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Cherokee County Inmate Roster, Oklahoma

Cherokee County Inmate Roster, Oklahoma

Those who need t find data about inmate location and visitation rules can view this Cherokee County Inmate Roster, Oklahoma guide.

Cherokee county is sited in Oklahoma state. The last demography in 2010 stated 46987 residents within the county. The administrative center of the county is Tahlequah. Cherokee County includes Tahlequah OK Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is a part of Tulsa-Muskogee-Bartlesville, OK Combined Statistical Area.

The law crime statistics provided in 2019 by the Federal Bureau of Investigation state that Cherokee county in Oklahoma is quite a safe place to live. Thus, violent crime cases in the state were 62 with 70 offenses. There were a few cases of rape within the year-7 incidents and offenses.

The robbery case rate was also low(5 cases and offenses)
46 aggravated assault incidents and 473 offenses were recorded within the whole period of 2019. The rate of property crimes similar to the statistics brought from other states is higher than that of violent crimes.

Hence 469 property crime incidents and 473 offenses were recorded within 2019. The most frequent met crime cases were larceny incidents(217 offenses and incidents)

Burglary crimes come next with 68 offenses and incidents.

How do I find inmate records for Cherokee County in Oklahoma?

Inmate records of Cherokee county, Oklahoma are public books that you can find by written request or online, through a search engine. The information comprises arrest records, warrants, convictions. You can find records online at the website of the county Sheriff’s office or apply for The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation.

Cherokee County Inmate Roster, Oklahoma. How do I contact an inmate?

GonnectNetwork is a GTL’s approved account running program that suggests phone call services for inmates and their relatives. They can buy phone time depositing money on the inmate’s account. Several options are available.

AdvancePay direct telephone account

Choosing this option you send money to the inmate’s phone number and when the latter calls you the fee is withdrawn from the balance of the phone card account.

Inmate telephone Debit Account

The system allows you to drop money to an inmate’s PIN debit phone balance. Once you transfer money to the balance, the user might have phone calls to any acceptable telephone number.

Inmates can check their accounts at any time once they make a call.

Collect Calls

Collect calls are also available, however, they are quite expensive in comparison with the above-mentioned methods. Connects calls are made through a local phone company that promotes services charging users per month.

Before answering the collect call, they will ask you whether you want to accept it or not.

How to email an inmate?

To make use of email messaging services, you should drop money on the inmate’s account created through the NCIC service. The jail administration approves it.

There are several ways of depositing funds on the inmate’s account.

Deposit at a telephone box located at the jail reception.
Deposit through NCIC.

Drop money over the phone. The service is available 24/7

How to mail an inmate?

To send mails to any of the inmates held in Cherokee County jail, OK, you need their ID and full name. This will be necessary for signing up for the jail’s mail service. The inmates receive letters from friends and family members from Monday to Friday.

Delivery on the weekends is not available. The jail administration thoroughly screens the content of each letter to exclude the delivery of contraband.

The jail accepts newspapers, books, and magazines sent directly from the publisher.

The postcards bought from post offices are also acceptable. The entry of certain photo postcards is also available if they do not contain any material of violent or pornographic nature.

Cherokee county jail, Oklahoma remains one of the few facilities that allow regular postcards. Still, more and more detention centers cease to allow wraps. That’s because the personnel finds more cases when the sender has immersed the paper in liquid drugs.

How to send money to an inmate?

The prisoners have certain accounts their friends and relatives can deposit money into. To send money to an inmate held in Cherokee county jail, you need to know his/her full name, seven-character account ID number. The name of the detention facility is also obligatory.

You can drop funds on the inmate’s account online through JPAY, over the phone, or visiting any MoneyGram point.

Visitation rules and regulations

Visitors can see the inmates on working days. The jail staff does not allow any types of visits at the weekends.

The personnel inspects them thoroughly in advance. Visitors should be above 18, otherwise, the accompaniment of a parent or legal guardian is obligatory.