Wyoming Inmate Search

Wyoming Inmate Search

The public members are able to request a Wyoming inmate search record that consists of the offender’s personal records as well as their official records. The data provided may include the prisoners’ full name, date of birth, race, and ethnicity, current locations, ID number, criminal records, custody status, court dates, arrest records, and more.

How do I find an inmate in Wyoming?

The Wyoming Department of Corrections (DOC) is responsible for managing the data of all the inmates in Wyoming who are currently serving in the state prisons, or under probation and parole. To help with the state of Wyoming inmate search, the DOC offers an online inmate locator tool on their website. Individuals are able to find an inmate by providing the search engine with either the inmate’s ID number or the inmate’s last name.

In accordance with the Wyoming Statute, public members should be able to access information regarding any inmate held in prisons or jails. Therefore, if, for instance, the mugshot of a criminal is not yet updated on the search engine results, an individual may send a written request for a Wyoming inmate search mugshots data to the Wyoming DOC.

Additionally, an interested person may send an email to [email protected] or contact the WDOC Public Information number at 307-777-5889.

Since the county jails are under the administration of counties Sheriff’s Offices, the Wyoming jail inmates search can be done by using the inmate locator or inmate roster tool on either the respective county’s website or the Sheriff’s Office website. If there is no lookup tool on the website, individuals may opt to find the contact information of the facilities to request the records.

Where are Wyoming inmates housed?

The Wyoming Department of Corrections is in charge of managing five institutions that acts as prison facilities for state inmates. These institutions are known as:

  1. Wyoming Honor Conservation Camp & Wyoming Boot Camp
  2. Wyoming Honor Farm
  3. Wyoming Medium Correctional Institution
  4. Wyoming State Penitentiary
  5. Wyoming Women’s Center

On the Wyoming DOC website, the addresses and contact information of each institution are provided. On top of that, they also oversee 25 Probation and Parole Offices, namely known as Field Services, located in every county within the state of Wyoming. The addresses of each office, along with their contact information are provided on the WDOC webpage.

Wyoming County Jails

In addition to the state prisons and field service offices, the state of Wyoming also has 75 more jails that consist of 25 county jails, 43 police jails, one regional jail, one town jail, and the remaining five are detention centers. These jails are managed by local law enforcement agencies and have their own inmate database for those under their incarceration. For county jails, there are several which are well-known for housing a large number of inmate despite being a jail facility. Among the famous ones are:

Natrona County Jail

Under the supervision of Sheriff Gus Holbrook, this Sheriff’s Office is one of the largest law enforcement agencies in the state of Wyoming. This county jail has a total bed capacity of 460 beds, and an average daily inmate population of 302 people.

Laramie County Jail

Located in the city of Douglas, Wyoming, this county jail can hold a daily population of 294 inmates on an average. Sheriff Danny Glick along with all the staff at the Laramie County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for the operation and the security of this detention facility.

Campbell County Jail

The Campbell Detention Center is located in the city of Gillette, Wyoming. This jail is managed directly under the Campbell Sheriff’s Office with the supervision of Sheriff Matheny Scott. Currently, the detention center houses a daily average of 120 inmates consisting of both male and female detainees.

How do you contact an inmate in Wyoming?


The easiest medium of contact for an inmate and family members is via mailing services. The inmates do not have a limit on how many letters can be sent or receive, given that they buy their own stamps, stationery, and envelopes, and pay the postage service charge when sending outgoing mails.

Any mails received will take around 2 days, from the time it was received before the letters are processed to the inmate. This is because, all incoming mails, except legal mails, will need to be opened, read, and inspected for contraband or any content that may disrupt the security of the correctional facility.

The sender must always include their full name and complete return address on the upper left-hand corner of the envelope. While the inmate’s address format should follow the format below:

Inmate’s Full Name, ID Number

Facility Name

P.O. Box or Street Address

City, State, Zip Code

Phone Calls

Wyoming inmates have phone call privileges that they can use to call people on their approved calling list. This list was established when an inmate initially arrives at Wyoming prison, where they will list the people whom they wished to call. However, inmates can always update the list every 3 months in case there is a removal or addition of a person they want to call.

Although inmates are not allowed to receive incoming calls, they have the option to use several phone call services – collect calls, prepaid calls, and debit calls – offered by the company ICSolutions. All call services will charge a certain fee depending on how long the call durations are. Plus, the calls will be recorded and monitored at all times.

An interested individual may set up an account with the company by visiting their website, or by calling the number 1-888-506-8407.

How to contact the Wyoming Department of Corrections?

The Wyoming Department of Corrections can be contacted through the following:


1934 Wyott Drive, Suite 100

Cheyenne, WY 82002

WDOC Number: 307-777-7208

Fax Number: 307-777-7846

How do you find out the release date of an inmate in Wyoming?

Wyoming inmates release search dates can be found using the inmate locator tool. By looking up an inmate, the results shown will include basic records of the prisoners including their potential release date. If dates are not available, the individual may open a request to the Wyoming Department of Corrections to get the inmate record needed.

Can I send a care package to an inmate in Wyoming?

Inmates in Wyoming prisons are able to receive care packages ordered through approved third-party online vendors. Some vendors have contractual agreements with certain facilities to open orders for seasonal packages and programs. Therefore, if family members of inmates want to send care packages to an inmate, they will need to contact the facility directly to inquire about the approved vendors.

What can you send inmates in Wyoming prisons?

Sending mails/cards to inmates in Wyoming

Friends and family may send mail to an inmate in Wyoming state prison, given that they abide by the correspondence policies prepared by the DOC. The content of the mail should not contain any violent or threatening messages, sexual implications, weapon instructions, or coded messages.

For photos sent in the mail, each envelope may only contain 10 non-Polaroid pictures not exceeding 8″x10″. Photos sent should not contain any nudity, gang activities, and triggering images. Correspondence that did not follow the guidelines will be rejected and destroyed.

Sending money to an inmate in Wyoming

Money deposited into an inmate’s trust account can be used by the inmates to buy additional necessities at the commissary. In order to send money to the inmate, the sender will need to know the inmate’s full name, offender ID number, and current housing facility/unit of the inmate. If all this information is available, the individual may proceed with the money deposit in several ways:


To send money, a person needs to go to any of the Ace Cash Express locations available and proceed with the transaction procedure by providing the required information. Each successful transaction will be charged a flat fee of $5.95. This can be paid using cash or a debit card.


By using a debit or credit card, an individual may proceed with the money transfer through the online service provider, AccessCorrections. Depending on how much money was transferred, the fee may range from $2.95 – $9.95 for each successful transaction.

Phone calls

Individuals may also deposit funds in an inmate’s account over the phone by calling the AccessCorrections number 1-866-345-1884. The transaction can be paid using either debit or credit card with fee charges ranging from $3.95 – $10.95.

How do I apply for Visitation of an inmate in Wyoming?

The DOC Wyoming inmate search for visitation procedures and regulations are available on the department’s website. Before applying for visitation, it is highly recommended that prospective visitors download the visitation policies and read the content thoroughly.

An inmate will be able to have a maximum of 10 people on their visitation list, and will only be able to receive a visitation from these people until the list is further updated.

Potential visitors will need to fill up several forms prepared by the WDOC prior to inmate visitation:

  1. Form 530 Visitor’s Consent Form (All visitors) – Visitors’ acknowledgment that they have read and understood the rules
  2. Form 531 Visitor Application (All visitor) – Application form to visit an inmate
  3. Form 532 Letter of Custodial Consent for Inmate Visiting (Parent/Legal guardian of the minor)- Acknowledgment letters giving consent that the minor under their care will be visiting an inmate
  4. Form 533 Visiting Room Protocol (All visitor) – Protocols for visitors and inmate to follow during the visitation
  5. Form 534 Visiting Rules (All visitors) – Sets of rules that need to abide by throughout the visitation period
  6. Form 535 Summary of Inmate Visiting Eligibility by Status (All visitors) – Terms used to describe inmates’ status and the description of what each status meant
  7. Form 509 Special Visit Request (Special-cased visitors) – A visitation application form for those not on the prisoner’s visiting list but are under special reasons (emergency, non-social visit, etc.) to request for a visit.

What are the Visitation rules?

The visitation rules for prisons under the administration of Wyoming DOC are provided on its webpage. However, each correctional facility will have its own dress code policies, and visitation schedules, therefore it is always advisable to contact the facility directly if there are any rules that require clarifications. One of the first few rules that apply during visitation are:

  1. All visitors are required to provide any legal government-issued photo identification.
  2. All visiting minors will be required to show their birth certificate to verify their age.
  3. Upon arrival, all inmates will be subjected to a safety search, the failure to cooperate with this procedure will result in the suspension of the visitation.
  4. Each institution offers privileged visits at least three times a week.