Jackson County Inmate Roster, Missouri

Jackson County Inmate Roster, Missouri

Jackson County is in the state of Missouri, the U.S. The population of the county is about 700 thousand people. Even with such a big population, Jackson County is safer than 37 percent of the U.S cities. Here the whole governing process is transparent and even the data connected to the crimes such as mugshots, Jackson County MO inmate roster, arrest records are public.

In Jackson County MO one of the 63 people can be a victim of a crime. That means that the county is quite safe and you can go out without worrying so much. The rate of violent crimes is even 72% lower than in the other cities of the U.S. But the statistics show that property crime, however, remains higher than the U.S average. Burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft are all examples of property crimes. It is somehow connected to the unemployment level and the financial status of people.

In 2020, the latest analysis of statistics has shown that the rate of violent crime in Jackson is lower compared to the other years by 16%. Property crime, on the other hand, has grown by 27% year over year. In the same time period, total crimes in Jackson County MO had grown by about 23%.

Jackson County MO Inmate Roster options

You may simply make a request to Jackson County Courthouse whenever you need to know if someone is in jail or not in Jackson County MO. You may either make a visit to the courthouse or search for an inmate roster online at the Jackson County Detention Center MO website if you want to take your time. All official information on inmates you can find here.

The Jackson County Detention Center has created the “Inmate Search” to improve public safety and welfare while also giving community and family members access to obtain information easily and quickly. The Jackson County Detention Center is a government-run institution in Jackson County. The building mainly houses the prisoners.

Thus, the information that is on the database is fully from the Jackson County Detention Center. The website and the look-up option are for helping people to gain information about inmates and somehow control their actions. In fact, you must take into account that the website online has an inmate roster. If you need to get mugshots, arrest records, or criminal records you should contact the law enforcement agency.

So, all you will need to use the inmate lookup service is to fill in the boxes of the inmate’s name and surname.

Visiting an Inmate at the Jackson County MO

If you need to visit someone at the Jackson County Jail, MO you should contact the jail and book an appointment. Without making a visit request you cannot visit an inmate. Generally, you can visit the inmate on working days but sometimes if the inmate has appointments with doctors or lecturers you cannot fix that time. The jail also requires all the visitors who are under 17 have their parents or legal guardians with them. The adults, in fact, must provide their proof of identity on the visit day.

Whenever you enter the jail, you will see that the jail has video surveillance. You must let your coats or jackets at the lockers before you can see the inmate. Your clothing mustn’t be very revealing. Otherwise, you won’t be able to see the inmate. Moreover, you will need to go through the weapons metal detector before you enter the building.

Sending a package or money

You may send packages and mails to a prisoner in the Jackson County Jail in Missouri. Before you send them, you need to write the inmate’s name and surname as well as inmate ID on them. The mails must be in the envelopes.

If you need to send money to an inmate you can do it right in the jail or make a payment online. In fact, there are four main ways possible to send money to an inmate.

  1. To make a transfer online you can enter the inmate’s account on the below-mentioned websites and fill in the required boxes.
    You can use either Accesscatalog or Accesscorrections
  2. You can as well contact the Jackson County MO Jail by telephone at 1 866 345 1884 and deposit some money,
  3. If you are at the jail’s building you can transfer the money with the help of kiosks. In fact. you can make a payment in cash or via a credit card and the inmate will receive it at the same time.
  4. Finally, you can send a mail with the money. You just need to put the money into the envelope and send it to 1300 Cherry Street.