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Parker County Inmates, Texas

Parker County Inmates, Texas

Parker County has its rules and requirements for its inmates and the arrested people. Here we are going to discuss the details about Parker County inmates, Texas. If you find this topic interesting, keep reading the article!

Parker County is situated in the State of Texas. It is a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, TX Metropolitan Statistical Area. Weatherford is the county seat. Based on the 2020 census, the county had a population of more than 150000 people.

The county is safer than the other US counties on average with the safety of an A+ grade. This grade shows that security is at a high level here. For instance, during a standard year, the cases are estimated to be about 18 per 1000 residents.

For the residents, the safest part of the county is the east one. Here, your chance of becoming a victim is very low. It is about 1 in one hundred seven (107). However, the results are different for the central neighborhoods where the chance of becoming a victim is higher. It is ranked as 1 in thirty-six (36).

According to FBI Statistics, the violent and property crime rates are lower than the US average, as well. The violent crime rate in Parker County is 13 compared to the US average of 22,7. And, the rank of property crime is 30, while the US average is about 35.

Public Records

The information that refers to Parker County inmates’ records, their history, background, and other details is public record. The state makes the data available to the public and finds it really helpful and important.

There is an Inmate Search on the website of Parker County Jail, where everyone can make research. By filling out the required information (inmate’s full name, date of birth, date of crime, etc.) in the blocks, you can make the inmate search.

How to find inmate records for Parker County in Texas State?

All the data on the inmates of Parker County is provided by the Parker County Jail. The requester may find arrest and criminal records, the inmate’s history, and all the details related to the inmate’s case.

You may apply to the Parker County Jail in two ways. One way is to connect them through their website and to gain the needed information. And, another way is visiting them in person and ask them questions personally. For the latter, here is the address of the jail:

Parker County Jail

By the way, you may also connect the Jail and the Sheriff’s Office by their phone numbers:

Police: 817-598-4310
Sheriff: 817-594-8845

Visitation rules in Parker County of TX State

Like other jails in the US, the Parker County Jail has its visitation rules, as well. One of the most important is that the visitors must be over 18 and show their government-issued valid ID. The people who are less than 18 must be accompanied by their guardians or parents.

All the personal issues must be left in the car or out of the jail. The visitor will only need his/her ID card. Smartphones, watches, and other electronic things are not allowed. The visitors must be dressed properly, without any tight or revealing dresses, shorts, and other clothes.

Visitation hours depend on the day of the week, the status of the inmate, and other things. Each inmate has the right to accept two visits per week. There is an application form that the visitor should fill out prior to the visit.

Nowadays, Video Visitations are very common in the counties of the US. Parker County also gives that opportunity to friends and family members of inmates who are far away or just can not visit the jail. The inspectors of the jail supervise these video calls and everything is in their control.

Mailing an inmate in Parker County, TX

Parker County allows its inmates to get addressed packages, boxes, and books. Any violent or offensive content or photos are not allowed at the jail. The jail staff looks through all the mails that appear at the jail.
The senders must address the mails correctly. They must mention the inmate’s name and last name, and the mailing address. The returning address must also be written by the sender. Here is the accurate mailing way to Parker County:

Inmate’s First and Last Name
Jail: 612 Jameson Street
Sheriff: 129 Hogle Street
Police: 801 Santa Fe Drive
Weatherford, TX 76086

Sending money to an inmate in Parker County, TX

One of the oldest ways of sending money to an inmate is delivering money at the jail in person. There is a kiosk in the Lobby where the senders may transfer money by credit or debit cards or in cash.

Another way is sending money to the inmate’s account. This will charge a small fee from you, but this is a quite convenient way of sending money. For this, you will need to register an account and then make the deposit. You may transfer the money by credit or debit card.

And, the last way of sending money is making a Money Order. If you do not have a credit or debit card or live too far away to deliver money in person, this way will be easier for you. However, this will take more time than the other ways. While making a Money Order, you will need to mention the inmate’s name and ID number in the memo section.