North Dakota Inmate Search

North Dakota Inmate Search

In accordance with the North Dakota Open Records Statute, the public member are able to retrieve information and records of North Dakota inmate search. The inmate records database consist of personal and official documentation of a person being held, detained, or incarcerated in any correctional facility run by the state, county, city, or any other municipality. The personal record of an inmate may include their full name, date of birth, current housing facility, ID number, sex, and release date. Meanwhile, official records may be inclusive of criminal record, arrest record, mugshot, custody status, bail/bond amount, court dates, and more.

How do I find an inmate in North Dakota?

The North Dakota inmate search can be done using the online search tool called the Resident Locator prepared by the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (NDDOCCR). This feature can be found by going to the Main Menu and clicking on the friend’s and family drop-down option and choose the Resident Locator. The search tool is solely name-based; therefore, the user will need to provide the inmate’s name. Although partial information such as the first two letters of the prisoner’s last name is appropriate, the agency recommends that to narrow down the search results, applicants fill in the prisoner’s name entirely.

While most counties do provide public access through an online domain, the may be instances where some information is yet to be updated online. So, an individual may call the facility detaining the inmate to request for their records. The contact information of institutions under North Dakota DOCR can be found here.

Where are North Dakota inmates housed?

The North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation manages four main adult prisons which are:

  1. North Dakota State Penitentiary
  2. James River Correctional Center
  3. Missouri River Correctional Center
  4. Dakota Women’s Correctional and Rehabilitation Center

Contact information of the adult facilities can be obtained from the DOCR website.

North Dakota County Jails

Aside from inmates incarcerated in state prions, there are also offenders detained in county jail, police jail, and the city jail. These facilities are run by the local law enforcement agencies namely the Sheriff’s Office and the police department. Each detention center has its own inmate records database, for instance, an inmate locator or a jail roster, for offenders who are currently under arrest in the jails. Some of the jails are famous among North Dakotan for housing a large amount of inmate:

Cass County Jail

This county jail housing an average daily inmate population of 820 people, is run by the Sheriff’s Office under direct supervision from county Sheriff Jesse Jahner. This facility houses both male and female inmates at a medium-security level.

Burleigh County Jail

The Burleigh County Detention Center is located in Bismarck, North Dakota, and holds both male and female inmates. Currently, there are around 210 inmates incarcerated in the North Dakota jail which is supervised by Sheriff Kelly Leben.

Grand Fork County Jail

Located in the city of Grand Fork, North Dakota, this Correction Center has an average daily inmate population of 120 people. Housing both male and female inmates, this county jail is managed by the Sheriff’s Office under the supervision of Sheriff Andrew Schneider.

How do you contact an inmate in North Dakota?


Offenders are given mail privileges in correctional facilities and are allowed to send and receive an unlimited quantity of mails with no restriction on whom they correspond with. Both parties need to comply with the mailing rules prepared by each state prison to ensure that the mail will not be rejected and discarded. For safety purposes, all mails will be opened, inspected, and read by the correctional officer in charge, with the exception of legal mails which can only be opened and inspected (not read) in the presence of the inmate receiving the letter.

All incoming mails must include the sender’s name and return address on the envelope. The address format of correspondence to an inmate is as follow:

Inmate Name, ID Number

Facility Name

  1. O. Box or Street Address

City, State, Zip Code

Electronic Mail (E-mail)

Although inmates are not allowed any access to computers or the internet, they are able to receive emails sent through JPAY. This service provides an online tool for an individual to easily purchase stamps and send electronic mails to the inmate. The received emails will be printed and distributed to the specific inmate along with regular mails. Emails are a convenient tool because it is fast, safe, and easy to use.

Phone calls

In order for an individual to be able to receive calls from an inmate, they need to complete a telephone application and send it via mail to the prisoner’s facility to be processed. Applications will take 1-2 weeks and only applications sent through mails will be accepted. The result of the application will only be informed to the inmate, it will be the offender’s responsibility to notify the interested individual regarding the status of their application.

Each call can only last for a period of 15 minutes and will be recorded and monitored for safety reasons. This, however, does not apply to legal calls. Only inmates are able to initiate the calls by purchasing telephone time using their commissary account. If the inmate uses collect calls instead, the individual receiving the calls will need to set up an account with North Dakota prisons’ phone service provider, Securus Technologies. Individuals may call Securus at 1-800-844-6591 or visit their website to set up an account.

How to contact the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation?

The North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation can be contacted through the following:


3100 Railroad Avenue

  1. O. Box 1898

Bismarck, ND 58502-1898

Phone Number 701-328-6390

Fax Number: 701-328-6651

Online Contact Form

How do you find out the release date of an inmate in North Dakota?

An individual can utilize the Resident Lookup online function on the North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. By looking up an inmate, the person will be provided with the inmate’s personal record which consists of their name, date of birth, the contact information of the facility housing, and estimated release date. If the release date is not yet available, individuals can register for victim notification using the service provided by VINE. This service will update users on an inmate’s latest status via emails or messages.

Can I send a care package to an inmate in North Dakota?

Care packages are only allowed through an approved third-party vendor. Friends and family of an inmate are not allowed to send items besides letters and photographs or items that receive permission from the correctional facility administration (such as medicine with a letter from a doctor stating why the inmate will need it).

Individuals may contact the prison holding the offender to inquire which vendor has a contractual agreement with the facility, or have receive approval from the facility.

What can you send inmates in North Dakota prisons?

Sending mails to an inmate in North Dakota

Friends and family can send emails consisting of letters and photographs to an inmate. However, both letters and pictures sent must comply with the guidelines provided by the Department such as the following:

  1. All letters should be written on plain white papers and sent in a plain envelope with no decorations, embellishment, perfume, etc.
  2. The total number of pages of non-personal mail permitted is ten pages per envelope. However, individuals are allowed to send more than one envelope as long as it does not exceed the page limit.
  3. One envelope may contain only a capped limit of 30 pictures, any more may result in it being rejected. Individuals may send more than one envelope containing pictures, given that each envelope does not contain more than 30 photos.
  4. Any mail coming in that is from a different person on the return address would be dismissed as mail from third parties. This does not involve kids or people who placed a letter in with the letter staying at the same address.

Sending money to an inmate in North Dakota

Prisoners incarcerated in any North Dakota correctional facilities are assigned with a fund account that enables them to receive money from friends and family, to buy extra supplies, snacks, sanitary products, stamps, or telephone time through the commissary.  There are several ways an individual can send money to an inmate:


An individual can send money by going to any MoneyGram location, and send cash using the received code 1304.


The sender can also send money online by going to and proceed with the transaction by using a credit card or debit card. A certain amount of fee will be charged depending on the amount of money sent.

Another online option is by using the JPAY mobile application which is available for both iPhone users and Android users.

Phone calls

If an individual prefers to send money via phone calls, they can dial the hotline 800-574-5729 where they will be connected with a live agent to assist them throughout the process. The phone service will be available 24/7 and will have a certain fee.


An individual can send money via mail by using US Postal Money Order and make it payable to JPAY. It is also required that the sender complete a money order deposit form and send it together with the money order to the following address:


  1. O. Box 822700

Pembroke Pines, FL 33082

How do I apply for Visitation of an inmate in North Dakota?

Although an inmate has a visitation privilege, not everyone is allowed to visit a prisoner. When a person is applying for visitation, their name will be checked with the North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation, North Dakota Field Services Department, and other local law enforcement agencies. The following list shows the people who are not allowed to visit an incarcerated person in North Dakota prison:

  1. An individual with pending charges is barred from contacting an inmate until the charges have been settled in court
  2. Individuals on parole or probation are prohibited from visiting (There are exceptions for a person who have been off parole for a minimum period of one year or the person being an immediate family member of the prisoner)
  3. Individual who has been kept off the visiting list for security reasons.
  4. A minor individual who is not accompanied by an approved guardian or parent.

Upon entering prison, an inmate will be required to add prospective visitors on their visitation list by sending out a visiting application to the specific person. The individual will need to complete the form and send them back to the correctional institution housing the inmate either via mail, fax, or walk-in. The application process may take up to 2 weeks before any results are given by the Control Officer. The following is the downloadable application forms:

  1. ND DOCR Visitor Application
  2. ND DOCR Minor Visitor Application

An approved potential visitor may request and schedule a video visitation with an inmate housed in North Dakota State Penitentiary (NDSP) by directly inquiring the facility regarding the procedure.

What are the Visitation rules?

The North Dakota Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation strictly implement dress code, and rules and regulations to all prospective visitors in all its facilities. Therefore, visiting individuals are advised to read through all the procedures, guidelines, and rules applicable to the institution they will visit. Any question regarding visitation can be forwarded to the facility housing the inmate for further clarification.