Nassau County Inmate Search, New York

Nassau County Inmate Search, New York

Nassau County inmate search gives you information about a person confined in state-run correctional institutions. This article will give you an idea of how to get personal details of that individual due to the Nassau inmate search, New York.


This county is the most thickly populated one in NYS. It borders NC to the west.
According to 2018 data, the population was 1,358 million. Meanwhile, based on the 2020 population census results, the number increased to 1,395 million people.
Prisoners have an opportunity for education in numerous universities and colleges. They are also involved in manufacturing (mainly the aviation industry).

Police Records Lookup

Courts, disciplinary facilities gather reports about court cases. Arrest records provide comprehensive facts of the criminal histories of every offender. NYDCJS official website maintaining police reports lets you request notes related to court cases. Moreover, there you will find yearly statistics of arrests. Upon requesting materials of crimes, both parties schedule a fingerprinting appointment with a vendor. Ordinary citizens must submit a copy of their valid government-issued IDs as well.

How to find inmates in NY?

First, let’s know what kind of material we are allowed to know about captives. Research provides us formal and private info, which contains:

  1. Full name
  2. Age, date of birth
  3. Sex
  4. Race
  5. ID number
  6. Housing unit

New York Department of Corrections and Community Supervision (DOCCS) platform offers the following seeking instruments:

Individual Lookup

This system finds an offender with his name or birth year. To specify someone you are looking for you may enter some additional details like DIN. It is the specific number of a captive given upon reception (ex. 09A0011). However, the database does not show data of those who have been released from jail more than a month ago.

Parolee Lookup

The mechanism identifies an individual by using SID (state identification, ex. 15243684Q).

Parolee Calendar

This tool works based on the month and year of parole board interviews. The system shows the list of captives who have taken part in those interviews.

But if you want to obtain more detailed information you need to connect with the Sheriff’s Office via post, phone, or in person. You should phone (516) 572-3802 or send a written request to the Correctional Center address.

Means of Connection

One of the ways is mailing. For safety reasons guards open and overhaul all incoming and outgoing parcels. Yet, legal mails are an exception. Officers may inspect them only in the presence of the receiver.
Senders always need to write their return address. Its format consists of:

  1. Name
  2. DIN
  3. Facility name
  4. PO Box, street
  5. State, city, and zip code

The steps are the same for Santa Clara jails of CA.
Besides this, you can contact them via email through DoNotPay.

May I call a prisoner?

This is probably one of the most asked questions. Unfortunately, prisoners can not accept incoming calls at all. Anyways, they are allowed to make outgoing calls and keep in touch with their family. Contacting the Sheriff’s Department and asking to send a message is also useless.

Money Transfer

Family members and friends can send money through the USPS. Upon transfer be attentive to include the recipient’s and your names, his DIN and address. Otherwise, your order might be refused.

Application for Appointment

You are able to see convicts if they agree to receive a visit from you. Interested people must register through the online tool. Before entering the complex they will be required to sign an agreement. Thus, they agree with the visitation requirements, procedures and regulations. Whenever you have any questions regarding the rules it is better to direct them to reliable sources. Make sure that you get proper information.

Visitation Regulations

There are specific rules for each facility. This generally refers to meeting hours and the permitted quantity of visitors (maximum two people during a week). First, make sure that the certain jail allows appointments at the time you are planning to go. Allowed times are available on the Correctional Center website. Interested parties need to schedule their visits 24 hours before. During the meeting, you must show your valid ID card.