Nevada Inmate Search

Nevada Inmate Search

The Nevada inmate search records show a combination of personal and official documentation of a person incarcerated in a correctional facility within the state. These correction facilities are mainly run by the Nevada Department of Corrections (NDOC) along with local detention centers and jails under city/county law enforcement agencies. The public record of an offender may include personal information like full name, date of birth, gender, housing facility, and ID number; or official inmate information such as criminal record, arrest record or arrest warrant, court date, parole status, bail bond sum and mugshot. All/Some records can be requested in the respective correctional facility housing the inmate.

How do I find an inmate in Nevada?

Nevada state inmates housed within a facility managed by the NDOC can be found using an inmate locator feature called Inmate Search available on the Department’s website. This tool will help individuals to search for an offender based on their NDOC identification number or by their first and last name.

Additionally, an individual can request information on a current inmate from the Public Information Office run by the Nevada Department of Corrections. This service allows the public to retrieve personal and official records of an offender by forwarding their request at 775-887-3309.

Inmates that are detained in local jails instead of prison, can opt to find records of an inmate by directly calling their Sheriff’s Office administrator or the Police Department’s office. Some law enforcement agencies made their records available via an online inmate locator on their website, hence interested individuals are welcomed to check them out.

Where are Nevada inmates housed?

The Nevada Department of Corrections divides their system into three main divisions, which are state-run correctional facilities, conservation camps, and transitional housing. The facility’s location and contact information can be obtained at their Facility webpage of the NDOC website.

Nevada County Jails

On top of that, state inmates waiting for trial, or having a sentence time of fewer than 12 months would be housed in a detention center or jail run by the local law enforcement agencies such as the county sheriff’s office and police department. Although comparatively, the size of jails are smaller than the state prisons, some of them are still famous for housing a large population of inmates, such as:

Clark County Jail

The Clark County Detention Center is a well-known Las Vegas jail for housing a large population of inmates at a medium-security level. Currently, this county jail in North Las Vegas houses both males and females at a maximum capacity of 2859 people, and a daily average inmate population of around 2600.

Washoe County Jail

The Washoe Detention Center located in Reno, Nevada is a well-known adult detention facility managed by Washoe County Sheriff’s Office. The institution has a maximum capacity of 1299 inmates and a daily average inmate count of 1100 people inclusive of both male and female at the minimum-medium security level.

Nye County Jail

This county has two detention centers located at Pahrump and Tonopah, Nevada. Between the two county jails, there is a maximum capacity of 350 inmates, with a combined average daily inmate count of 300 people.

How do you contact an inmate in Nevada?


Nevada inmates have the privileges to send and receive emails from friends or family members with no limit of quantity. All emails will be opened, read, and inspected to ensure the safety of all parties, with the exception of legal mails which will only be opened in the presence of the inmate. When sending a mail to an inmate in Nevada prisons, the sender must include their full name and return address on the top left side of the envelope. The format of the address on the envelope should be as follow:

Inmate Name, ID Number

Facility Name

  1. O. Box or Street Address

City, State, Zip Code

Electronic mail

The NDOC also prepared a one-way alternative of sending electronic messages to a Nevada inmate. This feature can be used at any time of the day, for a small cost. However only incoming e-messages are available, and inmates cannot send a response back.

This alternative is a quick and simple method of conveying messages to an inmate in case of short notice, such as a change of visitation date, sick family member, etc. All messages will be monitored and read to ensure the safety of the facility. Interested individuals can set up a free account on and find more information on the Corrlinks flyer.

Phone Call

The phone service is only available for inmates to contact individuals outside of the facility using collect calls or prepaid calls only. The service provider for the Nevada Department of Corrections facilities is CenturyLink’s ENFORCER® technology that bills through Inmate Calling Solutions (ICSolutions). In order to be able to receive a call from an inmate, individuals need to be on the prisoner’s call list, which needs to be applied by the inmate themselves. All calls will be recorded and monitor to uphold the safety and security of the state prison. The billing options available for phone service are:

Collect Calls

Bill will be charged to an individual’s local telephone company which can be set up by calling the hotline 1-888-664-7839.

Prepaid Collect Calls

An individual can set up an account by calling ICSolutions at 1-888-506-8407 or by going to their website. Once successfully set up, the individual may call 702-262-6140 to leave a 30-second voicemail to an inmate for a charge of $1.00.

Inmate Debit Account Calling

This option enables the inmate to purchase call time via the inmate store, which will bill the telephone calls service to the inmate’s trust fund.

How to contact the Nevada Department of Corrections?

The following are the contact information for the Nevada Department of Corrections:

Primary Mailing Address:

Nevada Department of Corrections

5500 Synder Avenue, Bldg. 17

P.O. Box 7011

Carson City, Nevada 89702

Central Administration


Stewart Facility

5500 Synder Avenue, Bldg. 17

Carson City, Nevada 89701

Phone: 775-977-5500

Fax: 775-977-5721

Southern Administration


Casa Grande Transitional Housing

3955 W. Russell Road

Las Vegas, NV 89118-2316

Phone (Administration): 725-216-6000

Fax (Administration): 725-977-6110

Phone (Personnel Office): 702-486-9914

Fax (Personnel Office): 702-486-9974

How do you find out the release date of an inmate in Nevada?

The Inmate Search tool provided on the NDOC website may help individuals to obtain records of an inmate which includes the release date of the prisoners, custody status, and more. However, if the information is unable to be retrieved, individuals may opt to call the Public Information Office of the Nevada Department of Corrections to further their request for inmate records.

Can I send a care package to an inmate in Nevada?

Care packages sent directly from an inmate’s friends or family are strictly prohibited by the NDOC. The only packages accepted are the pre-approved items prepared by authorized third-party vendors. A different facility may have a contractual agreement with different vendors based on locations, therefore individuals should first contact the respective prison or jail housing the inmate to get confirmation.

What can you send inmates in Nevada prisons?

Sending mails to an inmate in Nevada

The Nevada correctional facilities accept incoming mails for an inmate as long as the mails received are in compliance with the policies and guidelines provided by the state Department of Corrections. Mails can only consist of letters, photos, and greeting cards. Any other items should come directly from an approved vendor.

Letters sent should only be written on plain white paper and sent using a plain envelope with no decorations whatsoever. Content of the letter should always be in an understandable language with no codes, and must not contain any violence, sexually explicit messages, or any dangerous information that could jeopardize the security of the facility.

For photos, only a maximum of 10 pieces of 8”x10” photos can be sent at once in an envelope. Photos that are considered sexual, threatening, violent, or depicting any illegal activities will be rejected. The name and NDOC ID number must be clearly written at the back of each photograph.

Moreover, greeting cards sent to an inmate must be plain and simple with no electronic contraptions and non-multilayered. The maximum size of a greeting card is 8”x10”, larger than that may result in the cards being returned to the sender.

Sending money to an inmate in Nevada

Each Nevada prisoner will have a commissary account which they can use to purchase items from the facilities’ commissaries. In order for an individual to be able to send money to an offender, they will need to know the following data:

  1. Full Name of Inmate
  2. NDOC Identification Number of Inmate
  3. Current Facility Housing the Inmate

The individual can proceed to deposit an inmate’s account via:


Money can be sent through walk-in at AceCashExpress or Dollar General which requires individuals to set up an account by calling 1-877-339-9551. Additionally, individuals can walk-in to the inmate’s facility and use a Kiosk located within the facility (if available) to deposit the money to the prisoner’s account.


Access Corrections allow family members to send money to an inmate by visiting their website. The fund transfer can be proceeded electronically by either using a debit card or a credit card.

Phone Call

An individual can also call the AccessCorrections hotline at 1-866-345-1884 to deposit funds to an inmate’s account.


Albeit the slowest, mailing money to an inmate is also the cheapest option among them all. An individual can use a Postal Money Order, and make it payable to “Access Secure Deposit” by including the inmate’s name and NDOC ID number in the memo field. The Nevada inmate deposit slip also needs to be downloaded, printed, and filled before sent along with the money order. The address to send the deposit slip and money order is:

Secure Deposit – Nevada DOC

  1. O. Box 12486

St. Louis, MO 63132

How do I apply for Visitation of an inmate in Nevada?

In order to be able to visit an inmate in Nevada prison, the offender must initiate the process by submitting an ‘Inmate’s Application for Visitation Privileges – DOC-3007’. The prisoners will need to fill the form for each interested visitor, and send the form to the visitation department to be processed. The department will proceed to fill the top of the Nevada Inmate Visitors Application and will mail the form to the interested visitor for them to complete. Once done, the individual will need to return/mail the completed form to the visitation office of the inmate’s facility.

The processing period may take up to 6 weeks before results are given. If approved, the Nevada DOC will mail an approval letter along with a copy of the visitation rules of its facility. However, if the application is denied, the individual will instead receive a letter of disapproval along with the reasons for the denial. If they still want to visit, they may send a letter of appeal to the facility’s Warden and attach any supporting documents to back their reasoning.

What are the Visitation rules?

Each facility will have its own sets of regulations as well as visitation hours that visitors need to comply with. The Nevada Department of Corrections has listed out each of the facility’s rules on their website so the interested individual is able to access this information prior to visitation.

An individual will need to frequently check the NDOC Visiting webpage of the facility visiting the page to ensure that any updates regarding visitation can be followed.