New Mexico Inmate Search

New Mexico Inmate Search

New Mexico inmate search result shows information of an inmate under incarceration in any correctional facility within the state. The public record of an inmate may consist of personal data as well as official data of a detainee currently in detention. A personal inmate record may consist of full name, date of birth, sex, identification number, and housing location. Meanwhile, official inmate records may consist of criminal record, arrest record and arrest warrant, court record,

How do I find an inmate in New Mexico?

The Inmate Records Unit of the New Mexico Corrections Department (NMCD) is in charge of compiling all the records of a current inmate housed in state prison. The records are made accessible to the public by using the Offender Search function on the New Mexico CD webpage. If an individual wants to obtain specific information about an inmate, or ask any small inquires relating to a prisoner’s record directly, they can call the Inmate Records Unit at 505-383-2804. If both methods are unavailable to obtain any information, individuals can try calling the housing facility of the inmate, and make a request directly to the correctional officer.

Where are New Mexico inmates housed?

New Mexico state inmates are incarcerated in between the correctional facilities managed by the NMCD, this includes state-run and privately-owned detention centers, prison, and correctional facilities. Currently, there are seven state-operated facilities and four privately operated facilities in New Mexico. The following list shows the links to each facility that shows its information and location.

State-Operated Facilities

  1. Central New Mexico Correctional Facility
  2. Northeast New Mexico Correctional Facility
  3. Penitentiary of New Mexico
  4. Roswell Correctional Facility
  5. Springer Correctional Facility
  6. Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility
  7. Western New Mexico Correctional Facility

Private Operated Facilities

  1. Guadalupe County Correctional Facility
  2. Lea County Correctional Facility
  3. Northwest New Mexico Correctional Facility
  4. Otero County Prison Facility

New Mexico County Jails

Most counties in New Mexico provide and manages an online database that provides information regarding an offender’s record, such as an online inmate lookup tool or an inmate roster. Some of the jails are well known in New Mexico for detaining a large number of inmates, for example:

Bernalillo County Jail

Bernalillo County Jail is located up north of the city Albuquerque, New Mexico, with a maximum capacity of 3,200 people, and currently housing around 1,150 inmates. This county jail is managed by the county Sheriff’s Office and directly supervised by Sheriff Manuel Gonzales III.

Dona Ana County Jail

The Dona Ana County Detention Center is a minimum security level jail located in the city of Las Cruces. With a capacity of 846 beds, this jail has an average daily inmate population of 550 people. Led by Sheriff Kim Stewart, the facility is run by the Sheriff’s Office and their facility staff.

San Juan County Jail

This detention facility is located in the city of Farmington, New Mexico, and houses both female and male inmates at a minimum security level. Currently, the maximum capacity of the institution is around 640 beds, with an average of 500 inmates a day. The detention center is supervised by Sheriff R. Shane Ferrari under the jurisdiction of the Sheriff’s Office.

How do you contact an inmate in New Mexico?


One of the ways friends and family can contact an inmate is via mail. This privilege extends to all inmates in a correctional facility under the New Mexico Corrections Department but can be retracted or suspended depending on the inmate’s behavior. Although prison inmates are able to send and receive an unlimited amount of personal mail, they are, however, restricted to only have a limited amount of mail in their possession at a time. If this number exceeds the limits set by the facility, they will need to discard old mails or send the letters home to keep them. All incoming and outgoing mails will be opened, inspected, and read by the corrections officer to ensure there are no restricted items smuggled in. The address format to write on the envelope when sending mails are as follow:

Inmate Name, NMCD ID Number, Housing (if known)

Facility Name

  1. O. Box or Street Address

City, State, Zip Code

Phone Calls

An inmate can contact their families through phone calls using phone cards or phone minutes, which either one can be purchased from the commissary. Domestic calling will be charged $0.65 per minute with a maximum limit of 20 minutes per call. Meanwhile, international calls will be charged $5.00 per minute, also with a duration limit of 20 minutes per call.

New Mexico correctional facilities phone service provider is Securus, where individuals can set up an account by calling the number 1-800-844-6591 or by visiting the Securus website.

How to contact New Mexico Correction Department?

The New Mexico Correction Department can be contacted through the following:


4337 NM 14

Santa Fe, NM 87508


  1. O. Box 27116,

Santa Fe, NM 87502-0116

Phone Number: 505-827-2804

Inquiry on Inmate Records: 505-383-2804

Probation and Parole Office: 1-866-416-9867

Fax Number: 505-827-8533

How do you find out the release date of an inmate in New Mexico?

For inmates in New Mexico prison, individuals may use the inmate search tool provided on the Correction Department website. On top of that, individuals may also contact the Inmate Records Unit to specifically request information regarding the custody status and release date of an inmate.

Records for a jail inmate detained in local jails will be available on the county’s website either by using an inmate locator or a jail roster depending on the facility housing the inmate.

Can I send a care package to an inmate in New Mexico?

Direct mailing of care packages aside from letters and photographs is strictly prohibited by the facility. Additional items can be purchased by the inmate in the prison’s commissary, or by ordering from an approved third-party vendor. Inquiries regarding the status of a vendor can be forwarded to the facility housing the inmate.

What can you send inmates in New Mexico prisons?

Sending mails to an inmate in New Mexico

Friends and family of an inmate can send mails as a way to keep in touch with the inmate during their incarceration time. All mails must comply with the regulations and procedures of the facility or else it will be rejected.

For letters, it should always be written on plain paper with no decorations such as stickers, glitters, etc. The content of the letters should not contain any sexual or violent implications, weapon-building instruction, or coded messages.

Also, photos sent through mails must follow the standard guidelines of a size no larger than 4”x10” and cannot be Polaroid or instant photo. Pictures must not contain any nudity, partial nudity, sexually implied objects, and depiction of any gang relation images (tattoos, hand gestures, etc.). Photographs containing the picture of the following individuals are strictly prohibited to be sent to an inmate:

  1. Staff members
  2. Witnesses of crime
  3. Victim of crim

Sending money to an inmate in New Mexico

In order to be able to send money to an inmate, an individual will need to be approved in the inmate’s visitation list. Only after approval will the person be able to send money via United States Postal Money Order which needs to be made payable to the inmate’s name and NMCD ID number. The money order needs to be mailed directly to the offender’s facility for the institution to process the deposit transaction. Once the fund is successfully transferred, the inmate will receive a deposit receipt from the facility as proof of transaction.

How do I apply for Visitation of an inmate in New Mexico?

Applying for visitation requires the inmate to initiate a request to add the prospective visitor to their visitation list. The facility will proceed to send the potential visitor an application form to be completely filled. Once done, the form needs to be mailed back to the facility for them to do a background check and verify the filled information.

The type of visit, the duration of visits, and the number of visitors authorized at one time will be established by the security level of the prisoner.

Non-contact visitation

The visitation is held behind a window or partition that physically separates the inmate and the visitor.

Contact visitation

At the beginning and the end of each visitation session, inmates and visitors are allowed to briefly physically touch hands, hugs, or kisses.

Video Visitation

For authorized visitors and qualified prisoners, video visitation is made available. Individuals need to contact the facility directly to gather information on setting up a video visit.

What are the Visitation rules?

The New Mexico Corrections Department has published a downloadable Visitation Policy and Information on their webpage. Individuals need to read and comply with all the rules and regulations stated by the NMCD. The following list are basic guidelines to prepare interested visitor on what to prior to visitation:

All visitors must prepare a valid photo identification card for the facility staff upon arrival. A minor visitor must bring along their birth certificate as proof of their age.

Visitors are subjected to a searched security check and must pass through a metal detector. If a visitor is suspected to carry any contraband, the officers may conduct a pat-down and strip search with the visitor’s consent. If the individual does not consent to the search, they may be denied of visiting or restricted to non-contact visitation only.

Electronic devices such as phones, cameras, and recording devices are prohibited from entering the facility.