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Pearl River County Inmates, Mississippi

Pearl River County Inmates, Mississippi

Pearl River is a beautiful place to live and work. The rules here are very strict. For example, transportation, sale, and private possession are prohibited. But what are the rules on Pearl River County Inmates, Mississippi? Well, this article will review more about this below so continue reading.

The overall crime grade is B+, which is lower than the average provided by the US government. Violent offense rate is A+, property offense grade is B-, other crime grade is B. To put it another way, the crime rate is 27.01 per 1,000 residents in a regular year. What refers to safety, people claim that the south of the land is safer. But according to the data, southwest parts are the most dangerous to live in.

Observing the data we may say that the misdemeanor rate is rather high. And if there are people committing a misdemeanor, it means that there are detainees locked in prisons. So many wander hot to contact or send some items to their detainees or get general information about them. So how do you do that?

How do I find inmate records?

You can receive information about convicts through the prison search page on their official website. If you cannot get the data you are looking for on these sites, contact the local jail at 601-795-2241, 601-798-5528, or fax at 601-795-2241, 601-798- 5528. For offense victims, you may create a Victim Alert System to receive alerts about the perpetrator.

  • How do I call?
    Prisoners are allowed to ring on a pre-approved list, which consists of friends and family members. Telephone conversations are made either through a third-party Telephone conversation service provider or through a call collection mechanism. If the convict wants to phone directly to the person, he must create an account and pay for that. In the case of collect calls, the recipient pays.
  • How do I mail?
    Prisoners are allowed to send and receive mail. Senders must provide a return address in order for the letter to be delivered to the recipients. Mailing address: Prisoner’s name or identification number
    200 Julia Street, Poplarville, MS, 39470
    They are allowed to get care packages. These include clothing, snacks, and some seasonal items. This must be obtained from approved third-party providers. If you have any questions, contact the administration by phone. 601-795-2241, 601-798-5528.

How do I send money to an inmate?

You can transfer money to the detainee’s account. There are several methods:

  1. Local deposits at a kiosk in the lobby of the local Jail; debit, and credit cards, and cash are accepted.
  2. Online deposits; The institution uses JPay online payments.
  3. Money transfers are made through Western Union or US Post Office. Or use a reputable bank.
  4. Phone deposits, credit cards, and debit are used as well.

Are inmate bookings public records?

These records are documents that contain the suspect’s personal information. The Department of Corrections is the government agency responsible for maintaining all prison documentation. These documents are stored in a centralized database, making it quick and easy to find convicts.

How do I search for inmates?

Finding someone in a detention center is very easy because everything is computerized and online. Like many states, Mississippi has a special search tool right on the Department of Corrections website. If you want to find a criminal, enter the name OR the ID number, and then click the relevant button.