New Hampshire Inmate Search

New Hampshire Inmate Search

Inmates incarcerated in any New Hampshire correctional facilities will be recorded by the state. The New Hampshire inmate search record will consist of both personal and official documentation relating to the incarcerated person. The public members are able to request all/some of the records given the authority that they hold. A public inmate record may include personal information such as their name, date of birth, gender, offender ID number, and current facility; while official information may consist of criminal record, arrest record and arrest warrant, custody status, court date, mugshot, bail bond amount, and more.

How do I find an inmate in New Hampshire?

The New Hampshire Department of Corrections (NH DOC) provides an accessible online inmate locator tool on their website. This service requires the user to provide full or partial information regarding an incarcerated person, by entering all or part of the inmate’s last name or first name. The New Hampshire inmate search result will consist of name, age, the sentencing court, housing facility, date of release, parole status, etc. If users have any inquiries regarding the inmate lookup tool, they may contact the department for more clarification at the number 603-271-5600.

A detainee under arrest in a county jail or a city jail will have their record stored by respective local law enforcement agencies such as the county Sheriff’s Office or the city police department. Therefore, in order to access information about jail inmates within the detention center, individuals can check the agencies’ websites to look for an online inmate locator or an inmate roster before opting to contact the facility administration.

Where are New Hampshire inmates housed?

The New Hampshire DOC is responsible for managing and supervising all five correctional facilities in the state. These correctional facilities are responsible for housing state prison inmates according to their assessment. The locations and information on each facility can be found at the following:

  1. NH State Prison for Men, Concord
  2. NH Correctional Facility for Women, Concord
  3. Northern NH Correctional Facility, Berlin
  4. Correctional Transitional Work Center and North End Transitional Housing Unit, Concord
  5. Calumet House Transitional Housing Unit, Manchester
  6. Shea Farm Transitional Housing Unit, Concord

New Hampshire County Jail

A Jail inmate that is waiting for their court trial committed misdemeanor offenses, or has a sentencing time of less than 1 year will most likely be housed in one of the New Hampshire county jails throughout the state. Some jails are well-known for housing a large number of inmates, for instance:

Strafford County Jail

The jail is located in the city of Dover, New Hampshire with a maximum capacity of 954 inmates and a daily average of 350 inmates. This medium security level detention center houses both male and female inmates that have a sentencing time of fewer than 12 months.

Hillsborough County Jail

Currently located in the city of Manchester, New Hampshire, this county jails house an average of 500 detainees daily. This medium security level jail houses offenders in separate areas based on their crimes, risk assessment, and behavior.

Rockingham County Jail

The Rockingham County NH Department of Corrections is located within the city of Brentwood, New Hampshire. There is a daily average of 350 people detained, consisting of both male inmates and female inmates at a medium-security level.

How do you contact an inmate in New Hampshire?


All inmates will have the privilege to send and receive emails from their loved ones while in incarceration. However, in accordance with the facility’s regulation, all incoming and outgoing mails will be opened, read, and inspected to ensure that the safety and security of the institution are kept. For legal mails, facility staff will only open and inspect them in the presence of the inmate. The address format to write on the envelope when sending mail is as follow:

Inmate Name, ID Number

Facility Name

  1. O. Box or Street Address

City, State, Zip Code


While the inmate does not have access to the internet, they may receive printed electronic mails through approved third-party vendors. These mails are also read and inspected before printed out by the facility, to ensure the content is complying with the regulation, before being sent through the mailroom to be delivered like regular mail. In order to use this service, individuals will need to ask the inmate for their e-mail address that is set up by the facility.

Phone calls

New Hampshire inmates are allowed to make outgoing calls to individuals listed in their call list. Each inmate can add up to 20 people to their call list and can update them twice a year through the facility staff in charge. The phone call service in New Hampshire is provided by Inmate Communication Solutions (ICS), which offers prepaid calls and collect calls services. The phone service is strictly a one-way call from the inmate to the outside individual, under no circumstances will the inmate be allowed to receive incoming calls. In case of an emergency, family members may contact the prison staff and inform them of the detail, the department will confirm the news by calling any hospital, morgue, etc. Only when information is confirmed and the Warden approves, will an inmate be allowed to make an outgoing call to their family.

How to contact the New Hampshire Department of Corrections?

The New Hampshire Department of Corrections can be contacted through the following info:


New Hampshire Department of Corrections

105 Pleasant Street

  1. O. Box 1806

Concord, NH 03302-1806

Phone: 603-271-5600

Fax: 888-908-6609

Email: [email protected]

To contact a specific division within the department, individuals may visit the Contact page of the DOC to inquire more information.

How do you find out the release date of an inmate in New Hampshire?

The release date of an inmate currently incarcerated in NH prisons can be obtained by using the Inmate Locator tool provided by the state Department of Corrections. This tool may help an individual to filter through all offenders housed in state prison by providing a full or partial name of the prisoner. If inmate information is yet to be made available, the individual may contact the respective facility housing the inmate to open a request.

Can I send a care package to an inmate in New Hampshire?

Care packages are only allowed via approved third-party vendors. Friends or family may not send items other than letters of photos through mail as it will either be returned or discarded for safety reasons. Individuals may contact the facility housing the inmate to inquire about vendors that have to receive approval to send items to an inmate.

What can you send inmates in New Hampshire prisons?

Sending mails to an inmate in New Hampshire

All mail incoming and outgoing needs to follow the standard prepared by the New Hampshire DOC. Letters should be written on plain white paper with no decoration such as embellishment, stickers, glitters, etc. On top of that, letters should always be written in an understandable language with no symbols or coded messages. Any letters that do not follow the guidelines will be rejected and discarded without further notice.

For photos, the maximum size of photo that can be sent to an inmate is 4”x6”. Photos may not be instant or Polaroid, and must not contain any sexually explicit content, violent content, nudity, hand gesture, or gang symbols and tattoo.

Sending money to an inmate in New Hampshire

Each inmate will have their own personal fund account where the family can deposit money into. However, in order to send money to an inmate, an individual must use a money order or personal check that is made payable to the inmate’s name and ID number. The money order or check needs to be mailed to the facility currently housing the inmate for them to proceed with the transaction. Individuals must include the full name and return address on the check and envelope. Money sent to an inmate can only be used for the commissary to buy

How do I apply for Visitation of an inmate in New Hampshire?

For an individual to be allowed to visit an inmate in New Hampshire state prison, they need to have the approval of the state DOC and undergo a criminal background check before the approval is given. The followings are steps that need to be done in order to get approval:

  1. Inmates must request for an individual to be listed in their list, and the interested visitor will need to complete a visitor’s application form before sending it directly to the inmate via mail.
  2. Inmates need to provide the individual’s full name, address, phone number, date of birth, and identification number. Additionally, inmates need to clarify that there are no orders from the court or board of parole refraining the prisoner from contacting the prospective visitor.
  3. The application process may take up to 3 weeks before results are given.
  4. Minors wanting to visit an inmate must be accompanied by an approved adult family member or legal guardian who is on the inmate’s visiting list.

What are the Visitation rules?

Each facility will have its policies and visitation hour, therefore individuals need to frequently check for announcements if the facility implements any changes before prior to their visitation. The visiting policies provided by the New Hampshire Department of Corrections serves as a guideline for prospective visitors to read and understand before their visitation. The NH DOC also enforces a dress code for visitors to follow when visiting the prison.

The failure to comply with any of the rules given may result in the individual losing their visiting privilege or being suspended from visitation for a certain amount of time.