Stone County Inmate, Missouri

Stone County is a region of Missouri in the southeastern part of the US. The population of it is 19083, according to recent data released in 2021. It is part of Branson in the Micropolitan Statistical Area.
In 2016, the arrest rate in this district was estimated to be 877.26 per 100,000 residents. It is 18.69% higher than the national average that is 739.12 per 100,000 residents. In the same year, there were 84 non-violent and 26 violent crimes, committed by its residents. Larceny/theft is the most common type of crime here. People between the ages of 21-30 committed the majority of crimes in this area.

How do I find inmate records for Stone County?

Stone County inmate records are public and include individuals’ criminal histories as well as arrests searches, warrants, inquiries, logs, reports, and mug shots. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Court, and the local Police Department are those very enforcement agencies that collect and maintain the above-mentioned records and make them available to everyone almost in every spot of the world. You can use the Stone County detention center inmate roster to find the criminal history of the person you want just in minutes by filling out a few things about the convict.

How do I contact an inmate in Stone County?

You can both send a post to the convict or just give a ring to him/her. Stone County Jail allows family members and friends to leave video messages for convicts as well.

Telephone conversations

Pre-approved friends and family members are allowed to contact a convicted person. This is probably the most expensive way to communicate with them. Such phone calls require a credit approval or deposit to be transferred into a third-party phone company account. Now jails are seeking to make contracts with companies providing phone services for inmates to enable them to make direct calls at less expensive prices. To know details on how to phone the person at the jail you want, you may phone 417-357-6116.

Most of the detention facilities now are imposing restrictions on the amount of speaking time, so try to not use up the time you have at the very beginning of the month. Keep in mind that all phone conversations are recorded.

Video messaging

Friends and family members can send video messages to the convicts at the jails by using HomeWAV video services as the detention facilities of this area provide such an opportunity. The cost for every message is $100. In addition, you need to pay a $1.00 fee for any purchase.


You are permitted to deliver postcards like the one purchased from the post office as well as photo postcards if they are not violating the censorship rules. Many jails and prisons do not permit mailing envelopes because of the concerns about papers that are dipped into liquefied drugs such as methamphetamines and cocaine and then mailed. To make sure the jail in Stone still approves sending letters in envelopes, you can call 417-357-6116 or check the mail instructions the county has provided. Convicts may receive local or national newspapers, magazines, and books as long as they are mailed directly from the publisher. They may get their care packages through a third-party vendor. Those packages can include clothing, snacks, and some seasonal items. They must come from an approved company specializing in serving the Stone County inmates.