Pennsylvania Inmate Search

Pennsylvania Inmate Search

Inmates in Pennsylvania are managed by the PA DOC. From the inmate population, jail records up to an inmate’s account, everything is managed from their end. Anyone can look up an inmate by going to their website. But aside from that, each facility like the Pennsylvania State Prison, or small jails like the one in Westmoreland County have their own set of rules when it comes to inmate visitation and other things. So if you want to do a state of Pennsylvania inmate search, read the following information below.

How Do I Find An Inmate In Pennsylvania?

To know the jail roster of a certain correctional facility, use the inmate locator that the PA DOC has. To do the DOC Pennsylvania inmate search, you’ll need to know the inmate number and the name of that person to get a more accurate result. Once you do, it’ll then shuffle all through the inmate roster in Pennsylvania and find the inmate that you’re looking for. You can also check if that inmate is under probation when his arrest was made, the deputy warden assigned to that specific facility, and if that prisoner is eligible for parole.

Where Are Pennsylvania Inmates Housed? 

Inmates are housed in different prisons. They could be under a Penitentiary Pennsylvania prison, county jail or in federal prison. Where an offender will be sent to will be dependent on the crime done. If the crime was done is a severe one, most likely that inmate will end up in maximum state prison, whereas minimum offenses can be served through a county jail. Once a person is incarcerated, their profile (including mugshots) will be available for viewing on all law enforcement and prison databases.

How Do You Contact An Inmate In Pennsylvania?

Before you can actually do that, remember that the phone service provider for Pennsylvania prisons is Securus, and you’ll need to set up an account before you can contact your inmate/parolee. You can do this by calling them at 1-800-844-6591 or by going to their website. There’s a fee for every call and a rate per minute. The inmate that you’re looking to talk to must also include you in their telephone list, otherwise, they won’t be able to contact you. Inmates are only allowed to make outgoing calls. Remember that all calls are monitored and recorded to avoid any criminal activity. In the event that there’s a family emergency, you can call the inmate’s counselor, prison chaplain, or the jail’s unit manager. You can’t call the county sheriff’s office, or staff to have them relay a message for you.

How To Contact The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections?

To contact the PA DOC, you can check their website. Their number is also indicated there.

How Do You Find Out The Release Date Of An Inmate In Pennsylvania? 

You can get the PA SAVIN service. PA SAVIN or Pennsylvania Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification is an automated, confidential, and free service that helps victims, law enforcement and community members keep tabs on any given inmate. They’ll know if there are any changes to its inmate record or parole. It will also have information on an inmate’s release date, transfer, or escape.

Remember that if you’re a crime victim, and the inmate is serving a PA state sentence, you will have the right to apply or to receive notifications and additional information that won’t be available to the general public. To get these notifications, you’ll have to register with the OVA (Office of the Victim Advocate). If you’re not a crime victim, but would like to receive notifications about a specific inmate’s release, escape or transfer, you can call 1-866-9PA.SAVIN or visit their website.

Can I Send A Care Package To An Inmate In Pennsylvania?

Yes, prison care packages are allowed, as long as it follows the guidelines set by the prison where the inmate is at, and by the rules set by the PA DOC.

What Can You Send Inmates In Pennsylvania Prisons?

Prison care packages are allowed by the PA DOC, for all inmates no matter what their criminal records are. These packages can contain all sorts of items like chips, personal hygiene items, and even coffee. But remember that before sending any care package, you must also consult with your inmate to know what they need and if it falls under the guidelines of that specific prison’s care items allowed. And you can’t send the care packages directly to the inmate. Check with the PA DOC or the prison where the inmate is for more information.

How Do I Apply For Visitation For An Inmate In Pennsylvania? 

Regardless of an inmate’s crime public record, the Pennsylvania board allows every inmate to be visited by their family members or friends, since that’s a crucial part of the inmate’s slow transition back to society, or to change completely. All visitors must first be a part of the inmate’s visitor’s list. Inmates will have control over who can and can’t be on the list, and it can be changed whenever the inmate chooses to. 

All names on the form are up for approval of the jail facility. Minors under the age of 18 must have a specific form filled out by their guardian or parent, and will also need the signature of the inmate’s counselor. Once approved, adult visitors must always have a valid identification card on them when visiting. Electronic gadgets must be surrendered, and bringing gifts or money isn’t allowed. If you want to send your inmate something, follow the prison care package process. For more information about how to apply or if you have any other questions, contact the PA DOC or call the prison where the inmate is currently stationed.

What Are The Visitation Rules?

Here are some of the visitation rules in some jails in Pennsylvania

  1.  Adams County Jail – The actual visiting hours vary depending on the following factors – the day of the week, where the inmate is detained, the gender of the inmate, if it’s a holiday or not. Remember that each inmate is allowed one or two visits, from 15mins to 1hour each week. Those inmates that have special privileges are given additional visits.

    An application form must also be filled out prior to visiting any inmate and must be filled out correctly since submitting incomplete paperwork can be a cause for denial. Forms must be filled out with 100% honesty, and if the background check shows otherwise, that’s another cause for your visit to be declined. There’s also another way of visiting rather than dropping by personally. Most jails are already implementing video visits. These visits are done via video calls on tablets, smartphones, or computers. Visit this link to see the rules and costs on how to get set up online.

    Anyone over the age of 18, and isn’t on any felony probation and can present a valid government ID can be given permission to visit an inmate in jail. Some will be subjected to a background check, and if found that you have a warrant for your arrest, you’ll be arrested on the spot. Children under the age of 18 must always be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

    For the dress code, anyone wearing any revealing outfit, obscene images, gang-affiliated clothing isn’t allowed. For more information about the visitation rules, you can call 717-334-7671.
  2. Dauphin County Prison – it’s a medium to maximum security facility. Currently, it houses around 1000 or more inmates, and crimes range from petty misdemeanor offenses and up to violent crimes such as murder and rape, making the security level of this facility quite high.

    For visitations, the inmate will be provided with the schedule of the hours available and will be expected to schedule their visits based on the given schedule. Visitations are held in the evening and will last up to 50 minutes and are allowed 1 visit per week. Please call the jail first before visiting just to be sure that visitations aren’t canceled.

    This prison will require the inmate to have your name be put on their visitation list prior to scheduling their visit. You can also do an “at home” video visitation if they would like to. Anyone over the age of 18, and can present a valid government-issued ID is allowed to visit. Kids below the age of 17 will need the supervision of a parent or guardian before they can be allowed to visit.

Butler County Prison – Just like any city jail, it now enforces a health screening for everyone’s safety. Jail inmates in Butler County may order commissary items such as food, clothing, games, stationery, hygiene, and medical supplies while incarcerated. Family members can also send money through approved methods like prison kiosk, internet deposit, or Money Order via mail.

Right now the county jail houses an average of 182 inmates on a daily basis. It’s also a medium to a maximum-security prison where a jail inmate is either charged for a low-level misdemeanor or violent crimes that require high-level security. Once that they’re sentenced or convicted for more than a year, they’ll be handed over to a state correctional institution. Which is either the Pennsylvania State Prison System or the Federal Bureau of Prisons.