South Carolina Inmate Search

South Carolina Inmate Search

If you’re doing a state of South Carolina inmate search, then you’ll need to go to the SC Department of Corrections website and use their inmate search option. This feature displays pictures and inmate records on inmates currently incarcerated or sentenced in the SCDOC. This search doesn’t provide previous inmate information on offenders released from the SCDOC, sentenced to any county jail, or those who’re under probation, parole or any other community supervision. Take note that the SDDC doesn’t release information about any juvenile offenders that are housed with the agency. Any currently sentenced inmates from SCDC are also excluded from the inmate search. Like any other DOC like the one in Tennessee, it maintains every public record for every inmate or offender and makes sure that the information provided is accurate. Details for crimes like aggravated rape, robberies, escaped inmates, prisons that only has female inmates, and any new criminals arrest made by the SC local law enforcement or county sheriff’s office will have their files managed by SCDC.

Every South Carolina prison, correctional institution or city jail in SC has its own prison administrator, commissary or warden who follows the federal bureau or court when it comes to making decisions to an inmate’s sentence, bail or parole.

This service is offered for free for concerned citizens, and there’s also a toll-free number that you can call to get any jail records. You can call the inmate information line at 1-866-727-2846. Take note that while the SCDC does what it can to keep the information accurate like the criminal record, it’s not a guarantee. If you find any data errors or something similar, feel free to send an email to [email protected]

How Do I Find An Inmate In South Carolina?

You can go to the SC DOC website to do the search. There’s a couple of ways that you can use this inmate locator, depending on what information you actually have. The easiest way is if you know the inmate’s State Identification (SID). If you don’t have this, then simply search using the inmate’s prison registered first and last name. Once you do this, a phonetic search will retrieve all of the records by sorting through the jail inmate roster that sounds like the name you entered. If you leave the “phonetic match” option blank, then the system will only return the sentenced inmate records that begin with the letters of the name you submitted. Next, click on the row that has the inmate then click “view detailed information”. The detailed report about that inmate will be then displayed in a PDF format in another window browser.

How Do You Contact An Inmate In South Carolina?

There’s a couple of ways that you can contact an inmate in South Carolina county. If by mail, it must be clearly marked with an inmate’s full legal name, their SCDC number, the unit they’re under full name of the correctional facility that they’re in, street address, state and it’s zip code. It must also include the full return address that should be put in the upper left-hand corner. Every mail sent to any inmate will be inspected by the federal prison or county jail postal staff. Every determined legal mail is then opened and inspected with the inmate. Prisoners in all federal and county jails like Horry county, Richland county and hunt county, are not allowed to receive stamps, cash, food, drinks or cigarettes. The general population can however get books, newspapers and magazines if it’s coming from the publication and if it’s paid in advance.

If you want to contact a prisoner by phone, then you must know first that the SC DOC is partnered with Global Tel*Link as their telephone provider. Rates for calls anywhere in the US are billed at a flat rate of $5.5/minute. Every inmate, even the ones in detention will receive a Personalized Identification Number or PIN. within 1 week of them being admitted so that they can place calls depending on the schedule given. Those who receive a call from an inmate will also have an option to accept, decline or block the call from the SCDC prison or county prisons.

Sending an email is accessible at SCDC establishments. To utilize the email functionality, you should visit www.ConnectNetwork. Comand and compose your email. Whenever you have made and enacted your record, you will have the option to buy email credits (stamps) to send messages. The ConnectNetwork site will at that point let you form and send your message. Detainees can utilize a protected booth introduced in their lodging unit to type and send bring messages back.

How To Contact The South Carolina Department of Corrections?

To contact different departments of the SCDC, click this link. You can also ask the SCDC for contact information for other county jails like the one in Spartanburg, Greenville county jail, Laurens county and Chester county just to name a few.

How Do You Find Out The Release Date Of An Inmate In South Carolina? 

Victims or concerned citizens can utilize the SC VINE (Victim Information and Notification every day). SC VINE provides information and notification for offenders throughout South Carolina in the custody or supervision of county detention centers, the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC), as well the South Carolina Department of Probation, Parole and Pardons (SCDPPPS). You can also get the release date from county jails like the one in Pitt county and charleston county.

SC VINE gives data and warnings with respect to wrongdoers in custody or community management. Victims of crime, policemen, and concerned residents may get to the framework to namelessly look for data or make a record to get notices on care status changes as appropriate.

Can I Send A Care Package To An Inmate In South Carolina?

The SCDC allows inmates to be able to get packages twice a year. Prison Care packages come as a Lifeline to Inmates who are carrying out punishment to make up for the shortfall of being isolated from their family and friends. Named as ‘Care Package’ a feeling of care by families to their Inmate as bundles loaded up with affection and an update that they are being missed.

Prison Care bundles are bundles that can contain things like espresso, confections, chips, meats, seafood, individual cleanliness things including antiperspirant, toothpaste, cleanser. You can send your Inmates Care bundles containing the things mentioned by them, because of security reasons you can’t send the bundle straight to your detainee. Each prison or jail has its own arrangement of rules which should be followed. A few of them just permit one bundle, while some permit multiple care packages. Families are encouraged to contact the supplier who is on the endorsed list before sending any care packages.

What Can You Send Inmates In South Carolina Prisons?

Since inmates can’t receive cash or cards in SC, every inmate in the Department of Corrections has a Cooper Trust Fund Account that allows him/her to make purchases in the institution. The back of the inmate’s ID card has a magnetic strip that allows it to function as a debit card to that inmate’s Cooper Trust Fund Account. When the inmate wants to purchase items in the institution, his ID card is “swiped” and the purchase is granted if there are sufficient funds in the inmate’s account to pay for the items they want to get.

There’s a couple of ways to top up your inmate’s CTFA.

Online – To send money online using either a credit or debit card, click here. It’s the easiest and efficient way to get your loved ones the funds they need. When creating your account, please choose the options South Carolina Dept. of Corrections as the facility.

Mobile App – You can download the mobile app and send money wherever you are. You can download the free app for Android and iOS devices free.

Call Us – You can send money by phone using your credit or debit card. Please call (888) 988-4768 and follow the voice prompts. For trust (canteen) deposits, the Site ID number is going to be 121. To speak with a live agent 24/7, you can call customer service at (877) 650-4249.

Walk-In (cash or debit card) – Cash deposits to ConnectNetwork are now available in over 26,000 retail spots nationwide like Walmart, ACE, Kmart, Kroger, and more.

Mail a Money Order – Family members and friends can now make deposits into an inmate’s Cooper Trust Fund account through our partner, GTL. There are no fees to deposit it other than the cost to get a money order, but money orders must need to be mailed and the deposit slip that’s included must be read electronically and processed before any funds can become available. When deposit slips are not complete or the writing is not legible, the money order will be returned to whoever the sender is. The address is:

GTL Financial Services, 10005 Technology Blvd West, Suite 130, Dallas TX 75220

Any money orders that are sent to SCDC or an individual facility will be returned. All funds will be available to the inmate within 3 business days of being received at the address provided. All money orders must be made payable to our partner, GTL.

How Do I Apply For Visitation For An Inmate In South Carolina? 

Each inmate in the SCDC is allowed to have a maximum of fifteen (15) approved visitors on his/her visiting list. Each inmate is provided with “Request for Visiting Privileges” forms to send to his/her prospective visitors. The only way for an individual to receive a visiting privileges form is from the inmate who wants them to visit. These forms are provided to each inmate upon arrival in the Department of Corrections Reception and Evaluation Center and are available to inmates in all institutions throughout the state. Every individual must complete this form and forward it to Visitation through the Central Visitation Center to be processed.

What Are The Visitation Rules?

Minor kids that are on the APPROVED on the list should be joined by a grown-up and will be permitted to visit just in the event that they are the detainee’s siblings and sisters, the prisoner’s kids (common or lawfully received), the detainee’s stepchildren, grandkids, or step grandkids. At the point when an individual shows up at an establishment to visit, everybody age 10 and more seasoned should present a public safety picture identification. Those under age 10 should show a duplicate copy of their birth certificate.

After showing up at the organization, the guest should express the name and SCDC number of the detainee they wish to visit. This data is gone into the computerized framework and if the individual is recorded on the detainee’s endorsed visiting list, a guest’s pass will be produced for the person. Inmates may just have one visit every day so meaning that all of that inmate’s guests should be together.