Missouri Inmate Search


Missouri Inmate Search

Missouri prisons and jails kept records of their inmates and made them available to the public in accordance with the United States (US) law. Both personal records and administrative records are either available online and/or available on request. Inmate’s personal records may include name, gender, race, booking number, and date of birth. Meanwhile, administrative records of an inmate may include criminal records, warrant, previous arrest record, parole status, court dates, mugshot, and more.

How do I find an inmate in Missouri?

The Missouri Department of Corrections provides an inmate locator tool on its website that functions to search for people incarcerated in all the correctional facilities. In order to be able to use it, users will need to provide either the full name of the offender, or their DOC ID number, so it can filter through and list down potential prison inmate with similarity. An individual can also utilize this tool to search for parolees and probationers in Missouri.

Where are Missouri inmates housed?

The Missouri Department of Corrections currently manages 21 correctional facility centers consisting of 2 women facilities and 19 men facility. These institutions are classified with a security custody level number of 1, 2, or 5. The number 1 represents minimum security, level 2 is medium security and level 5 is maximum security.

Aside from the adult correctional facility, the Missouri DOC also oversees 59 probation and parole facilities, and eight community supervision/release centers for all male and female incarcerated persons.

The following links show the locations of all facilities run by the MDOC throughout the state. An individual can click on the location on the map to obtain the address and contact info for the institution.

Missouri County Jail

The inmate locator helps find results for Missouri inmate search within state prison, however, some inmates with a sentencing time of less than a year will most likely be sent to a county jail or city jail instead. These jails are run by the local law enforcement agencies, such as the Sheriff’s Office and Police Department which kept their own jail records database. The public can use an inmate search function or jail roster on their websites to find records of an inmate. Most county jails with a high inmate populations will provide an online search tool to help individuals filter between the people currently housed in their facility. For instance, among the most populated county jails in Missouri are:

St. Louis County Jail

The St. Louis County jail is located in the city of Clayton, Missouri. This detention facility is run by the St. Louis Sheriff’s Office and is currently supervised by Sheriff Vernon Betts. In 2020, the facility has a daily average inmate population of 839 people. The facility has an inmate locator tool on the county’s website to help the public find records on a detainee under their arrest.

Jackson County Jail

Jackson County Corrections is a detention center located in Kansas City, Missouri. This county jail houses both male inmates and female inmates who are being held on state charges. Currently having a daily inmate population of 872 people, this county jail offers an online inmate search tool to help individuals to look for an inmate incarcerated in the facility. The law enforcement agency that manages this detention center is Jackson Sheriff’s Office which is led by Sheriff Darryl Forté.

Greene County Jail

This county jail is located in the city of Springfield, Missouri, and has an average of 650 inmates serving this facility daily. Detainees are housed in separate areas in the jails based on their crimes, their behavior, and the risks. Greene County Jail houses both male and female and uses an inmate jail tracker database on their website. The Sheriff’s Office, led by Sheriff Jim Arnott, is in charge of managing this detention center.

How do you contact an inmate in Missouri?


Friends and family of an incarcerated person are allowed to contact them through mails by sending letters and pictures. However, if the sender wants to send both, they need to be sent in separate envelopes. Missouri prison administration will open and inspect all incoming and outgoing mails for safety reasons. When sending mail to an offender, the sender will need to follow the following address format on the envelope:

  1. Your return addresses
  2. Offender’s name
  3. An offender’s DOC number
  4. Facility address where the inmate is located


The Missouri DOC has a contractual agreement with JPAY to provide prisoners with email services. In order to use this service, both inmates and potential receivers will need to set up an account with JPAY.

How to contact the Missouri Department of Corrections?

The Missouri Department of Corrections can be contacted through the following information:

Email Inquiries for Specific Topic

  1. Offender Inquiry
  2. Medical Inquiry
  3. Media Inquiry
  4. Victim Services
  5. Employment
  6. Probation & Parole
  7. Miscellaneous Inquiry

How do you find out the release date of an inmate in Missouri?

Individuals can find the release date of an inmate by using the automated Offender Search tool prepared by the Department of Corrections of Missouri. This tool will help users be up to date with an inmate’s custody status, including their release date.

Another option to find the release date of an inmate is by emailing an offender inquiry and requesting assistance. To request an inmate’s information using email, the individual will need to provide the offender’s full name, offender number, date of birth, and/or social security number. The email will usually be responded to within a 24-hour timeline.

Can I send a care package to an inmate in Missouri?

Missouri prisoners are allowed to receive pre-approved items from any authorized third-party vendors if items are not sold in the canteen. People will need to contact the inmate’s facility to ask which vendors are approved by the institution.

What can you send inmates in Missouri prisons?

Sending mail to an inmate in Missouri

Friends and family are allowed to send mail to an inmate in Missouri prison as a way to keep in touch with their loved ones. However, both parties need to comply with the mailing policies and procedure the facility has outlined in order for their letter to not get rejected. Family can include photos, letters, and greeting cards when sending mail. Other items such as cash, clothes, stamps, etc. are strictly prohibited.

Envelopes should be plain and simple, but envelopes with writing and drawings are permitted as long as censorship guidelines are met. For greeting cards, the maximum size allowed is 8 ½ by 11 inches, with no excessive decoration, and non-multi-layered.

In order to uphold the security of the facility, all incoming and outgoing mails will be opened, read, and examined for any contraband, with the exception of legal mails.

Sending money to an inmate in Missouri

Missouri inmates have their own commissary account where the family can deposit their money and they can use it to buy additional items, The following are ways individuals can send money to an inmate’s account:


Individuals can deposit funds into an inmate’s account via an electronic transaction, a service provided by JPAY. For every transaction, there will be a certain fee charged.


Individuals also have the option to send funds into an inmate’s account, by using a money order or a cashier’s check and mailing it. The money order should be made payable to the Missouri Department of Corrections and accompanied by a DOC deposit slip. The defender will have access to the deposit forms, so it will be their responsibility to send the slips to you. The money order, along with the DOC deposit slip, should be mailed to the following address

Offender Finance Office

Missouri Department of Corrections

  1. O. Box 1609

Jefferson City, MO 65102

How do I apply for Visitation of an inmate in Missouri?

Missouri DOC requires individuals who are interested to apply for visitation rights, need to be pre-approved by the facility. The person will need to complete the Missouri Visitor Application form. All information filled needs to be accurate to pass the background screening. Only the offender will be informed of the application status, and it will be their responsibility to inform the person interested to visit.

Each inmate is only allowed 20 people in their visitor list, and can only be updated twice a year. Once a person is approved for inmate visitation, the individual should review the visiting hours of the correctional facilities they plan to visit.

All visitors will need to call the facility to schedule an appointment. Failure to set up a visiting schedule will result in visitors getting denied of any uninformed visitation.

What are the Visitation rules?

Each facility has its own visiting hours and regulations to follow. Hence approved visitors should always check the Visiting Page on the department’s website to see if there are any changes or updates before scheduling an appointment.

These are some of the regulations prepared by the Missouri Department of Correction for a potential visitor to familiarize with:

  1. Adult visitors will need to prepare a valid photo ID, such as a driving license
  2. Minors will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian at all time
  3. Every visitor will be subjected to a search (e.g. metal detector, itemizer)
  4. Visitors must abide by the dress code policy prepared by MDOC
  5. Visiting is a privilege, not a right. Visiting can be suspended, terminated, or restricted if the rules and regulations are not followed.