Jackson County Inmate Roster, North Carolina

Jackson County Inmate Roster, North Carolina

Jackson County is a wonderful location in the state of North Carolina, the U.S. It is an amazing place to live for residents and a wonderful tourist location for visitors. You cannot say that Jackson County NC is the safest place on the earth, but later statistics show that the crime rate has somehow decreased. Maybe because nowadays much data about the residents such as Jackson County NC inmate roster, arrest records and criminal records are public. And it helps people to control their steps and be cautious.

No matter what we say, the national crime rate grade system has graded Jackson County NC with a D grade. It means that the crime rate here is a bit higher compared to the other cities. During a typical year, about 52 people out of 1,000 people become the victims of a crime in Jackson County NC. The residents claim that the east part of the county is safer than the other parts.

As we have mentioned the crime rate depends also on the neighborhoods. In Jackson County, you can become a victim of a crime more likely in the northwest. Because only one of 33 people in the east faces crime.

Jackson County NC Inmate Roster

You may simply make a request to the Sheriff’s office whenever you need to know if someone is in jail or not in Jackson County NC. You may either phone the Sheriff’s office or search an inmate roster online. Jackson County Sheriff Office NC’s official website offers you the inmate search option. You only need to fill in the name and surname of an inmate and start the lookup process.

The inmate search can help you to find out if the person you search is in jail or not. Moreover, it can guide you to find out how to visit an inmate or how to send something.

Visiting an inmate in Jackson County NC

If you need to visit an inmate in Jackson County, Indiana, you must dress appropriately. In most cases, you must call the prison and request a visit beforehand. You are welcome to visit the inmate, not more than once in 7 days. Teenagers must have their legal guardian or parent with them. On the day of your visit, all you need to bring is your ID. In the jail, all the process is supervised by video surveillance. You need to be on the visiting list of an inmate.

To mail something to an inmate, you must put it into the envelope and write the name of an inmate on it. The envelope should also have a return address, otherwise, the workers won’t give it to an inmate. The mails should be sent to 399 Grindstaff Cove Road, Jackson County NC Jail.

If you ever want to send money to the inmate you will have two options.

  1. You can make the transfer at the lobby kiosks, which are always open. They are usually in the foyer of the Jackson County Jail.
  2. You can avoid going to jail by using a money order service. In that case, you can use a simple envelope and mail the money to the Jackson County NC Jail. All you need is to put the money into the envelope, write the inmate ID and name of an inmate. That’s it.