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Adams County Inmate Search Pennsylvania

Adams County Inmate Search Pennsylvania

If one is keen on getting in touch with all the details of the inmate search in one of the US states, the Adams county inmate search Pennsylvania provides background information for the interested people.

Adams county was found on January 22, 1800, named after US second president John Adams. County’s location is in Pennsylvania. Before 1800 it used to be a part of York County.

The county municipality is Gettysburg. It also includes PA Metropolitan Statistical Area,

The county is famous for its civil war sightseeing, as the location around Gettysburg served for pivotal battle.

If you want to have access to Pennsylvania county inmate records visit The Pennsylvania State Police (PSP). The department annually provides information and statistics about state criminal records. 2020 Felony reports for Adams county showed the county recorded 267,006 offenses. Larceny – Theft is the most popular among county offenses followed by Aggravated Assault with 24,049 cases. The third place goes to Burglary with 20,349 cases. Compared with the previous year, 2021 numbers are lower and more comforting. The total number of arrests is 81,721. Larceny-theft still reigns the top crimes with 40,207 cases. The amount of aggravated assaults in 2021 has much decreased to 7,538 cases. Cases of Burglary have dropped to 4,833. The number of motor vehicle thefts, rapes, and robbery is also among the most common crimes during both 2020 and 2021.

How do I find inmate records?

As criminal records are on public access in Pennsylvania, you can have free entry to any information about inmates and their personal history. To find the information you want, visit Adam County Sheriff’s Office website. You can submit the name and surname of a person and get the full information you want.

How do I contact an inmate in Adams County in Pennsylvania?

Adam county correctional complex gives options to send different parcels by mail. To send it correctly, include the inmate’s complete name, and the address of the county jail. The sender’s name and home address should also be written. Here is what you can send by mail to an inmate that won’t be an illegal activity.

Photos, letters, and messages.

Books, journals, magazines

Commissary money

Greetings cards

Before handing your parcel to the inmate, the jail staff will check it thoroughly. Later, if the content of your parcel does not contraband or something incriminating, it will reach the addressee.

As the internet connection is the best and quickest way tо be in touch with friends and family members, the county jail system offers several options.

How to email an inmate?

Friends and relatives can use Access correction or Jpay systems to email inmates. Jail staff first gets the letters then hands the printed out paper to the inmate.

For email services, an additional fee is required. You should also know the ID number of the prisoner.

Currently, you can also buy a tablet. You can either send money to buy a tablet or send the tablet itself. Take note that having a tablet does not mean that the inmates should have internet access. Buying a tablet for your close friend or relative who is in jail, you also give them access to music, ebooks, games, and movies.

The most high-priced way of connection with an inmate is a telephone call. That demands input of credit or debit card numbers for money withdrawal. The calls are pre-agreed with the jail staff. Many prisons suggest third-party company services. That is less expensive. Your inmate can call you directly through his personal phone.

Adams county inmate search Pennsylvania. How do I send money to an inmate?

We can suggest several options for sending money to your inmate.

You can go to the correctional complex and submit a credit card to the jail staff. They will transfer the money to the inmate’s account.

Online money deposit is also available. A third-party company processes money to send to the inmate online. You should have an online account and envisage a deposit fee.

Another variant is mailing the money check to the jail. Yet this is a longer process compared with the rest of the methods. This is just a good option if your location is far from the jail, or if you don’t have a credit/debit card.

Visitation rules for Adams county inmates in Pennsylvania

Inmates in Adams county jail can visit anyone above 18 who is not on a criminal trial period. Everyone should complete an application. If you don’t pass the background check, the institution will deny your request.

One or two visitors are available for one time. The period ranges from 15 minutes to an hour.

If you have come to Pennsylvania from another state, the jail staff will make an exclusion. Your visitation might last longer.