Vermont Inmate Search

Vermont Inmate Search

An incarcerated person within the State of Vermont will have their personal record and the criminal record made accessible for the public to be view with the exception of documents that have been sealed or annulled. Vermont inmate search of personal records may consist of biographical data such as full name, ID number, date of birth, race, nationality, and current location. While their criminal record may show the charges, booking detail, release information, bail bond sum, arrest record, and more.

How do I find an inmate in Vermont?

State of Vermont inmate search can be done by using the inmate locator function or by obtaining a criminal conviction report. Both these search services are provided on the state’s official website and allows individuals to lookup inmates and acquire their public record records such as their place, booking details, and ID number. If applicable to an inmate, the lookup tool will also provide a Vermont inmate search mugshot that further helps to identify an inmate.

Additionally, the State of Vermont inmate search webpage also allows individuals to search sex offenders via the Vermont Sex Offender Registry to help raise awareness to the public as well as keep them well-informed on a sex offender’s status.

For a Vermont jail inmate search, an individual may either go to the website of the local law enforcement operating the jail or contact the respective jail facilities and inquire about the inmate detained in the unit.

Where are Vermont inmates housed?

The Vermont Department of Correction (VT DOC) is a part of the Vermont Agency of Human Service division that is responsible for overseeing the operations of six state prisons and establishes contractual agreements to hold prisoners with out-of-state facilities.

The six main state prisons in Vermont are:

  1. Chittenden Regional Correctional Facility (CRCF) – South Burlington
  2. Marble Valley Regional Correctional Facility (MVRCF) – Rutland
  3. Northeast Correctional Complex (NERCF & CCWC) – St. Johnsbury
  4. Northern State Correctional Facility (NSCF) – Newport
  5. Northwest State Correctional Facility (NWSCF) – Swanton
  6. Southern State Correctional Facility (SSCF) – Springfield

DOC Vermont inmate search location also comprises 11 community-based facilities throughout the state called probation and parole offices. They are liable for the monitoring of people released on furlough, sentenced to days on a work crew, or sentenced to the community or home detention.

Vermont County Jails

On top of that, the State of Vermont also has 41 police jails and 10 county jails managed by the local law enforcement agencies such as the county Sheriff’s Office and city police department. Among these jails, some of them are known for having a lot of inmates compared to other jails, for instance:

Chittenden County Jail

This county jail is located in South Burlington, Vermont, and is currently managed by the Chittenden Sheriff’s Office supervised by Sheriff Kevin M. McLaughlin. The jail records for Chittenden county Vermont inmate search can be done via the Fingerprinting services for a certain amount of fee.

Rutland County Jail

Sheriff David J. Fox was appointed in early March 2020 and hold the responsibility of supervising the Rutland County Sheriff’s Office in running the county jail. This detention facility is classified as a medium-security level jail that houses both male and female inmates.

Orange County Jail

This county jail is directly managed by the Orange County Sheriff’s Office under the supervision of Sheriff Bill Bohnyak. It is a medium-security level facility that houses both male and female inmates.

How do you contact an inmate in Vermont?


One of the easiest ways to keep in touch with an inmate in Vermont state prison is via mail. There are no limits on how much an inmate can send or receive letters, though all mails aside from legal mails, will be opened, read, and inspected by a correctional officer to ensure that the content does not pose any threat to the facilities.

When sending mail to the prisoners, an individual must include their complete return address on the upper left-hand corner of the envelope. If information is absent, mails may be rejected and discarded. The inmate’s address can be obtained from the Vermont inmate search prison data and follows the following format:

Inmate Name, ID Number

Facility Name

P.O. Box or Street Address

City, State, Zip Code


The company JPAY is offering an electronic messaging service for outside parties to send one-way instant messages to an inmate for a certain fee. Although Vermont prisoners won’t be able to go online, the messages will be received in the mailing room and inspected before being printed out and delivered to an inmate along with the regular letters. More information regarding this service can be found on the JPAY website.

Phone Calls

The offenders are never allowed to receive incoming calls unless in an emergency situation confirmed by the facility and given authorization by the Prison Warden. Instead, inmates are offered outgoing phone call services that allow them to make collect calls, prepaid calls, or debit calls on their approved call lists. All calls will be documented and can be monitored for safety reasons. A three-way call or a forwarded call is strictly prohibited, and if detected will cause the call to be terminated immediately.

  1. Prepaid calls – register online at the GTL website or calling 1-800-483-8314
  2. Debit calls – register an account online on the AccessSecure website
  3. Collect calls – charged to the receiving caller’s phone bills

How to contact the Vermont Department of Corrections?

The Vermont Department of Corrections can be contacted through the following:

Mailing Address:

NOB 2 South

280 State Drive

Waterbury, VT 05671-2000

Phone Number: 802-241-2442

Fax Number: 802-241-0020

Email Contact

How do you find out the release date of an inmate in Vermont?

Vermont inmate release search date can be found on the state’s offender locator webpage. By using the provided functions, individuals are able to lookup a prison inmate currently incarcerated in one of the correctional facilities in Vermont. The search results will show the personal records of the inmate along with their release date. If the date is yet to be updated, individuals are encouraged to contact the housing facility of the inmate for further clarification.

Can I send a care package to an inmate in Vermont?

Although friends and family of an inmate cannot send packages to an inmate held in Vermont prisons, they can order commissary care packages from an approved third-party vendor, such as Access Corrections. Every two weeks, prisoners may receive up to $50 in orders. However, inmates must have approval from the Administrative Review Board before they are eligible to receive care packages.

What can you send inmates in Vermont prisons?

Sending a mail to an inmate in Vermont

All mails sent to an inmate must follow the mailing policy provided by the Vermont Department of Corrections. The inability to comply with the rules will cause mail to be declined and not delivered.

Letters sent to an inmate should not contain any threats or potentially harmful intentions, explicitly sexual messages, weapon-building instructions, escape instructions or anything that might disrupt the security of the facility. Meanwhile, only 5 photos per envelope are allowed to be sent to an inmate, where all the images should not exceed the size 4”x6”, and cannot be in a Polaroid form. Photos may not contain nudity, triggering images, sexually suggestive, or depict illegal gang activities.

Sending money to an inmate in Vermont

Vermont inmates have access to a trust account under their name. Offenders can buy items through the commissioner using this account, including stamps, paper, pens, envelopes, food, snacks, hygiene items, and more.

In order to send money to an inmate will need to purchase either a postal money order or a cashier’s check to transfer the funds. The U.S. postal money order can be bought from any post offices nearby and need to be completely filled, and made payable to “VT DOC F.B.O. (Inmate’s Name)” followed by the inmate’s ID number in the memo field. Individuals will also need to download, print, and complete the deposit form from the DOC Vermont inmate search webpage.

The completed money order and deposit form need to be mailed together to the following address:

Inmate Trust

P.O. Box 1344

Williston, VT 05495-1344

How do I apply for Visitation of an inmate in Vermont?

During an inmate’s entrance into the facility, they need to submit a visitation form that requires them to fill in the information of potential visitors that consist of names, date of birth, relationship, and home and mailing address. Once individuals are approved on the inmate’s visitor’s list, they can proceed to make an appointment for their next visitation.

As per the VT DOC’s website, all the current rules for visitation that applies to all Correctional Facilities in Vermont is available online and will be updated from time to time depending on the situation.

Alternatively, visitors can also opt for video visitation which allows visitors to have one visit per inmate within a week. This virtual visitation service is provided by GTL and allows each session to last up to 25 minutes. More information regarding video visits can further be found on the GTL website.

What are the Visitation rules?

Vermont DOC does provide standardize regulations that apply to all correctional facilities under their supervision to ensure that all facilities have a basic guideline to follow. However, each facility has its own visitation rules, dress code, and schedule that visitors should take note of. The rules provided are just baseline on what to do before visitation and during visitation. For further information, it is highly advisable that visitors reach out to the correctional institution to inquire further regarding the visitation policy.