Nebraska Inmate Search

Nebraska Inmate Search

Inmate records in Nebraska provide both personal and official information related to inmates held in facilities throughout the state. Any public members may obtain Nebraska inmate search records to an extent depending on one’s authority, in accordance with the state law. There are personal records such as names, date of birth, gender, race and nationality, and ID number. Additionally, there are also criminal record, arrest records, current charges, ongoing sentences, bail bond condition, court dates, warrants, release date, mug shot, and more

How do I find an inmate in Nebraska?

Any individual that wants to find an inmate housed in any of the Nebraska prisons or correctional facilities under the management of Nebraska Department of Corrections Services (NDCS) can use the inmate locator tool and facility index tool on their website. These functions allow an individual to track the inmate and obtain the location of their current housing facility. To utilize this tool, users will need to supply basic information about the prisoner such as their first and last name, or their DOC identification number.

By using the inmate locator tool, not only does an individual am able to find the prisoner’s facility, but they are also able to access personal records, type of sentence, parole status, expected release date, and other prison records.

If none of the tools are able to provide information about certain incarcerated inmates, an individual can contact the Public Record Unit either through mail or email at the following detail:


Public Disclosure Unit

Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

P.O. Box 94661

Lincoln, NE 68509

Email: [email protected]

Where are Nebraska inmates housed?

All state-run prison institutions and correctional institutions and facilities are overseen by the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services with the exception of county jails and city jails, who are run by local law enforcement agencies.

State inmates will be sent to the correctional facilities under the NDCS based on the severity of their crimes, and also an assessment of behavior. The department will establish operational rules and regulations of the facilities and keeps data of all their inmates. The following are the 10 facilities currently managed by the Nebraska DCS:

Community Corrections Center – Lincoln

Community Corrections Center – Omaha

Diagnostic & Evaluation Center

Lincoln Correctional Center

Nebraska Correctional Center for Women

Nebraska Correctional Youth Facility

Nebraska State Penitentiary

Omaha Correctional Center

Tecumseh State Correctional Institution

Work Ethic Camp

Nebraska County Jails

Nebraska offenders who is under arrest for misdemeanor charges and have sentencing of less than a year will be housed in either city jail or county jail. These jails range from minimum security level to maximum security level and are managed by local law enforcement agencies such as the county Sheriff’s Office or local police department. These agencies stores jail records of the inmate and will provide an online inmate search tool or jail roster on their website, Some of the detention centers – although smaller compared to the state prison – are also known for their capability to house a large number of inmates. For instance:

Douglas County Jail

Douglas County Correctional Centre is located in the City of Omaha Nebraska. This jail has a maximum capacity of 1449 and has an average daily inmate population of 1251. The Douglas Sheriff’s Office is in charge of managing the jail with direct supervision from Sheriff Timothy F. Dunning.

Lancaster County Jail

The Lancaster County Jail is located in the city of Lincoln, Nebraska, This jail has a total capacity of 786 inmates and currently have an average daily inmate population of 600 people. The jail is run by Lancaster Sheriff’s Office and led by Sheriff Terry T. Wagner.

Sarpy County Jail

The primary law enforcement agency of Sarpy County Jail is the county Sheriff’s Office under the jurisdiction of Sarpy County and supervised by Sheriff Jeff Davis. This Nebraska jail is located in the city of Papillion and has a maximum capacity of 200 inmates. Currently, the detention center houses both male and female detainees at an average daily jail inmate population of 150 people.

How do you contact an inmate in Nebraska?


State inmates are allowed to send and receive letters from anyone, except for other inmates and victims of crimes. There is no limit to how much mail an inmate can send or receive, however, the Nebraska DCS has prepared policy and rules on mailing an inmate. All parties involved will need to comply with the rules in order for their mailing privileges to not be denied. Prisoners who want to send outgoing mail will need to purchase their own materials from the canteen.

However, an exception will be given to inmates who are considered as indigent, whereby the offender’s balance is less than $10 for more than 30 days. In this situation, the facility will prepare the 5 pre-stamped envelopes for the inmate to use to send mail.

All incoming mail must include the sender’s name as well as a return address, and must be sent using the address format below:

Offender’s Name, ID Number

Facility Name

  1. O. Box or Street Address

City, State, Zip Code

Phone Calls

Nebraska prisoners are only allowed to make outgoing calls as long as the person the inmate is calling is listed on their call list. All inmates are allowed to have a maximum of 30 people on their call list, by completing the Inmate Calling System registration form. When an inmate is filling the form, they must know the full name, number, and physical address of their potential callee. All outgoing calls will only be collect calls or pre-paid calls.

In case of an emergency, for instance, a severe illness or death of a family member, individuals need to inform the Nebraska prison staffers for them to verify the situation. Once proven, the inmate will be informed and allowed to make a return call.

Nebraska inmates use Global Tel*Link (GTL) as their main phone service provider, family can help set up the prisoner’s phone account by going to the GTL website.

How to contact the Nebraska Department of Corrections?

The Nebraska Department of Correctional Services can be contacted through the following:


Nebraska Department of Correctional Services

  1. O. Box #94661

Lincoln, NE 68509-4661

Phone Number: 402-471-2654

How do you find out the release date of an inmate in Nebraska?

The release date of an inmate can be found using the Inmate Locator Tool on the Nebraska DCS website. It is a tool that helps a person to locate an inmate’s facility as well as the prison records. These records contain information about the offender, including the release date of an inmate. If information is yet to be available, it is possible that the Department has not finished updating. If this happens, individuals can opt to call the facility directly or email the public disclosure unit to find out.

Can I send a care package to an inmate in Nebraska?

Direct care packages from an individual to an inmate is strictly prohibited. However, each facility has certain approved third-party vendors that they associate with to help send items to inmates. Most vendors will have a bundle of items pre-approved by the facility that can be ordered to an inmate. If family members wish to send care packages to a prisoner, it is advisable that they reach out to the offender’s facility and ask for confirmation about the vendors. Some vendors will only do seasonal packages, while some will do every other week.

What can you send inmates in Nebraska prisons?

Sending a mail to an inmate in Nebraska

An individual can send and receive emails from an inmate in Nebraska prison as long as they are not a victim of a crime or another inmate. All incoming mails to the facility will be opened, read, and inspected for safety purposes, with the exception of legal mail, which will only be read in the presence of an inmate.

The things that can be sent through mails are only pictures and letters. To send a letter, the sender must use plain papers with no decoration such as stickers, glitter, perfume, etc. The content of the letter cannot have any sexual or violent implications, instructions for building weapons, escape plans, or any other content that might jeopardize the security of the facility or the safety of a person.

For photos, the sender can only send pictures with a size no bigger than 4″x6″ and must be non-Polaroid and non-instant. Images sent must never contain any nudity, illegal activities, or other violent imagery that could negate the safety of the prison.

Sending books and magazines to an inmate in Nebraska

In order to send books or magazines to an offender, the sender must use an approved third-party vendor such as Books must be directly sent from Amazon and cannot be from a third-party seller. All books chosen should be softcover and cannot contain any content that is sexual, violent, or harmful in any way to the facility.

When ordering a book from a vendor, an individual must include the inmate’s name and identification number along with the address.

Sending money to an inmate in Nebraska

Every inmate will have their personal account where they can receive funds from friends and family. Before proceeding with the money deposit, the sender must know the following details about the inmate:

  1. Inmate’s Name
  2. Inmate’s Identification Number
  3. Current Housing Address of Inmate

An individual can send money to an inmate via mail, by purchasing US Postal Money Order from any Post Office location. The money order needs to be made payable to the inmate’s name and ID number. The form needs to be completed with the sender’s full name and address in order for it to be processed by the facility.

How do I apply for Visitation of an inmate in Nebraska?

In accordance with state law, only people who are added to an inmate’s visiting list will be allowed to visit them. In order to get listed, the individual must download and fill a visitation application and send it to the following address:

Pass Clerk

Nebraska State Penitentiary

P.O. Box 22500

Lincoln, NE 68542

The facility officer will do a background check on the requestor to ensure the details filled are correct. Once a person gets approved into an inmate list, they will be given a visitor pass to use during visitation

What are the Visitation rules?

Each correctional facility has different visitation policies and visitation hours from the other. Therefore, before the visitation, individuals should review the visitation policy of the specific facility to ensure that the visitation goes without a problem.

On another note, Nebraska DCS have prepared a visitation procedure that could be extremely beneficial for first time visitor. Although the guideline speaks from a general tone, it is mostly applicable in most facilities in the state. However, if there are any unsure policies or questions regarding visitation, individuals should always call the facility to get confirmation.

Upon arrival, the visitor will need to show valid photo identification before being subjected to a routine security check. Any minors will also need a valid form of identification for the facility to confirm their age.