the request of the visitor.

Anyone who is above 18, has a valid photo ID can visit an inmate. Children can visit an inmate if they are accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian. People with warrants are either denied visitation or arrested during the visit.

People with a past felony record are also likely to be denied a visit.

The visitation days at Hinds County Raymond Detention Center are:

  1. Tuesdays
  2. Wednesdays
  3. Thursdays

Visiting hours are:

8:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Home Video visitation

The Hinds County Raymond Detention Center allows home video visitations.

The family members approved friends and attorneys can connect with an inmate using their computers or an app.

To arrange the meeting, the visitor must first secure an available visitation hour and the cost for the visit. The video visitation is recorded. So, anything said during the meeting can be used in court.

Hinds County Criminal Court Records

To obtain Hinds County criminal court records one can:

  1. Visit the court where the case was held
  2. Mail or call by the provided contact information

The court records in Hinds County are open to the public and the residents can get copies of the records either in person or by mail.

Criminal records are also available online. Anyone can obtain the records by visiting the Mississippi Electronic Court System portal.