Sarpy County inmates Nebraska

Sarpy County inmates Nebraska

If you want to find any information about crime records, inmate roster searches and instructions for getting in contact with prisoners in Sarpy county, consider this Sarpy county inmates Nebraska guideline. It will help to navigate the bulk of information provided on the internet.

Sarpy county is in the state of Nebraska. The county seat of Sarpy is Papillion. According to the recent poll, the population of the county is158.840. Sarpy is the third densely populated county in the state of Nebraska.

Crime statistics in Sarpy county, like other US states and counties, are provided by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The latest information related to criminal activity dates back to 2019.

In 2019, the total number of violent-crime cases is 31 while there were 35 offenses reported.

According to the Sheriff’s office, the most popular crime incidents were property crimes(829 incidents and 841 offenses). The number of larceny incidents among property crimes is the highest(663 incidents and offenses). The number of motor vehicle thefts is a bit lower with 104 incidents and 119 offenses.

59 burglary incidents and offenses conclude the top rating of thefts in Sarpy county. The number of rapes within the year is not high(16 incidents and 17 offenses).

How do I find inmate records for Sarpy County in Nebraska?

If you want to find a detailed criminal record of a suspect or an inmate in Sarpy County, visit Nebraska State Patrol Criminal Identification Division (CID)website. You can either make a personal request or send a mail to the division. The cost of a fingerprint-based criminal background check is $12.50.

More general information about inmates is provided at the Sarpy County Department of Corrections. So, visit the Inmate Current Bookings page and view the inmate roster of the county.

Sarpy county inmates Nebraska. How do I contact an inmate?

You can get in touch with inmates in the Sarpy county department of Corrections in several ways.

The receipt of mails is available in the detention facility. Note to write the inmate’s full name and the address of the detention facility. The inmate can receive a pre-marked envelope by paying a commissary fee. Needy prisoners are released from any payment.

Take note that all received mails undergo a certain check. The jail staff takes measures to escape from contraband or violent, immoral content. Thus, the sender’s mail will not receive the addressee if the name of the prisoner is not clear, or no name is written.

The content contains

Nude photos

Gang-related activity

Sexual act.

Personal photos

Bubble packs


Unfamiliar substance

Third-party mail

Outfit, shoes

Birthday cards

Books, journals(the receipt of softcover books is possible if sent at first hand by the publisher)
Beauty products.

How do I email an inmate?

Emailing will ease the process of communication with inmates. It will save time not to find an envelope, stamp it and send it to the correctional center. Besides, the period when the letter gets to the addressee is shortened.

Emailing also makes it impossible to send contraband. That’s why it’s appreciated by jail staff.

Still, call the detention facility to clarify the rules and regulations concerning emails. There are services you should open an account for and sign up to have access to the inmates. Note that a special filter program checks the content of your email.

How do I call an inmate?

Inmates and their relatives can communicate via phone calls. They need to register at the getting out phone service.

It’s worth mentioning that you cannot call an inmate. They should call via the phone service. If you accept the phone call from the inmate, it’s you who will be charged. The cost of many calls is $0.25 per minute. The cost of international calls per minute is $0.95. GettingOut will charge $0.21 for the calls between Nebraska and other states.

How do I send money to an inmate in Sarpy County, NE?

There are several options for sending money to an inmate.

You can send cash or transfer money using your credit or debit card by a kiosk at Sarpy county jail reception.

By service, which provides online money transfers.

Sending money checks through the US Postal service is also available.

Note that the detention center does not accept cash sent by mail.

Sarpy county inmates Nebraska. Rules and regulations for visitation

Currently, because of the pandemic situation, all public visits are under prohibition.

Still, as the visitation prohibitions are temporary, get to know the rules and regulations related to inmate visits.

There are special weekdays for male and female visitors. Man can visit their inmates on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Wednesday. Female visits are available on Tuesday and Thursday.

Wearing masks is obligatory for all visitors. During the visits, the guests should not take any food or drink with them. Preliminary registration 30 minutes before the visit is a must. Each prisoner has the right to two visits within a week.