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Berkeley County Inmate search, West Virginia

Berkeley County Inmate search, West Virginia

Berkeley County Inmate search, West Virginia gives the most actual recommendations upon detainee’s search within the county of Berkeley.

Berkeley County in the state of West Virginia is a recently established Metropolitan Statistical Area. The county comprises Raleigh County Fayette County familiar as the “Smokeless Coal Capital”. The most popular sights in Berkeley are the Tamarack, the Berkeley Exhibition Coal Mine, and an exhibit of Appalachian art. The metropolis of the county is the city of Raleigh. The county’s population is 229,861.

The county is famous for its low crime rate, something that mostly attracts tourists and new residents.
FBI statistics come to prove the statement. The information provided is a Berkeley Sheriff’s office annual report to FBI crime data. Because of the Covid 19, the annual report of 2020-2021 is unavailable. Thus, we provide the crime records within the state in 2019.

The quantity of violent crimes in the county is the law. (50 incidents and 55 offenses)
Among them 5 rape incidents and offenses and 44 aggravated assaults and 48 reported offenses.

The amount of property crimes is higher than that of other offenses. Yet, the rate of crime incidents provided within Berkley county is much lower than the statistics of other US counties. 88 property crimes and offenses were committed in 2019, the majority of which are 81 larceny incidents and offenses. The least is the number of motor vehicle thefts(2 incidents and offenses).

Are criminal records public in West Virginia?

West Virginia Freedom of Information Act states that criminal records are public property and anyone can find the information they are interested in.

How do I find inmate records in Berkeley, West Virginia?

If anyone is looking for inmate records within West Virginia, they should pay attention to West Virginia Correction pages and certain detention facilities. The main detention facility in Berkeley county is Martinsburg correctional center. The jail personnel can give the required information by phone call. Offender Search Tool is an option for those who seek to find information online. The name of the inmate and arrest date is enough to find the criminal records. The tool allows finding details of an inmate’s main indictment, surety conditions, as well as court and custody information. Still, if the data provided is not enough or incomplete, one can apply it to the administration of the detention facility for further information.
How to contact an inmate?

Emailing an Inmate

Berkley municipal jails are not an exclusion in suggesting email services. The online exchange of messages has many privileges. First, it is time-saving. The period when emails get to the receiver is much shorter than that in the case of regular mails. Besides, the emails might be viewed by various devices, from tablets and laptops to smartphones. Senders also get rid of visiting pos offices and buying envelopes.

The privileges are not limited to inmates only. In the case of emails, the jail staff is prevented from finding contraband and unacceptable items.

Anyway, it’s worth mentioning that a special automatic program views any kind of correspondence. Thus it will highlight any word or expression related to criminal activity. In many cases, the written correspondence later served as evidence in the court against the inmates or their talkers.

How to mail an inmate?

To be sure that your mail will receive the correct address, write down the correct of the detention facility and the first and the last names of the receiver. For safety reasons, you can include the middle name as well, because the names of inmates might coincide.

You cannot send any type of publication. Only the publisher can send books, magazines, and journals to the detainees.

The same rule works for care boxes which include shoes, clothes, or other items. You cannot send it directly, a company specialized in sending goods to facilities, handles the process.

How to send money to an inmate?

You can make a money transaction through a kiosk located at the jail. A deposit of cash is also available. After you make the deal, the inmate will have direct access to the funds.

You can also send money bills that will be deposited in their account.

US mail and internet services are also reliable options for sending money to a detainee’s account.
Take note that the Berkeley jail administration does not accept cash via mail.

Berkeley County Inmate search, West Virginia. Visitation rules for inmates.

Due to Covid-19, the scheduled on-site visits were delayed. Anyway, video calls are available between inmates ad their visitors. You can either have a video call by your home electronic device or visit the detention facility and make use of slots.

The duration of video visitation is 30 minutes. The staff encourages to schedule video calls one day prior. If the parties want to extend the non-contact visitation, they should make a separate request. They are available only one time a week. According to jail policy, four people can visit the inmate at once. Visitations are available on regular days.