Tennessee Inmate Search

Tennessee Inmate Search

When looking for an inmate in a county or state prison, you need to utilize an inmate search. It will allow you to find information about a prisoner or offender that is currently housed in a Tennessee state prison or county jail. You’ll be needing the public record search results from this inmate search to know how you can contact an inmate, send a package, and more. 

Tennessee state has different county jails located in Henry County, Shelby County, and Lake County. will have information about You can find more details about these as we go along. 

There’s also a private prison company in TN called CoreCivic, and as one of the biggest private prison firms out there, it manages 4 federal prison facilities in TN alone plus a couple of county Tennessee prison jails and detention center buildings. They house male and female inmates and house all kinds of criminals from those that committed robberies, murder, aggravated rape, and other crimes.

All individuals that have been caught by the sheriff’s office or other local law enforcement officials will stand trial as per the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations. And will be assigned to different Tennessee jail facilities to serve their sentence. They will be managed by a prison administrator and each correctional facility will have its own set of rules regarding their inmates.

How Do I Find An Inmate In Tennessee?

The TN DOC has an inmate search capability that allows anyone to search their database for the files of any active or escaped inmates. Their inmate locator can be found here. The information available pertains to Tennessee inmates who are or who have been in the custody of the Tennessee Department of Correction. The information is submitted by the federal bureau and other various jurisdictions within Tennessee. Confirmation and/or elaboration can be verified from the originating jurisdiction. Information, like an inmate’s current status, location of their detention facility, photos, and active sentences, is available to citizens or crime victims free of charge.

Where Are Tennessee Inmates Housed? 

The TN DOC consists of 14 state prisons located across the state. Ten of these prisons are managed by the department and four are managed privately by CoreCivic.

Here’s the list of prisons in the East TN Region:

  1. Bledsoe County Correctional Complex – Bledsoe County Correctional Complex (BCCX) is located on top of the Cumberland Plateau that covers approximately 2,500 acres. BCCX is considered to be an L3 facility that houses around 2,539 offenders in 3 separate detention facilities: Site 1; Site 2 (formerly known as Southeast Tennessee State Regional Correctional Facility); and lastly, Unit 28 (houses female offenders.)
  2. Morgan County Correctional Complex – MCCX is designed to house medium-security inmates, with around 120 allotted for maximum security detainees, but can house a total of around 2,400 inmates.
  3. Northeast Correctional Complex – NECX offers services to control anger management issues and substance abuse. They also have an extensive community service program in place which provides hours of skilled and unskilled labor to the local and state government, including non-profit organizations in TN.

Middle Tennessee Region:

  1. Lois M. DeBerry Special Needs Facility – The Lois M. DeBerry Special Needs Facility (DSNF) gives a lot of different services to wrongdoers with numerous and complex issues, including intense and recuperating medical care and concentrated emotional wellness mediation. It also has three gifted nursing units in the Health Center to give care to guilty parties recuperating from a medical procedure or genuine sickness, lodging for inmates whose therapy routine can’t be done at other TDOC detention centers, detainees with long-term medical requirements, and a community emergency clinic to give inpatient and outpatient care to the inmate populace in an assigned secure area.
  2. Riverbend Maximum Security Institution – This facility is believed to be one of the most high-tech prisons in Tennessee. RMSI is composed of 20 different facilities around 320,000 square feet. This facility houses the male death row inmates of the state and also has inmates around minimum up to the maximum security level.
  3. Debra K. Johnson Rehabilitation Center – The prison houses female offenders with custody levels ranging from minimum to maximum. It currently has one inmate on death row. This facility is considered to be an L4 prison.
  4. Turney Center Industrial Complex – TCIX is considered to be a time-building prison, which emphasizes the industry. Majority of the population houses medium-level security inmates.

West Tennessee Region:

  1. Mark Luttrell Transition Center – The purpose of the Mark Luttrell Transition Center (MLTC) is to upgrade public security by giving inmates a steady living environment and proof-based transitional services. The inmates who are called residents in this facility will have the chance to build their social abilities, business aptitudes, and self-discipline which is crucial for them if they want to live normal lives once they’re released.
  2. West Tennessee State Penitentiary – WTSP is a time-building prison, housing minimum to maximum level inmates. This facility features a tight secure environment but still provides vocational and educational chances for every inmate.
  3. Northwest Correctional Complex – The NWCX is one of Tennessee’s 5 prototypically designed prisons. It’s the main educational prison for the TN DOC. The programs offered include preparation for GED, college degree programs, vocational educational programs that help the inmates learn crafts like welding, masonry, painting, carpentry, and a lot more.

Privately Managed Locations:

  1. Trousdale Turner Correctional Center – TTDC is managed by CoreCivic and has programs designed to help inmates correct their negative behavior, and also has academic programs and vocational sessions for inmates.
  2. Whiteville Correctional Facility – managed by CoreCivic, it’s a time-building prison meant to house minimum to medium-level inmates.
  3. South Central Correctional Facility – SCCF has academic programs to help inmates, including preparations for taking a GED, literacy, vocational programs like construction core, masonry, plumbing, and other things.
  4. Hardeman County Correctional Facility – Hardeman County Correctional Facility is currently owned by the Hardeman County Correctional Facilities Corporation, which has a contract with CoreCivic for managing the prison. TDOC has contracts for around 1,976 medium-security beds at this prison.

If you have any concerns or questions specifically about any inmate housed in these facilities, feel free to contact them directly.

How Do You Contact An Inmate In Tennessee?

To send mail to an inmate, you’ll need the inmate’s full name, TOMIS ID number, and name and address of the prison where the offender is being housed. You can also reach an inmate by phone. Call the correctional facility where the inmate is to know how to set it up.

How To Contact The Tennessee Department of Corrections?

You can click this link and fill out the form to contact the TN DOC. If you’re looking for a number of a specific facility, click this link.

How Do You Find Out The Release Date Of An Inmate In Tennessee? 

Tennessee has its own SAVIN service if any crime victim or concerned citizen would like to know a specific inmate’s release date or any changes to their sentence and other details. Victims and other concerned citizens can register anonymously by phone(1-888-868-4631) or register on their website to be notified in the event of an inmate’s release, transfer, or escape.

TN SAVIN gives access to any inmate information from all participating county jail facilities. What makes it extraordinary is the programmed notification feature. 

However long you have a phone or a PC, you can get auto alerts wherever you may be, and you can add a total of 5 contact numbers as well. That sort of data could give assurance that is essential to any individual who’s worried about the whereabouts of an inmate. Nonetheless, victims shouldn’t just rely on this service independently for all of their notification purposes.

Can I Send A Care Package To An Inmate In Tennessee?

Yes, family and friends can order a care package for any loved ones that are currently detained in the TN DOC or other facilities. It should consist mostly of clothing, shoes and a lot more. Each facility will have its guidelines on how many packages an inmate can receive in a month. Feel free to reach out to those facilities for more information.

What Can You Send Inmates In Tennessee Prisons?

If sending money, the inmate needs to have their JPay account set up. Once it’s set up, you can send them money by phone, mail, online, or walk-ins. Inmates can also receive books or magazines as long as it’s coming from a trusted publisher.

How Do I Apply For Visitation For An Inmate In Tennessee? 

Most TDOC inmates are allowed to get a visit from their loved ones and friends, as long as they fill out the appropriate paperwork and follow the departmental policies and procedures. Click here to know what forms to fill out

What Are The Visitation Rules?

Firearms, weapons, drugs, and alcohol are strictly not allowed on the property. And everyone above 18 must present a valid ID before entering. All minors 17 and below must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. A proper dress code must also be followed. Each correctional facility will have its own set of visitation rules. To know more, contact them for more information.