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Harrison County Inmate Search, West Virginia

Harrison County Inmate Search, West Virginia

Harrison belongs to the US state of West Virginia. According to the data provided by the 2010 census, the population was 69,099 residents. It has a lot of beautiful cities and towns with an interesting history behind it.

Besides all these good factors, there is another important fact. The overall crime grade is A-, which is a very good rate. This means that the offense grade is lower than the national average. The crime grade is 23.32 per 1,000 people living in the area.

15,858 arrest cases happened in 2016. The most often committed type of misdemeanor is property crime: about 6,311. There were 3,958 cases of theft, 1,957 cases of burglary, 1,592 cases of violent crime, 1,372 of aggravated assault.

How do I find inmate records for Harrison County in WV?

If you want to find some data about a convict, you may find it in the jail facility. The latter updates the data regularly. This information includes the date of birth, name, and surname, the physical description.

The first step you should take is to enter the official web page of the state and conduct an inmate search. Note that the information is being changed on a daily basis, so there may be some inaccurate info.

There is another way of getting information about the detainee. You may contact the Sheriff’s office by calling 304-624-8550.

How do I contact an inmate?

There are different ways that you can use to reach out to the person in prison. And here are some of them displayed beneath.

How do I mail?

You can reach out to your convict by mailing him/her. And for mailing, it is important to mention your name and address on the left corner of the envelope. Otherwise, your envelope will not get to your captive. Address your mail as mentioned below:

Convict’s first and last name
301 W Main St Clarksburg, WV 26301

You are allowed to send newspapers, books, magazines, care packages to your captive.

How do I email?

To reach out to the person in prison you have also the choice to email him/her. This will help you to avoid undesired delays and save your time. The prison watches your conversation to avoid criminal affairs. You can use Pigeonly, which is a useful website that helps you to send emails to your loved ones in jail. Firstly, you should find your recipient with a locator tool, secondly, you must write a text, and after, click on the “send” button. Or you can call 304-873-1384 to learn about the details.

How do I call?

Use the same webpage to contact and call your loved person in jail.

Are captive bookings public records in WV?

These bookings form a part of the criminal record. This means that they are open to the public according to the West Virginia Code 15-2-24(d). The West Virginia Regional Jail Authority collects all this information and delivers it to the public. Photographs, fingerprints, or other records will be seen by any public agency or individual.

Visitation rules for Harrison county detainees in WV?

There are some regulations you must know before visiting a prisoner. If you have been accused of a misdemeanor you don’t have a right to visitation. You have to register for the visitation and reserve it. You have to fill some forms and wait up to five weeks for getting approval to visit. Underage visitors must come with a parent or a legal guardian. You have to have an appropriate dress code. You will not be allowed to take personal items into the room.