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Anderson County Inmate Roster, South Carolina

Anderson County Inmate Roster, South Carolina

Anderson County Inmate Roster, South Carolina provides all necessary information one needs to find a prisoner within the county area.

Anderson County is in the state of South Carolina. According to the data provided by a national poll, the population of Anderson is 187.126. The county’s major center is the city of Anderson. Anderson takes part in the Greenville-Anderson-Mauldin, SC Metropolitan Statistical Area. Its name derives from the head of Revolution Robert Anderson.

The county sheriff’s office annually provides crime and arrest data to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The latter according to that data draws crime statistics. The latest update of the FBI data was in 2019. Thus, we provide the final version of crime statistics within the state.

Hence, the number of violent crimes is 534 in the county. 693 offenses were reported.
398 aggravated assault cases were reported with 545 offenses.

The amount of rape crimes is quite high compared to the statistics of other counties.

There are 71 rape cases and 73 offenses.

Robbery incidents stay behind with 63 incidents and offenses.

The amount of property crimes is higher than that of violent crimes(4608 incidents and 4650 offenses)

Among them, larceny thefts take first place with 3106 incidents and 3106 offenses.

How to find an inmate record in Anderson county South Carolina?

The information about the recently imprisoned people is available at the county’s Inmate Jail Tracker. To find a certain inmate, type the full name or the booking d2te on the search engine. The information provides the detention center of the county’s sheriff’s office.

Anderson County Inmate Roster, South Carolina. How do I contact an inmate?

Calls to inmates are available through Pay-Tel communications online service. For creating an account and buying a phone card, a $10 fee is deducted. Friends and relatives should drop funds on the inmate’s account so that the latter could make outbound calls.

Friends and relatives should be on the approval list of the prisoners to receive calls from them. The detention center administration monitors all outbound calls for safety goals.

If you don’t want to accept a call from an inmate, call Pay-Tel Communications and ask them for blocking your phone number.

How to email an inmate?

If you want to exchange emails with an inmate held at Anderson detention center, create an account at GTL ConnectNetwork online service. The messaging service will allow you to send and receive emails from the detention center with no delay.

How to mail an inmate?

Exchange of mails between inmates and their friends and relatives is also available. Prisoners can receive mails from Monday to Friday. No delivery of mails on holidays or weekends is possible. The personnel opens and inspects all mails in the presence of the prisoners. The measures are to exclude the entrance of contraband. Receiving money checks through US mail is also available. The cash will be contraband.

To send the mail to the inmate inhabiting at Anderson county jail, complete the name and surname field, write the correct address of the detention facility. Also, don’t forget to include the return address and the full name of the sender.

Take note that there are several items not acceptable by the jail administration.
Among them are clothes, hardcover books, magazines and journals, not sent from the publisher. Cosmetics, perfume, Polaroid photos, phone cards, sharp edges, or any other item that might serve as a weapon.

How to send money to an inmate?

Several options are available for sending money to an inmate inhabiting Anderson county jails.

You can bring the money to the facility personally. The jail personnel will transfer it to the prisoner’s balance. You can make use of automatic cabins in the detention’s lobby facility. Transfers by credit/debit cards are available.

You can call the detention center to know by which online service you can deposit the inmate’s account. The registration s free, however, it will deduce the commission fee for the transfer.

You can also convey money over the phone. The conveyance is made by your credit or debit card. To complete the deal, you will need the prisoner’s ID and full legal name.

Visitation rules and regulations

Because of Covid 19 situation, the jail instructs that only eight inmates can have visited at one time. Inmates complete a list of wanted visitors (10 people)in advance, the names of which they can change once per three months.

Adult visitors should have a Photo ID such as a US passport or driver’s license. After entering the facility, they will be inspected thoroughly.

All visitors must follow the rules and regulations of the facility personnel. The failure will lead to immediate removal.