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Nothing beats owning your own motor vehicle and driving around the state. Since that you’re trying to find information about the process of owning a car. You may want to start off by performing a Texas license plate lookup and find out the vehicle history, license plate registration details, driving record and other things associated with the car’s plate number. Also, a reverse license plate search might also be one of the factors to help you realize if it’s really a good deal or not.

How to lookup a Texas license plate

One can use any free license plate lookup tool online or they can check with their local DMV to see if they can do a Texas license plate lookup. Details like the motor vehicle registration, vehicle record, registration renewal history are just some of the things that you can get. A license plate search can help you decide if the information you’ve obtained will make the car purchase beneficial for you or not.

Texas custom license plate options (types of custom and vanity license plate)

There’s a lot of designs to choose from when you order a personalized license plate through the Texas DMV. A personalized plate can have a maximum of 7 characters but is still subject to approval. A specialized license plate for organizations is available. Sports fans can get a special plate for their local teams as well. For people with disabilities, a disability plate is also available so that it can make your life easier for you. With over 100 specialty license plate designs to choose from, you’ll definitely know what you want.

Texas VIN lookup

Aside from doing a reverse license plate lookup, you can also do a vin lookup tool search with the Texas DMV. Knowing the important facts like the vehicle history report, license plate information can stop you from splurging your money over a used car that has issues. You can also use any vin number search online and is a good alternative to doing a license plate number lookup.

Texas License Plate Sizes

Texas plates will have a size of 6″x12″ for every commercial or passenger vehicle. For a motorcycle, it’s 4″x7″. This applies to all normal or specialty plate number owners. A frame is allowed, but if it covers any information like the license plate number or registration sticker, then it’s illegal to have one.

Texas License Plate Validity

A vanity plate or a regular number plate for every vehicle will be valid for around 7-10 years.

Applying for Texas License Plates

A vehicle owner will need their driver’s license number, insurance information and other documents before their vehicle license plates can be issued. A license plate owner must follow every guideline and inspection to get their permanent placard. Check with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles for any further questions about applying for their permanent registration plate.

Surrendering License Plates in Texas

Regardless of the plate type. you’re required to surrender your plates if you’ve sold your vehicle, you plan to take it off the road or you received your replacement license plate. Old plates that are not used can be surrendered to your local DMV.

Renewing License Plates in Texas

Aside from the normal documents needed in renewing, you will also need to submit your car to any inspections or license plate check before being able to renew it. You also need to settle any fees attached to your vehicle before getting approved. You can go online or go in person to any Texas DMV for more information.