Findlay County Inmates, Ohio

Findlay County Inmates, Ohio

This article gives general information about Findlay inmates. If you want to know and learn some rules and regulations about the Findlay inmates, then continue reading and be informed. It is a beautiful place in the seat of Hancock County, Ohio. This is a very beautiful area full of interesting views and places.

The overall crime grade is C-, which is a bit higher than the average US city. Violent offense grade is B-, property crime grade is D. An interesting fact for you to know is that a misdemeanor occurs in this city every 4 hours 48 minutes. The crime rate is 34.38 per 1000 individuals based on calculations of a standard year. According to the residents, the southwest parts of the city are safer. It can be assumed that more offense happens in the eastern parts.

How do I find inmate records in OH?

Captive records are documents that contain some background information about the person such as name, physical description, address, and other details. All these details are created and stored by the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections. These documents are uploaded and stored online. So this means that they are available for the public. Everyone is able to see them any time they wish to visit the website of the department.

Firstly, enter the website and try to find the “Offender Search” link. Add the necessary data including the optional ones if you want to find them easily. When you search for the captive, you will see different images. Click on the ID next to the image to enter and read the info about the captive in the microcosm.

How do I contact an inmate in OH?

If you want to contact a prisoner in jail, you are allowed to have a call him/her. If a person wants to speak to a person, he must be on the list of the approved callers. And these calls are usually paid via collect calls or the ones paid in advance.

There is an option to mail your prisoner as well. Study the DRC web page the section about how to contact the prisoner through the mail. It is possible to transfer some items to your loved ones in jail through envelopes, which correspond to the jail requirements. If not, it will be considered contraband. Except for the legal mails, all other mails are inspected.

How do I send money to an inmate in OH?

There is also a list of approved visitors. And if you are on the list, you are allowed to send money to your loved one in prison. It can be mailed to the convict through the mail. Telephone transactions work too. Check the above-mentioned website, the convict funds page will give you all the necessary details. You may transfer no more than $200. And $400 per month the convict is allowed to receive. JPay is often used to transfer money.

The sender has to complete the order deposit sample. You can study this again on the web page. Then send the form to the right address. Full names of the sender and the recipients and the DOC number of the detainee have to be mentioned.

Visitation rules for detainees

People are to visit prisoners only when they complete some specific visitation form. Up to 15 people may visit the detainee. But before entering the room they have to pass a background check. You must study some guidelines which include the visitation rules. People may also schedule their visits. These schedules require some specific form. So make sure you have read the instructions thoroughly.

There are also video visitations that grant you an opportunity to speak to your detainee. But you must pay for this video before the call.