Tri-County Inmate List

Tri-County Inmate List

Mechanicsburg is the place where the Tri-County Regional Jail is located. The facility contains male criminals convicted of crimes subject to federal and regional laws. It has a population of 1,529 and is the 39th largest institution in the area. The establishment accommodates 160 individuals, which is the maximum number of beds in one institution. The institution is part of the Mechanicsburg, Ohio Judicial District. This article contains general information about the Tri-County inmate list and records. It also displays some means of contacting your convict and transferring him money. Continues reading to learn more.

How do I find criminal records?

The regional jail maintains a special database. Only those who are in jail will be listed in this database. If you are looking for a person who has been released or transferred to another facility, it will be your duty to find him/her. Please be aware that this database will be updated every 15 minutes. If you do not think that this is the most accurate information, wait for it to be updated again.

How do I contact a convict?

There are different ways to reach out to your detainee. For example, you can write an email, have a call or send some packages to them.

How do I call?

Detainees are not allowed to receive incoming calls. But they are allowed to call. To make the process easy, detainees buy a phone card that costs $10 or $20. They use these phone cards but the conversation must not exceed 20 minutes.

How do I mail?

Prisoners may receive letters from a number of people, as well as packages from home. To ensure that the mail and package you are sending are on the approved list, talk to the county jail staff at 937-834-5000. Another way to reach out to the facility is to write an email to [email protected] Try also to contact the establishment on social media.

How do I send money to an inmate?

You can transfer money by mail. Do not forget to mention the correct venue. Write the following address on the envelope;

Trust Fund for Prisoners

4099 State Route 559, Mechanicsburg, Ohio, 43044

Do not forget to write the offender’s name, number, date of birth, sender’s name, and return address. You can also give the money yourself. You are to transfer no more money than $100.

Are inmate bookings public records in Ohio?

There is a lot of public information about offenders. These bookings are available for the public as they are expected to help maintain fairness with the support of the public, the media, and all establishments related to the state’s justice status. People may find out which prison you are in and learn about your criminal history.

Visitation rules

Male visitation days are;

  1. Saturdays from eleven A.M. to three P.M.
  2. Sundays from six P.M. to ten P.M.

Female visitation the days are;

  1. Saturdays from six P.M. to ten P.M.
  2. Sundays from eleven A.M. to three P.M.

Each visit lasts 30 minutes. Only 4 individuals may visit an offender during a day. Visitors under the age of 18 and must show a verification card or come with a parent or legal guardian. Individuals who are 18 years and older must show an ID. They have to be appropriately dressed. Tobacco products are prohibited. If you leave the visiting area, you are not allowed to re-enter. All visitors have to go through a scanner and undergo additional search procedures in the prison in case of any problems. Prisoners have the chance to ask for a visit in special circumstances.